Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 28 (v.1) - cooped up

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Submitted: May 26, 2011



……………. I woke up and looked round the room the noise of the New York Traffic a dull drone of engines, horns and sirens in the back ground Chad was sleeping soundly on the pillow next to me his arm draped over me His breathing slow and deep. My head hurt and my entire body ached even as I lay there. I looked at Chad and reached my hand up to push some hair from his face. His eyes shot open.
‘Hey you” he smiled moving closer to me
“How long have I been asleep” I croaked as I snuggled into his chest
“Nine hours… the doctor gave you something that floored you” he pressed his lips to my head “I love you, you know?”
“I know… I’m scared Chad” I looked up at him “I didn’t think about him being out I’m scared he’s going to go to the press and open his mouth and people will find out all the bad stuff” I sat up. “I’m sorry for walking off on you at the party that was wrong” my mind started to go into overdrive as the grogginess of sleep fell away, he sat behind me and wrapped his arms round me and pressed his lips to the side of my neck “Maybe you should bail out of this marriage before you get pulled down”
“Is that what you want for me to step back from you and leave you to face all this shit alone” he held me tighter “Because I’m sorry you’re stuck with me Mrs. Kroeger” he lifted my left hand the diamonds catching the light as he moved my hand “I don’t care who knows that we’re married now screw them if people can’t handle it or don’t like it then it’s their problem, I’ll do everything I can to make it safe for you and to keep rocking your world” he chuckled “I’m sorry for not telling you as soon as Lukas told me but tonight… well last night was so much of a big night for you guys I wanted you to celebrate like you were supposed to” I looked round at him
“Can we leave here?”
“Well the doctor doesn’t want you doing a great deal for a couple of days”
“I want to go home for a while even if it’s just forty eight hours”
“We have to wait for the doctor to give you the all clear and we’ve cancelled the next week of shows in Brazil” he stroked my hair “We take care of you first and then everything else can come after” He pulled me back down and pulled the comforter over us “Lukas and Corey are increasing the security we have” I nodded “I’ve set the ball rolling on a restraining order for him” the door knocked. Chad got out of bed and walked to open it” he came back in with Alfie.
“Hey you” I smiled at him “So I put in a call to these two girls that for some reason would rather spend the time before heading to college touring the world for a few weeks” He sat on the bed looking at me “I looked at him then to Chad and then back again “Heidi and Miranda will be meeting us in Rio next week”
“Dude we’re not going to Rio next week” Chad reminded him
“Oh Shit… okay I’ll be meeting the girls in Rio with the others while you get yourself sorted” Alfie laughed.
“You make me sound like a basket case?” I reached for Chad’s T-shirt that was at the foot of the bed and pulled it on and got out from under the covers. Chad and Alfie looked at each other “Oh gee thanks guys” I walked to the coffee pot that room service must have brought up at somepoint.
“Baby it’s not that you’re a basket case but with everything that’s happened in the past six months since we first met you and the Arron stuff before that” Chad put his hands on my shoulders “One person can only take so much before they shut down and we’re worried you’re getting to that point… all the travelling and lack of sleep isn’t helping and then the shit with Mari” he turned me to face him.
“Get the doctor here and get me the okay to leave” I looked at him with the best puppy dog eyes I could muster “Please” Chad sighed and tipped his head “Being cooped up in here for the next week isn’t going to do anything other than drive me over the edge I want to go home”
“Alfie will you go and see if the doctor is still down stairs” Chad glanced back at Alfie
“Sure” Alfie walked out of the room
“You have me wrapped round your little finger you do realize that?” Chad smiled at me
“If I can’t lose myself in my work right now then I want to be as far away from people as I can be to clear my head and think about how to deal with this”
“Damn almost 19 going on 39” he chuckled “Someone your age shouldn’t have had to live through half of this stuff” he stroked his fingers down my cheek.
“Yeah but someone my age rarely gets my job and gets to marry a guy 4 months after meeting him” Chad started to laugh.
“And a guy old enough…” I caught his lips in between my thumb and finger
“Old enough to love me for me” I let go of his lips “Kiss me”. Chad wrapped his arms round me and pressed his lips to mine making me feel safe again… for now…

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