Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Out of the blue

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Submitted: May 18, 2011



………… I sat in the chair having my make up down while the guys messed around. My cell phone rang. The make up girl handed it to me.
Me * hello
Niko * hey
Me * wow you’re one of the last people I thought I’d hear from
The chatter behind me stopped I looked through the mirror at them and put the phone on to speaker
Niko * Dimi asked me to call you
Me * Jeez when will he get the message
Niko * he wanted me to tell you that he can’t do it and he’s leaving for Russia
Me * he’s bailing
Niko * Yep he and Reba got into a fight and she took a knife and slashed his face and he’s done
Me * damn
Dimitri * you were the one that told me to come back here and it’s the biggest mistake I ever made… you worked on my head to make me suffer
I looked round at the guys
Me * you have to be fucking kidding you had you dick in her as soon as you got home so don’t you dare put this shit on me.
I got out of the chair and paced the floor
Dimitri * you dumped me we could have still had something
Alfie *dude you fucked up and you did it to the wrong girl
Dimitri * I was talking to Chris
Kerion *yeah well you don’t fuck with her you have no right coming back and throwing this in her face, you were the one that knocked up Reba, you were the one that didn’t give a damn about hurting Chris… What the hell is it with your fucking Family?
Dimitri * hiding behind the band geeks Chris, I thought you had more back bone that that
Me * hey I can stand up for myself… you can say what the hell you want Dimitri I have a clear consciences  I don’t need you to try to say anything’s my fault. I know damn well I didn’t fuck up and I know I didn’t do anything against you only tried to help you.
Dimitri * with your fucked up life you drove me to her
Me * really think whatever you need to think Dimitri I really don’t give a damn nothing can burst m y bubble right now not even you
There was a stream of what I assumed to be Russian cursing and then a door slamming
Niko * I didn’t think he was going to come on the phone Chris
Me * seriously NIKOLAI you’re a god damn Pussy you bow down to everything your brother wants be a man and think for yourself… Oh and while I have you on the phone how’s the internship going
Niko * what
Me 8 you keep your god damn mouth shut about me to your boss and to everyone else for that matter.
Niko * Chris I hav…
Me * your boss wouldn’t happen to be Canadian and blond would she and named Marianne
Niko * yeah
Me * yeah go to work and tell her you spoke to me and see what he reaction is
I hung up the phone and Looked at the guys
“Wow never rains but it pours” I put my phone down
“I’d love to have been a fly on the wall when she cut Dimi” Alfie grinned “Ass deserved it”
“I can’t believe he still calls you”
“He doesn’t Niko does” Pete laughed “Dimi must be more like his Momma they’re both manipulators”
“I’m not going to even think about it… I feel sorry for the kid, a looser for a father, a controlling psycho for a grandmother and a real bitch for a mother” I got up to go get changed “Some people really shouldn’t be allowed to have kids” I felt the lump choke me and cut of the end of the words I pulled the door open and walked out.
“That son of a bitch really has balls” Kerion rubbed the back of his neck
“You think we should call Chad”
“No let Chris tell him” Lukas had been sitting in the back of the room the entire time “but I will be having the restraining orders put on the entire family and a gagging order on Niko to stop him talking”
‘His boss is Chad’s Ex right”
“Yep the one Chris punched” Lukas nodded “Now let’s get on with this and try to forget the drama for a few minutes you guys have to do an interview as well”
The photo shoot was set up like some 1940’s night club but my jewelry and shoes definitely weren’t of the same era and the guys hair and shoes defiantly wasn’t but the pictures turned out looking amazing as we were shown then as we were interviewed.

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