Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 29 (v.1) - Need out

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Submitted: May 26, 2011



.................. Chad sat on the chair while the doctor checked me out.
“Can we leave the hotel?” I asked looking at the doctor
“I’d rather you stayed here and stayed in bed for a while you’re burning out Chris” he smiled at me, he looked round at Chad “Where’s Lukas?”
“The guys had an interview this morning so he’s with them”
“If you don’t’ want to replace your support band then I’d make damn sure you get at least a week off… I know it cost a boat load of money but it’s either that or Chris ends up in hospital”
“We’ve already cancelled next week’s Brazil gigs we’ve got 10 days till the next one” Chad got up and walked over “But we think New York is way too stressful”
“I agree” the doctor nodded “but where ever you go after what the two of you announced last night you’re going to attract attention” I looked at Chad and cocked my head
“I know” he smiled at me “How about if we get a plane home we can relax in the house?”
“We need to talk to Jess” I suddenly remembered “Shit” I scrabbled off the bed and reached for my phone.
“Chris” Chad caught me round the waist.
“It’s going to be everywhere” I felt sick. My parents had literally abandoned my little sister and she was adopted by my Aunt and Uncle while I was touring. The one thing I wanted to tell her the one huge thing I needed to tell her was probably now on every Magazine, newspaper and Entertainment site in the country.
“We can go there first I’ll get a plane” I tipped my head and looked at him
“Isn’t that what you used to do with Mari?”
“Below the belt baby” he shook his head “and I’m doing it because I don’t think we need to be on a commercial flight today” the doctor was watching us
“Okay I’ll give you the okay to leave here but you have to promise me that where ever it is you go you’ll do nothing”
“Nothing?” Chad and I pulled a face and looked at the doctor
‘Oh god” the doctor groaned “Okay don’t do anything to stress you out you can be the normal married couple if you two can be considered normal” he chuckled “just don’t get pregnant before the end of the tour” I saw Chad’s eyes flick to me and then away the doctor walked to the door, Chad followed him. “Chad I’m serious about making her rest”
“I know and I’ll make sure she does” Chad nodded “We’ll go to Florida and then we’re heading back to Canada” the doctor nodded and pulled open the door to the hallway
“And please I know I don’t prescribe any form of birth control for Chris but she can’t get pregnant in the state she’s in right now” He had pulled Chad into the hallway “Her body and mind couldn’t handle it with the stress of everything that’s going on”
“She won’t get pregnant Doc” Chad pushed his hands into his pockets and leant on the door frame
“We’ll as long as you’re taking care of being safe…”
“Doc she can’t have baby” Chad stopped him
“What? Since when?”
“I guess she should have told you or you should have known… but it was a while ago and she miscarried a baby after getting the crap knocked out of her and she had a partial hysterectomy” Chad pinched the bridge of his nose
“She’s only 19”
“I know but she also doesn’t want everyone and their grandmother knowing about it” the doctor nodded “So the baby thing isn’t an issue but I will make sure she rests”
“Okay” the doctor nodded. “I’m sorry about the baby thing”
“It’s not really an Issue right now” Chad swallowed and reached for the door handle. Chad watched as he walked away down the hall before coming back into the room I was half dressed and pulling a brush through my hair.
…….. “You’re eager to get away aren’t you?” Chad smiled as his hands slid round my waist.
“I want to get away to Jess and tell her about us” I stopped packing and turned in his arms resting my hands against his shoulders “She’s going to hate the fact I got married and she wasn’t there but if she’s heard about it from school or from a friend or the TV” Chad kissed me in the way he does to make my mind go blank, the tender rub of his thumbs on the sides of my neck and the taste of him that always left me wanting more. He pulled back and smiled at me “That was mean” I sighed resting my head against his chest
“I know but it calmed you down” He chuckled. “We have Corey and another former Marine frined of his coming with us… it might make you feel a little safer”
“Even a USO tour would be good right now, I’d feel a whole lot safer there” He smiled at me
“Why because of all the hot Marines round you?” he poked his tongue into his cheek
“Hell no I mean being in the middle of a warzone doesn’t scare me like the thought of Arron being out of jail” I tried to force a smile but I could feel my lips quiver
“Aw sweetheart” Chad pulled me to him wrapping his arms round me
“It’s not fair this guy is ruling my life at a time when I should be happy as anything” I looked at him “I’m in love with you, I’m part of a rock band touring the world and this fucked up son of a bitch I went to school with has this hold on me” Chad moved his arms and held my face
“There’s a huge difference these days” he tipped his head to the side “You’re a lot hard to get at, you have 24 hour protection and you still have another 7 months to tour the world”
“I know I’m just…” I was cut off by another kiss my mind turing to mush again as his hand held the back of my neck while the other trailed up and down my spine I pushed myself into him a moan coming from one of us, or both of us, the door knocked Chad groaned and moved back and looked at me.
“I love you okay and I will do everything to get him put back where he belongs” all I could do was nod “any chance you could get the door I thing I need to go take a moment” he chuckled looking downwards“Damn I have a sexy wife” he pecked my lips as the door knocked again.
“I’m coming” I called out as Chad walked into the bathroom. I grabbed my top from the end of the bed and pulled it on and opened the door.
“Hey” Pete was standing there “want to go and get some coffee”
“Why?” I walked over to the couch and put on my boots
“The guys want to make sure you’re okay” He looked at me
“I’m… struggling but I’m going to be okay” I chewed the inside of my lip as I heard the shower start to run
“Well come and see them”
“Sure” I walked over to the bathroom and walked in as Chad was about to step into the shower
“You coming to join me” he smiled
“No I’m going to grab a coffee with Pete the guys are all worried
“Okay baby” he nodded “just please don’t leave the hotel without security”
“You think they’d let me” I smiled
“No but saying it makes me feel a little better” he stepped into the stream of water damn he was hot. I shook my head and walked back out to Pete. We rode down in the elevator to the restaurant together in the hote. The guys had already got a breakfast poker game going on. I walked over to them.
“Hey sis” Mike grinned at me as I rested my hands on Kerions shoulders.
“How you doing?” Ryan looked at me
“I’m managing” I sighed “I’m sorry you guys”
“Okay you want a slap” Dan said turning in his seat to look at me “Family sticks together and considering you’re everyone’s little sister… well apart from Chad” he laughed “We have your back no matter what so stop saying sorry”
“Okay” I held up my hands “We’re going home for a few days”
“Good we get to go home for a few days as well” Kerion laughed
“Yeah we’ll bring pictures of a fat looking Reba” Pete smirked “If you don’t see here when you’r in Tampa
“Gee thanks” I chewed the inside of my lip “And we’re not planning on being there for that long”
“I think we can cope with out the two of you for a few Days get him to call Mom though” Mike smiled at me “Then off to Brazil and I doubt if that douche would follow you there”
“Well lets hope not”………………

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