Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 30 (v.1) - Florida

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Submitted: May 26, 2011



…………. Corey was waiting in the lobby with a guy slightly taller and broader than he was both of them laughing and chatting. Corey looked up as Chad and I walked over to them.
“You ready for this” Corey asked
“Nope” I sighed
“How bad is it out there?” Chad was nervously chewing his lip.
“Well I think we have most of the paparazzi in New York out there right now’ the other guy smiled his eyes creasing at the corners “But I think we can get you out without a problem Ma’am” Chad started to smile
“You must be the other Marine” Chad held out his hand to him
“Yes sir I’m Danny” He nodded
“Okay D. you have to work on dropping the sir and Ma’am thing” Corey Chuckled “Chris has chewed me out more than once about it”
“Yeah and Sir makes me feel old Dude” Chad shook his head.
“Have you seen the papers today?” Corey sighed
“No” I shook my head
“Well you guys are on the front page” Danny butted in
“I guessed we would be… let’s get going we have a flight waiting for us” I looked at him “It’s going to be okay” He smiled at me before kissing me “Go with Corey I’ll be right behind you… and did I tell you that you look beautiful this morning Mrs. K?”
“You didn’t but thank you” I felt my cheeks flush a little with the way he looked at me.
“Ready Chris” Corey put his hand in the small of my back as we got to the doors of the hotel “I got you right” I nodded my hand gripping his arm as he stepped out.
The noise was insane with questions being shouted at us I kept my eyes focused on the car as the driver opened the door and I got in Corey standing in the way of the door to stop pictures being taken waiting for Chad to get in.
“Chad come on a comment please” I heard someone call out
“My wife and I want a few days to sort some things out guys we’ll give an interview when the tour starts up again” he got in the car with Danny and Corey. ‘You okay” Chad’s hand sought out mine
“Yeah” I nodded “Does anyone other than the guys know where we’re going?”
“No” Corey butted in Lukas was specific that only a few people needed to know where you were both going to be other than both of the bands”
“You know it’s hard to stay pissed with Lukas” I groaned
‘Yeah well he does do some crazy shit and then in the next breath he’s back to the pit bull we all know” Chad laughed his free hand tracing the outline of the C on the top of my thigh. “I still can’t believe you did that?”
“Yeah well you know I like tattoos” I shrugged “and at least the C can stand for either of us” I kissed him “Has Lukas heard anything else about Arron?” Chad shook his head.
“All we know is that the restraining order was handed to him a couple of hours ago he can’t be within 1000ft of you” I shuddered
“It’s still to close”
“I know but it’s the best we can do for now and look we have two Marines here both armed and ready to fight” Chad looked at Corey and Danny
“Okay sounds like they got hold of our service records” Danny laughed “Shit I’m screwed I’d better talk to JJ”…………….
………………. Chad was right the best thing we did was get the private plane to Tampa there was no way we’d have been left alone. There was an SUV on the tarmac waiting for us. The driver got out and opened the doors.
“We don’t need a driver” I looked at Chad “I can drive and the least people who know where my family lives the better” He nodded and said something to the driver who smiled and walked back in the direction of the terminal. “Okay let’s go” I took a deep breath and walked round to the driver’s side and got in the guys all got in.
We headed away from the airport, the heat of the Florida sun beating through the windows as I turned in to the neighborhood where I used to live. I slowed the car down as my parents house came into view My Dad’s car was in the driveway along with a shiny new BMW and a tall skinny blond leaning over the hood washing it.
“You okay?” Chad’s hand was on my leg
“Yeah I think my Dad has a new toy?” I nodded at the house
“Is that where you used to live?”
“Yep” I swallowed
“You want to stop?”
“Hell no I have nothing to say to him after what happened in Seattle” I turned the car left at the end of the block till I pulled into the driveway of my Aunt and Uncles house. There was music blaring from the back yard as we got out of the truck.
“You want us to wait her?’ Corey asked looking at Chad
“Yeah I think we’ll be fine” I looked at him “Okay I know we’ll be fine” Corey nodded and smiled I started up the driveway Chad’s fingers locked together with mine I stopped at the gate and took a deep breath.
“It’s okay” He murmured pressing his lips against the back of my neck.
“I don’t get this nervous before going onstage” I groaned pressing my thumb to the latch as the song changed to ‘This Afternoon’
“Okay so the timing couldn’t be better” Chad winked at me I pushed the gate open and the sounds of the laughter and shouting increased along with the splashing from the pool. Chad closed the gate his hand still in mine.
“Oh holy hell” There was a girl on the diving board that I recognize as being a Junior in school “Okay someone spiked the punch” people were laughing at her but then followed her eye line right to Chad and I. Xander was in the pool with Jess on his shoulder he was the last to turn round.
“CHRIS” Jess Scrabbled on his shoulders Jackson was standing at the edge of the pool and reached o ver to lift her off setting her down on the pool deck. “CHRRRRRRRRRIS” Jess ran at me I crouched down the tears already streaming down my face as she hurled herself at me. Chad’s hands were on my shoulders letting me know he was still there
“Is that really Chad Kroeger” someone hissed
“Oh Hell yeah” Xander pulled himself out of the water and picked up a towel.
“Couldn’t have called?” He snapped
“Xand” I started He pulled open the door from the yard to the house.
“Hey Wisconsin” Jackson walked over as Jess let go of me for a minutes and let me stand up “Looking good” He wrapped me in a hug
“Thanks” I managed to get out
“Chris I saw you on TV last night” Jess was bouncing “You were AWESOME”
“We all saw her on TV last night” the girl from the diving board laughed “you kicked ass Chris”
“Hot as hell” the guy sitting on the edge of the pool grinned “Damn you were in my dreams last night” I heard Chad laughed.
“Well I hope I made you happy” I looked at Jess “Hey I need to talk to Xander for a minute you think you’ll be okay out here”
“She’ll be fine Chris” Jackson put his hands on Jess’s shoulders “We all saw the papers as well by the way… well not all” he glanced down at Jess who was looking at Chad.
“Okay isn’t he your Boss” she pointed to him
“Something like that Jess” I dropped a kiss on her head “I’ll be quick” she nodded as she took off and cannon balled into the water.
“You aunt and Uncle aren’t happy either just as a heads up” Jackson Put his arm round me and hugged me again.
‘Yeah well some things got out of hand” I looked at Chad. ‘You want to come in with me our stay out here and entertain”
“I’m easy” he nodded
“Let me talk to Xander”
“Okay” he pulled me to him and kissed me “I love you”
“Love you too” I felt the tug on my ring that made me smile. Chad was out of his comfort zone right now but he was letting me do this my way…………….

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