Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 33 (v.1) - heading home

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Submitted: May 26, 2011



................ We boarded the plane a little after nine at night once Jess had fallen asleep at the dinner table Aunt Marie had loved it, managing to cook for all of us including Corey and Danny. The four of us settled down on the plane for the five hour flight to Vancouver. I was looking out of the window at the inky darkness as we cruised through the might sky Danny and Corey both sleeping catching up while they could. I jumped as I felt something over me.
“You look miles away baby” Chad smiled pulling the fleece blanket over me “and you looked cold”
“I am on both counts” He sat next to me and lifted the arm between us pulling me against him.
“I got a call from Lukas before when you were putting Jess to bed” He stroked my hair. “Arron’s apparently pissed as hell and he smashed up a bar when the awards were on last night” I sat up and looked at him “For now he’s locked up again but only on a criminal damage charge” I felt slight relief.
“Does that mean we can just tour again?”
“No the doctor still wants you to rest for a week” he shook his head “So that’s what you’re going to do” he clipped my chin and kissed me.
‘Chris no butts okay you scared the crap out of me that night… I have an interview to do with Mike he’s flying in, in a couple of days but other than that we’re doing nothing apart from hanging out maybe recording a little… watching old movies and…” he tipped my head and kissed my neck “spending a lot of time without any clothes on” he rubbed his nose against my neck
“I like the sound of that but I’ll go stir crazy” I yawned “It might be nice to go shopping” Chad started to smile ‘What”
“you’ve relaxed so much since I told you about Arron” he snuggled under the blanket with me
“Knowing he’s locked up right now is like hearing Mari’s fell off the face of the earth” He started to laugh “I’m waiting for it to come out in the press about the rape trial and all that good stuff” I rubbed my temples “There’s kids I went to high school with in Wisconsin that hated me for doing what I did to the star Quarter back and they said some rough stuff to me about Arron before I left for Florida… it only takes one of them to say something”
“Okay tensions back” he sat me up and slipped the shoulders down on my shirt and started to rub my shoulders and neck “We’re heading home sweetheart and if they want to say things then hell they’d better be prepared to get dragged through the courts”
“We’re going to spend a year on tour and then a year with all the damn court cases”
‘Welcome to rock and roll” he pressed his lips to the back of my neck
“What about miss Barbie?”
“Court is set for the end of the month but we’re in Argentina then” he shrugged “Lukas and the lawyers will cover it”
“I’d like to be there to tell her exactly what I think she should do” I looked at him “Sorry”
“It’s okay… By the way… I have a surprise for you at home”
“You haven’t changed Mac have you”
“What?” he looked lost
“My Car it’s named Mac”
“Oh my god you named your car?” he started to roar with laughter
“Nothing wrong with it and when I get another it’ll be called Lauren”
“Oh I’m afraid to ask” He groaned
“It’s a series of kids’ books about tow F1 cars called Mac and Lauren… Malaren”
“Oh god who’s lame Idea was that?”
“The wife of the CEO of McLaren” I shrugged “but please tell me make is still sharing a garage with mutton”
“You so did not name my car as well” he shot me a look”
“Yup… lambo became Mutton”
“Okay stop you’re making my head hurt” he hugged me “and no both of our cars are safe and sound and waiting to be taken out and raced hard… I ordered a new bed”
“Really” he nodded
“Well we managed to break the other one”
“I know I think I still have the bruise 3 months later” I snuggled my head in between his jaw and shoulder 
“And it bugged me it was the bed that… She’d picked out”
“Is it nice?” I stifled a yawn
“I think so” he kissed the top of my head “there iron work to handcuff you too” he chuckled
“Oh I love you” I felt my eyes sliding closed as the steady beat of his heart lulled me to sleep, the emotional beating id’ taken in the last 36 hours was catching up and kicking my ass.
“Love you Chris”……………………..

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