Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 37 (v.1) - Holding on

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Submitted: May 31, 2011



………. Before I could think of anything else hands were on my waist and I was turned round and was staring into those perfect blue eyes. I didn’t know what to expect when I looked at him but I was shocked at the range of emotions on his face and in his eyes, I’d never seen him looking so out of control, he was upset and worried and actually vulnerable.
He took my hand without saying anything and pulled me back to the couch and onto his lap putting my head in the crook between his neck and shoulder. The silence was punctuated by the clock ticking in the dining room. I tried to work out if I should ask him if I should leave but he took a breath and moved his head and lifted my face to look at him.
“Chris I do really love you, and it’s because of who you are not how you look I fell in love with you. Yes you have had been through stuff I wouldn’t wish no my worst enemy and I wish I could have stopped them from happening. I’m trying to stop any more from happening” I’d never heard his voice shaky at all, but now the emotion played out in every word “Yes, there’s the age difference, but if you love me and I love you who gives a damn. You mean the world to me. You’ve shown me what love really feels like. You have so much fight in you where your career is concerned and you love your friends with everything you have, and Damn girl you are so hot you make me loose m y train of thought hell of a lot” he gave me a half smile and rubbed his thumb on my jaw. “I love you for being Christine Kroeger, Don’t you ever think I’m going to leave we’re in this together for the long haul, I know we’ll fight and get pissed with each other, but I just want you to love with half the amount of love and passion I have for you them I’ll die a happy old man” I had to smile a little at that, I snuggled my head back into his neck his arms wrapped round me and held me to him. ‘Don’t you ever think you’re not worth it Chris because I can’t see my life without you in it, every step of the way” he groaned making me look at him “Okay you’ve made me watch chick flicks too often I’m sapping it up like Kellan” I shook my head “Nothing is going to ruin us Chris nothing and no one” he pressed his lips to my forehead.
“Thank you” I tipped my head and kissed his neck “I love you”
“I know sweetheart” he cradled me against him the flickering of the TV the only light in the room. We sat there in silence, his arms slowly unwound from me “Go take a hot bath I’ll clean up the kitchen… I’ll join you in a few minutes”
A hot bath sounded like heaven right now. I was more drained for an evening at home than a night we’d had a show and then gone out partying after. I walked up the stairs to our room and sat on the bed. He did love me, I shouldn’t have been so scared to tell him and I shouldn’t have let two girls that didn’t know me gossip and rile me up the way they had done. My eyes hurt and I was sure the emotion was going to wreak havoc with my voice, my eyes began to slid closed as I sat there.
All I can remember was the feeling of Chad’s hands round me and a kiss planted on my lips as he snuggled into bed with me
“I’ll love you forever baby” the words made me smile in my sleep as again I felt secure in the arms of my husband………

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