Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Reactions

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Submitted: May 18, 2011



………….. I looked at Chad as the room was silent.
“Well about damn time someone got you down the aisle” Mike smirked “and thank god it was you” He got up again and pulled me into a bear hug “I have a hot sister-in-law” I heard the sigh of relief come from Chad at his brothers’ reaction.
“Okay how the hell did you pull this off without anyone knowing?” Lukas scratched his head as he looked at the marriage license
“Because I asked her to marry me and in the space of an hour we were married” Chad smiled as Mike hugged him
“Married as in your Mrs. Kroeger?” Alfie tipped his head to look at me I nodded and held up my left hand
“Crap I think I just went blind” Pete pulled a face and shielded his eyes “how big is that rock”
“Five carat” Chad beamed
“Nothing like the two carat one you got for…” Dan trailed off “So married then” He turned red
“Dude she knows I was engaged before” Chad sighed rubbing the back of his head I looked at my guys
“You’re quiet” I walked toward them
“You could have taken more pictures” Alfie smiled getting up and hugging me
“Yeah and that damn bridesmaids dress in my closet is so going to go to waste now” Kerion wrapped his arms round both me and Alfie
‘Well damn Mrs. K” Pete joined in smushing me in the middle of the three of them
“Okay I can’t breathe” I gasped
“Don’t kill your singer” Lukas laughed “Congratulations guys”
“Hey do I get to kiss the bride” Ryan Laughed
“Hey I’m watching you” Chad smiled the look of relief on his face was all too apparent Ryan and Dan both hugged me.
“You do know you hurt him and we’ll kick his ass” Dan smiled “Because he’s bound to have done something to deserve it”
‘Oh great” Chad sat down.
“You do know we’re all pissed though?” Mike looked at me and then at Chad
“We guessed you’d either be pissed because we’d got married and you guys are against it or you’d be pissed because you weren’t there” Chad held his hand out to me and pulled me to him “So which one is it?”
“That we weren’t with you” Keiron shrugged “It’s not every day some of your best friends get married”
“Hey we didn’t even know we were going to do it either” I looked at all of them “what we’ve said though can’t go further than this room”
“We didn’t think you were going to broadcast it” Lukas smiled “It’s up to the two of you to tell people when you want to”
“So we get to avoid the questions then” Ryan laughed walking over to me and lifting my hand “Because it’s sort of hard to miss this”
“Dude she hasn’t taken it off since we got married and you guys were just on a flight with us and none of you noticed it” Chad took my hand from Ryans and tipped it so the ring caught the light.
“Yeah well Chris wears so much different jewelry that how are we supposed to keep track of it unless it’s the earrings Kellan sent our the deco stuff you gave her it could just be costume” Mike rubbed his hand over his head “Dude you didn’t go glass stone did you?”
“I’m not even going to answer that” Chad groaned “I’m going to go get in a shower with my wife” he grinned
“Er… sorry we need Never West for a photo shoot” Lukas shook his head “and we’re already forty minutes late”
“Back to work” Dan laughed “Nice you let them get off the plane”
“Hey remember the break was unplanned” Lukas shouted as he answered his cell phone “Limo’s waiting guys. Chad pulled me to him
“Damn first time showering alone in a week” He chewed the inside of his cheek
‘Yeah well we knew the honeymoon was going to be over just by getting back here” I laughed “I’ll see you later” He nodded and kissed me
“Love you”
“Love you too” I grabbed my purse and hurried out of the door with the others. Chad looked at his bandmates
“Okay you going to give me shit now?”
“Has she got under your skin so much” Ryan tipped his had
“Under it in it and everywhere else” Chad got up and walked to the window “I know the age thing is going to be the first thing people think and then is this the reason why they’re on the tour…” He let out a sigh “To tell you the truth… I’m scared”
“Bull” Ryan scoffed “You fell in love like the rest of us did and bro as long as you’re happy then that’s what counts”
“Yeah he’s right dude… what have you got to be scared of” Dan got up and banged Chad on the shoulder “You have all of us to back you up, You have Lukas who’s our resident pit bull and you got the girl” Chad looked at him and smiled
“Yeah I do don’t I?”
“Hell yeah” Mike walked to the door “But one problem”
“You still have to tell Mom” He roared with laughter and walked out of the room………………
……………. “We can tell Heidi and Miranda right?” Alfie asked as the car pulled away from the hotel
“Yes” I nodded “But you have to tell them not to say a word”
“They won’t you know that” Kerion looked at me “You going to call your Parents?”
“Why the hell would she do that” Pete screwed his nose up “You were there when we were listening to themeeting they had”
“I know I was just…” he looked at me
“For it to turn up in a book” I shook my head “Hell no and I think after everyting that’s gone down they’d run to the press and right now I’m not even going to tell my sister or Xande so Mir is going to have to keep it quiet”
“Whh not tell Jess?” Alfie looked puzzled
“She’s eight she’s not going to keep it a secret her big sister just got married because everyone knows who her sister is” I rubbed my temples.
“I think you should tell everyone and fuck them all” Kerion sighed
“Yeah well bad press isn’t what we need half way through a world tour” Lukas butted in “I agree with Chris the fewer people that know the better” I smiled my thanks to him. I looked out of the window as the city rolled by.
Lets see how long before people notice the ring and the questions get asked……..

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