Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 38 (v.1) - Day of fun

Submitted: May 31, 2011

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Submitted: May 31, 2011



……………….. I woke up feeling like I’d been kicked and punched and then shoved in the washer on fast spin. I moved my hand to reach for Chad only to find his side of the bed cold and empty. I rolled over quickly panic rising in me had he had the chance to think about it and he took off running. I wanted to throw up until a cream colored piece of paper caught my eye propped up on his pillow carefully folded I reached for it and opened it.
My awesome wife (that’s you Chris BTW),
You were dead to the world this morning and for once it wasn’t a night of me ravishing your body that wore you out ?. I have a perfect day planned out for you… BUT you have to go with it OKAY??? So no shaking your head and listen to me for once and I know you’re raising your eye brow in that sexy way you do… Okay getting off track mind wandered a little there… Okay then Go into the bathroom and there’s is another one of my awesome notes waiting for you.
You have to follow the directions (ALL OF THEM MRS. K) they are all legal, well I think so, hell I don’t have time to check I’ll bail you out if you get in trouble
Have fun and I love you
Your Awesome Husband (that’s me BTW?)
I was more than a little intrigued as I slid out of bed and walked toward the bathroom, what was he up to I had wanted to spend the day…. Well making up for last night but oh well… On the vanity was a second neatly folded piece of Paper like the first one
Hey Me again,
Okay so take a shower. (NO BATHS A QUICK SHOWER). The shower shouldn’t take long because I’m not in there with you… misbehaving and soaping you…. Okay see off track again and I’m now a walking hard on Thank you Wifey ?. You’ll have to wash your own hair today. Now move that amazing ass of yours  Oh and casual clothes for this morning like those hot black jeans you have… Oh damn now I need to have a cold shower… OH AND BABY NO HEELS (don’t kill me) Oh and the next note is in the kitchen
I love you
I laughed and put the two notes together and did what I was told. He was right the shower didn’t take long at all. I got out and dressed in the jeans he liked and a Black Tank that the guys all thought was hysterical because it had pink on the front and they all know my Pink aversion. I slipped on and sneakers and looked in the mirror at the simple make up I’d quickly done and smiled it felt odd not being in heels but so comfortable but hell I needed the heels when my husband was 6ft 1. I picked up both of the notes and put them in my purse and walked down to the kitchen the smell of coffee hitting me as I walked in.
Okay where the hell was Chad this was to funny that he wasn’t even in the house and I was getting these notes. I saw my favorite coffee cup sitting next to a huge blueberry muffin with another piece of the cream paper propped in between them.
My Sexy wife
Told you the shower would be so much faster without me in there with you… but admit it you missed me washing your back ?. So Breakfast you are going to eat that muffin and drink some coffee… hang on you’d have drunk the coffee anyway… I will know if you’ve not eaten it and I’ll be mad with you and I’ll stop the treat day (I was going to say I’d spank you but I know you like that)
Right I was going to plan a day at the spa with massages and all that stuff but I know you don’t love that sort of thing unless it’s a certain naked Canadian doing the massage ( ME NOT MY BROTHER, OR DAN, OR RYAN) So I came up with something to really make you happy so Take Mac (even if it’s not as good as my Lambo Yes I love my car) follow the directions in the GPS… and show them how a girl kicks ass
You Sexy husband
I ate the muffin and drank the coffee smiling and thinking how much he cared to make the day after my rough day so much fun. I had a really good husband. My mind wandered a little hell he was better than good.
I looked at a new picture sitting on the Kitchen island ii picked it up, it was from the photo shoot in Japan where I had got the photographer to take pictures of Chad and I together while Kellan was getting dressed… well undressed but you know what I mean, I’d only seen them that day and had forgot about them. I smiled at the black and white picture of me in his arms his head resting against mine his eyes closed as he held me. I wanted him so much right now I reached for my cell phone and hit #1. It rang twice
*Hey you’re not following the directions Baby I love you*
Was the message I got making me laugh I put my plate and cup away and picked up the keys for my McLaren and went out to it, I got in and pressed the engine start button sending fire through me and the car, it was a sound and a sensation I’d never get tired of I pulled out of the drive and headed the way the GPS told me. I pulled up to a race track. And was shown to a locker room where I was given a race suit and helmet and boots before being given a safety briefing on the track. Mac was going to get to stretch his legs today with me behind the wheel.
It was a total release as I clocked lap after lap letting Mac do what he was designed to do. Damn my husband knew how to make me smile and turn a girl on… well this girl. By the time I got home the stress of the day before was all but gone I trailed my fingers over the Hood of my car murmuring my t\\hanks to him before I walked into the house and to another note on the table in the hall that lead me to find a pair of diamond earrings and then another led me to a diamond bracelet… okay now I was being spoiled. Next to the box with the bracelet in was another folded note…………….

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