Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 42 (v.1) - OH POO!

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………….. I sighed happily as I woke to the feeling of my hair being stroked, I could hear the sound of rain hitting the windows. My head was on Chad’s chest. I stretched a little and looked at him. He smiled at me, I caught sight of some chocolate I’d missed on his neck I wiped it onto my finger and put my finger into my mouth sucking it gently. His eyes went to my finger and he started to smirk, I slowly pulled my finger from between my lips
“Good morning” I whispered.
 I glanced at the tray that last night held our dessert it was almost empty apart from a couple of strawberries and some cream and half the bottle of Champagne. Images of the night before replayed over in my head making me smile,. I took a deep breath I was still on such a sexually high even after almost ten hours of sleep, but I needed coffee. I made to get up, Chad cleared his throat and caught my hand I looked at him he was biting his lip in the way that drove me to distraction.
“You know my voice feels a little strained” he tipped his head as his thumb rubbed the inside of my wrist. Okay now I was confused… sexual high and just waking up and no caffeine meant I wasn’t on my game right now.
“Oh okay… I’ll make tea instead of coffee” I shrugged, He narrowed his eyes and tried to look serious but the sheer lust in his eyes betrayed any serious thought.
“Yours sounds a little tight as well”  I swallowed and cleared my throat… it felt fine and it had sounded fine when I’d spoke before, He let go of me and got out of bed throwing me the white shirt he’d worn the night before while he grabbed his robe from the chair . I slipped on the shirt and he tied the front of his robe “Tea’s one way to help but a steam shower is the proper way to relax the vocal chords” He licked his lips and grabbed my hand, “Come on” we literally ran through the house giggling and laughing to get to the indoor pool where the steam shower was at the far side.
He opened the door and pulled me in with him he turned on the stream. I undid his robe and threw it out of the door the shirt I was wearing quickly followed it. Chad’s mouth was somewhere between my collar bone and my middle ribs making me brace myself against the wall. My head back his name on my lips. There was a dull thud that sounded like the door from the indoor pool to the garden. Chad stopped and looked at me, I swallowed nervously.
“I thought our keys were the only keys…” I hissed, he looked confused for a minute.
“They are except for the emergency key…”
I was going to ask him why Mike hadn’t used the front door or hell hadn’t called, when the door to the shower was opened and a woman stood there with her hands on her hips. I screamed she frightened the life out of me. Chad pulled me to him shielding as much of our nakedness as possible.
“CHAD ROBERT TURTON I THINK YOU HAVE SOME EXPLAINING TO DO” She held up a magazine with the two of us on the front of it me onstage at the awards and him on the red carpet earlier and the words ‘WEDDING SHOCKER’ plastered across it.
“Mom, seriously..” My Jaw went slack and I looked at him
“MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” He nodded and sighed.
“I’ll be in the kitchen” she turned on her heel and walked away. Chad rested his forehead against mine
“Damn one way to kill the moment” he groaned
“Mom?” I choked out… okay now my voice felt strained “You’re Mom?” I sat on the bench in the shower and hung my head
“Yes” he reached for his robe and put it on “Fuck Mikes going to be dining out on this for months” He picked up the shirt and held it out to me.
“How does your Mom have the key?” I got up and slipped my arms into the shirt and fastened the buttons
“I don’t know Mike had them” he shook his head “But I’m going to find out”
“I’m going to shower” I walked toward the stairs slightly irritated “Oh and I’m going to be sending your brother a sweet little text” Chad started to laugh and caught up to me
“My Mom can wait I’m showering with you” He kissed my neck I stopped and looked at him “What?”
“You want to get me in the shower while you damn mother sits in the kitchen?”
“Baby I’d take you in the kitchen if she didn’t have her glasses on”……………

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