Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 31 (v.1) - Torn to shreds and held tight

Submitted: May 26, 2011

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Submitted: May 26, 2011



................... I opened the door to the house the coolness of the air-conditioning making the goose bumps spring up on my arms.
“Hey” Xander was leaning on the table I put my hand on his back
“Married… You got married and you didn’t have the fucking decency to tell any of us Jess especially” He turned on me “Seriously Chris are you trying to take after your fucking parents” Okay that stung I took a step back “You might be some big fucking star but I knew you growing up and the star shit doesn’t make you better than anyone else” tears stung my eyes
“I didn’t think it did” I choked “We were coming here today to tell you guys about us getting married and something happened that made Chad blurt it out last night” It sounded so lame
“Yeah bull shit what your family that has your back is just a god damn after thought is it” he looked hurt “After everything Chris everything that’s happened you don’t trust us to be there when you get married” tears were filling his eyes. “When the fuck did you do it”
“a month ago” I dropped my head
“A month I’ve talked to you three times in the past month” he banged his hand on the table
“I know but did you really want me to tell you overt the damn phone I owed it to tell you guys face to face” My voice rose in anger,  He shook his head “And as for not trusting you to be there, No one was there. Not Kerion not Pete not Alfie… hell even Mike wasn’t there and he’s Chad’s brother” I walked over to him “Chad asked me to marry him and we were married the same night hell your damn girlfriend helped Chad out by getting the dress”
“The cream one” his voice dropped I nodded “I was with her when she and Heidi got it”
“Xander I didn’t do this on purpose I did it because it was right at the time… you’ve seen what the press is like for us hell you’ve been here when the press was here” He paced the floor. Imagine trying to organize a wedding be on the other side of the world and keep it from the press… It’s not glamorous Xander yeah the stage stuff is amazing but were speed through countries and cities we sleep when we can we grab ten minutes when we can someone always wants a piece of us” I sat at the table and shook my head “So when we get that time to be alone we make the most of it and in Bali it was right for us to get married” I looked at him “I don’t know what else to say… I’m sorry you found out the way you did but we couldn’t get home before two days ago and then we were in New York rehearsing and…” I couldn’t hold it in any longer “Arron’s out of jail” I broke down sobbing. I heard a gasp and looked up my Aunt and Uncle were standing off to the side in the hallway between the living room and kitchen. “They let him out of jail because of mom’s books and the way I am on stage” I wrapped my arms round myself the pain from the night before coming back full force “That’s why Chad told the TV reporter… He wanted people to know I’m not alone”
I heard the door open and my Uncles voice before I felt arms wrap round me and lips against my head. Xander had crossed the space between us and all the arguing was done as he held me tightly
“Sweetheart” Chad’s voice was like a relief washing over me.
“Is it true and they let him out of jail?” My Aunt asked
“Yeah we found out just after Never West had been on stage” Chad’s hand was on my back as Xander still held me “I’m sorry” He looked at my family “We were coming to tell you face to face that’s why we’ve dodged the press about the subject, but last night I need him to hear that she was married and because of who she is and who I am he’s not going to get to her” the hard edge to Chad’s voice showed how he felt about it “The one thing I’d promised Chris was that she could tell Jess herself and then I go and blow it”
“I can understand why you did it” My Uncle sighed “Yes we’re mad with you for the marriage thing I mean Dude how old ar…”
“Uncle Tom” I looked at him as my Aunt handed em a Kleenex “that doesn’t matter”
“Okay I’m sorry” he held up his hands “But you have to understand Chris may as well be our daughter with how useless my Bother-in-law and Sister-in-law are” Chad nodded
“I know and you have to believe me I was trying my hardest not to fall for her” Chad smiled “But we had a little help from someone pushing us together and, I don’t mind admitting to anyone that your Niece turned this rock star on his head and blew him away” He looked at me “I love her and isn’t that all that matters”
“Of course it is” My aunt surprised Chad by pulling him into a huge hug making me smile “But rock star or not you hurt her” she held his face and pulled him down to face her “I will rip you to shred and feed you to the dog” Chad was laughing
“Ma’am I’m not going to do that, but I think we need to replace Corey and Danny on your security detail Chris with your Aunt”
“Are they the two guys taking up half the driveway” My Uncle asked walking to the window
“Yes they’re retired Marines” I sniffed wiping away the last of the tears Xander was watching me
“We’re not taking any chances with Arron being out we have 24 hour security” Chad sighed wrapping his arms round me.
“Good… can’t we do anything about getting him locked up again?” Xander asked
“Lukas has the lawyers working on it right now but it could get messy and Chris could have to go to court” Chad’s wrapped his arms round my waist pulling me back to him “And have to go through everything that happened all over again and with her now being as huge as she is” I looked at him and shook my head. I didn’t want to deal with that right now.
“We understand” Aunt Marie nodded “Honey other than this are you happy?”
“Happy doesn’t cover it” I nodded “I have everything I want with my tour family as long as my family here will still be there”
“You want a slap” Xander smiled for the first time since I’d got there “I can still throw you in the pool you know… Doesn’t matter how you piss me off we’re still cousins and I still love you and hell I’m not related to a real rock star” he looked at Chad.
‘Okay and what’s Chris”
“My irritating cousin that made all my friends have immediate boners when she stepped onto that stage last night” he shuddered and pulled a face.
“Dude you should have been sitting where I was” Chad started to laugh Making my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin all look at him “…Okay I’ll be outside” Chad took a step back.
“Can you get Jess for me please?”
‘Sure baby” he nodded I waited till he walked out and the door closed
“He’s a good guy”
“We can tell honey” My aunt hugged me “You just shocked us that was all”
“I know and I’m sorry”
“Stop being sorry and you go kick ass the way you have been Chris” My uncle kissed my Cheek “We love you and we’re always here if you need us… Just please if you have to tell us you’re having a baby don’t leave it till your nine months pregnant” He started to laugh Xander caught my eye… They still didn’t know all of it… but that was for another time I need to talk to Jess and I wanted to get the hell out of Tampa because my Dad was less than two blocks away and the Carpovs we’re bound to have heard by now who was in Town. The door opened and Chad walked in with Jess wrapped in a towel and slung over his shoulder making me smile then feel slightly sick he’d make an awesome Dad……………..

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