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Chapter 41 (v.1) - Just Desserts

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Submitted: June 01, 2011



................. The ride back home seemed to take forever Chad’s fingers were tracing the words of the tattoo on my back. sending me into a dream like state. He was humming love song, he still hadn’t kissed me, I blinked a couple of times and looked at him.
“What?” he smiled at me
“You haven’t kissed me”
“I know” he bit on his bottom lip “I’m making you wait” his tongue ran over his lips making me shudder as the car pulled back up to the house. The door opened and he stepped out and offered me his hand, we walked inside I put my purse on the counter in the kitchen and looked round for dessert. “Hey” I looked round at him his tie was now undone and hanging loose round his neck with the top two buttons’ open on his shirt. He held his hand out to me “Dessert’s upstairs” he led me to our bedroom.
There was flickering candle light giving the room a warm glow, deep red roses were scattered in Vases round the room including rose petals on the comforter on the bed on the night stand was a tray with an ice bucket on I moved closer to see bottle of champagne in the bucket two glasses off the side, I bit my lip as I saw what was on the tray, Strawberries, whipped cream, melted chocolate and a tub of ice cream. Oh hell Dessert was going to be fun.
I picked up a strawberry and turned to see him leaning against the end of the bed watching me intently. “It looks so awesome” at the same time I took a slow deliberate bite and watched his eyes slip to my mouth and he swallowed hard and sucked in his breath.
“You think you can open the champagne?” he breathed
I nodded and turned and picked up the champagne, things like this Chad normally liked to do himself. I popped the cork and poured two glasses his hands were round my waist, and he turned me to him quickly. Shock ran through me at the ice cold sensation that took over me as his tongue delved in to my mouth. He’d taken a mouthful of ice cream and was now sharing it with me, I moaned as he pulled away and turned me away from him moving the hair from the back of my neck his cold lips traced a line from one shoulder to the other as his hands released the zipper on the dress, he paused before the cold was back icier than before he’d got more ice cream and was kissing down my spine as his eased the dress down. I body was on fire and the feeling of the coldness of his lips made my spine arch into him.
“Here” He murmured holding a strawberry up to my lips his one hand flat against my stomach holding me against him he reached for the champagne glass and took a sip and turned me to him and kissed me softer this time but giving me the taste to the bubbles from the champagne to go with the tartness of the strawberry. I pulled back and smiled at him, “The dress looked hot but the underwear looks so much hotter especially with those shoes on” he trailed his fingers down my arm.
I reached round him and dipped my finger into the warm melted chocolate and looked at him I trailed my finger down his neck leaving a line of chocolate moving my mouth to the sweet trail where I licked it off slowly. I felt him swallow and a groan come from him, I backed up and winked at him, there was a slight growl as he pulled me to him consuming me in a hungry kiss, my hands moved to the buttons of his shirt undoing them quickly. I need to feel him skin to skin with me my Bra ended up hanging from a light across the room, we only stopped helping each other out of the remaining  clothes to feed each other with the strawberries and the champagne. He held me out at arm’s length and smiled as his eyes roamed my body.
“Do you have any idea how sexy you are Mrs. Kroeger” his voice was hoarse and rougher than normal He caught my eye, his eyes were filled with a perfect mix of lust and love.
“It’s the things you do to me Mr. Kroeger” I countered “ I don’t think I could love you more if it tried” I put my arms round his neck and pulled him in for a kiss.
A kiss filled with want and need with hands everywhere touching and teasing each other, he backed me to the bed and laid me back raining butterfly kisses across my ribs to my belly button and then back you to my throat. My back arching at the ecstasy in his touches, my hand found the whipped cream still cold I flicked it onto his chest and stomach.
“Damn” he sucked in at the shock of the cold on his hot skin making me laugh. “You’d better clean that up” he growled playfully, I wiggled my eye brows at him and pushed him back on the bed and slowly began cleaning you the cream, his hands gripped the sheets on the bed the more I flicked my tongue to get up the cream. “Fuck” he moaned “My turn” he pushed me off him gently and on to my back and picked up a strawberry and dipped it in the chocolate and trailed it over my chest and stomach leaving a trail of warm sticky chocolate. “Any idea where I can put this?” he smirked licking his lips and holding up the strawberry.
“I’m sure you’ll find somewhere to keep it safe” I moaned as he started to lick off the chocolate.
We spent time tasting and touching, kissing and savoring. Every movement and touch left us wanting more from each other, the food was soon forgotten end things got hotter between the two of us. He moved over me his eyes on mine, both of us lost in each other, the perfect balance of gently passion and strong desire… nothing else mattered right now other then the two of us and our need for each other. Our bodies moving together, both of us reaching the point at the same time.
I felt more love and emotion from Chad than I’d ever felt before. I looked at him and realized that he did love me regardless of what had happened and what people said. This was my turning point, he loved me If really loved me as much as he was showing me then that was all I needed we could face whatever was thrown at us. His soft kisses and slow caresses made my mind begin to slip away, the only think I could think of was I would never trade anything for the moments we had together……………

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