Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 32 (v.1) - Explianing to jess

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Submitted: May 26, 2011



................ “One little sister” Chad put Jess down
“Okay are all bosses a bossy as him” She wrinkled her nose at him “Because Damn”
“Jessica” Uncle Tom said trying not to laugh
“Sorry” She huffed “I was drowning that girl Jackson brought over” she looked at me he you should be dating Jackson” Chad looked at me and smiled
“Hey shrimp sit down your Sister needs to talk to you” Xander picked her up and put her on the kitchen counter
“Okay but why were you yelling at Chris” She grabbed Xander by the ears
“Ow Jess” he groaned “You shouted at my big sister… I love you but you don’t yell at Chris”
‘She needed yelling at” he pulled away from her
“You’re supposed to look after her like you look after me” she folded her arms over her chest and looked at him “and you made her cry I can tell” she looked at me
“I’m okay Jess but you need to listen to me for a few minutes okay”
“You’re not going to make me live with Dad again are you he’s got a new girlfriend and she’s the same age as you” I looked over my shoulder to my Uncle

“Chad’s not looking so awful now is he? Dad’s got another 18 years on him” Uncle Tom smiled and shook his head.
“You think those Marines would like to come back and have a beer” Uncle Tom looked at Chad
“We can always ask them” Chad nodded ‘You okay” he looked at me I nodded
“I’ll go do some laundry” Aunt Marie walked away
“Mind if I stay” Xander rubbed my shoulders
“No its okay” I nodded.
“So when are you leaving?” I looked back as Jess asked the question while Xander handed her a cookie and threw a can of soda at me.
“Tonight” I sighed running my hand through my hair “But that’s not what I have to talk to you about”
‘Can’t you stay longer?” she looked at me sadness in her eyes
‘Hey you have camp from tomorrow” Xander poked her in the side making her giggle “and Chris is busy you know that”
“Oooo I forgot about that” She grinned “and have you got more shows to do?” she beaned at me
“Yes honey I have to go to Brazil” I nodded taking her hands as she out the last of the cookie in her mouth “Okay so you like Chad” she shrugged
“He seems okay but he told me to get out of the pool” she frowned “You like him though don’t you” she narrowed her eyes at me “You like him like you liked Dimi?” I groaned as she mentioned his name
“More than I liked Dimitri yes”
“Does he like you as well?”
“Yes he does…”
“Will he make you cry like Dimi did?” Okay this was harder than I expected “Chris” I looked at her “I don’t like it when you like a guy because they all make you sad” Even Xander had to look away when she said that “And Arron used to be nice and then he…” I pulled her into my arms and hugged her tight
“Don’t worry Jess… I’m not going to make Chris cry and I’m not going to make her sad” We hadn’t heard Chad come back into the house. Jess pulled away from me and looked at him
“You promise?” she was on the verge of tears he moved me out of the way and stood in front of her and held out his pinkie finger she linked hers with his
“I promise” he smiled “I’ll only make Chris cry when I surprise her with something or I make her laugh” Xander rested his chin on my shoulder.
“I hadn’t told her everything” I added
“Mind if I do?” Chad looked back at me
“Go for it” I nodded
“Okay you know that I love your big sister right”
“Yes” She nodded “and you know she’s living with me”
“In Canada?” I smiled at her
“Well yes but I mean she’s with me everyday” Jess nodded “Well I took Chris to an island for a vacation and when we were there I asked her to marry me”
“Damn” Jess smiled “Did you get her a ring?” I walked over to her and held out my hand “OH DAMN” she got wide eyed “That’s really big… can I be a bridesmaid pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee” she begged
“And here we go” Xander chuckled.
“Yes” Chad nodded “I think you’d make an awesome bridesmaid” I coughed “But”
“EW Buts aren’t good normally” she pulled a face
“We got married Jess” I sighed her mouth fell open a little and she looked like this time the tears would spill
‘But” Chad jumped back in “We’re going to get married all over again”
“You are?” Xander raised his eye brows
“We are?” I looked at Chad
“Yes we are” He laughed at me then looked at Jess and winked at her “Watch this” He took my hand and pulled off my ring.
“Hey” He turned to face me and actually got down on one knee “Oh Jeez”
“Wait, wait” Xander ran and got his phone and a camera “Okay” I shook my head and looked back at Chad
“Mrs. Kroeger I know you’ve said yes once but I want to know if you’d marry me all over again but this time with everyone we love there with us” He bit his bottom lip “So can we have that big wedding.”
“Hell yes” I laughed as he slid the ring back into its place on my finger He got up and pulled me into his arms and kissed me
“Okay get a room” Jess giggled before she looked at Xander “why do people say that?”
“Tell you in a few years Shrimp” He laughed at her……

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