Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 44 (v.1) - Mom to Me

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Submitted: June 02, 2011



................. I followed her outside taking my coffee with me in case I needed to throw something over her if she went off on me for leading Chad astray… no wait hang on I don’t think it’s actually possible to lead him astray and after the dessert last night and the… er… new… dirty mind blowing… really hot sex in the shower… I saw a hand wave in front of my face and I jumped a little.
“Okay normally a smile like that means something naughty” I felt the color rise in my cheeks “And if it has anything to do with wither of my boys” she sighed and sat down “So I want to know where my Son found you?”
“Singing on a stage in Tampa” I pulled out another chair and sat opposite her “I’d moved from Wisconsin with my family and I’d been recommended by my old Drama teacher to the new one at the high school and he plled me in to audition and he put me with three guys and we hit it off and to cut a long story short and skip some drama” I smiled a little “We were playing in the Arena where Nickelback was playing the following day and we didn’t know but the band was watching us”
“He get you in bed that night?” I looked at her and pushed my tongue in my cheek.
“I had a boyfriend I don’t play like that and No Chad was a gentleman and gave me some advice” My tone was hard edged.
“I had to ask” she smiled coyly  “So how do you go from playing a charity event to touring with the boys?”
“Sheer luck” I shrugged “They asked us to join then for a month and two weeks into that month it was extended for the entire tour”
“What about these pictures” she thumbed through the magazine she still had with her and threw it across the table to me “You and that guy look a little more than just “friend”” she actually made the air quotes
“We were and Chad knows all about it” I smiled at the last picture that Kellan and I had taken for the ad campaign. Damn it had to be the best out of the three shoots he looked so pissed in it with his hand round my neck.
“Your face gives away your emotions Christine” I looked at her
“Really why what are you thinking they’re saying?” this woman was so hot and cold it was insane
“That you and he have something” she taped Kellan on the picture
“We do” She leant forward and put her chin on her hands “I count him as one of my best friends and so does your son” I chewed the inside of my cheek “Look if you’re trying to work out if I’m some groupie, or some gold digger that’s only after Chad for one thing then you’re barking up the wrong tree… You can’t judge me by firing questions at me that you think will trip me up”
‘I’m trying to work out what a 19 year old girl sees in Chad other than the rock star lifestyle” I started to laugh
“Seriously you’ve said it yourself I’m on tour with Nickelback. Never West have had #1 records in multiple countries and album that has hit Platinum so many times there’s a shortage of the metal” I shook my head “Yes I don’t have near Chad’s Bank roll and I don’t have access to it, but I don’t want or need it either… I work damn hard as well as the rest of my band to make the money we make. There are things going on that very few people know about and that’s the way it’s going to stay for now and those things are part of the reason I fell in love with the man I fell in love with, I turned the magazine round and pushed it back to her “How hot is he…? How built and good looking is Kellan?” she looked at me “Come on tell me what you would do to him if you were my age and you were face to face with him”
“He’s vextremly good looking” she admitted getting a twinkle in her eye “Damn that make them fine these days”
“I gave him up for Chad” she looked at me “I was seeing Kellan… Hell you want the dirt I was banging the ass off of him” She looked a little annoyed now “I trust him he’s one of the handful of people I trust in the world but I trusted Chad with more… I fell in love with Chad before I even knew it myself, He knows everything about me and I mean everything… Kellan is the reason we’re together he was the one that pointed out to your son that he should be with me because everyone else could see how Chad was round me” she started to smile
“We’ll at least this time his found a girl with some backbone… Mari was sweet but sometimes I had a feeling too sweet” I looked at her “So you are in love with Chad”
“More than I ever thought possible” I smiled “I’d be with him if the fame dries up and we’re nobodies… he’s my everything”
“As long as my Boys are happy then I’m okay with it… I’m sorry I barged in on the two of you” I felt my cheeks turn pink “but even though they are the ages they are I’m still their Mom and will protect them till the day I die… you’ll understand when you have kids” there was that issue again I looked down “I know what Chad’s always said about being a Dad because his sucked he things he might be the same but Chad has a lot of good things in him that his father didn’t and hell if Micheal can be the awesome Dad that he is I know Chad will be as well…” she seemed to trail off “But then I guess you guys are a couple of years of thinking about kids… So how’s your family handling you marrying a rock Star?”
I fought to control my emotions
“My little sister got mad but then Chad promised her that she can be a bridesmaid when we get married all over again with everyone there this time… My cousin tore me a new one and made both of us cry before being okay wit it and my Aunt and Uncle were actually pretty cool about it”
“What about your parents?” she narrowed her eyes at me
“We don’t talk… they aren’t very nice people” roller coaster of emotions going on here right now “another one of the issues Chad’s helped me with” I ran my fingers through my hair.
“Well Sweetheart” I smiled at the word that Chad used a lot for me “I know I don’t know about you but I can see you’ve not had things your way often till now” I shrugged “If Chad married you within a few months of meeting you then he sees something in you other than the obvious by looking at you” She reached across the table and put her hand over mine “If he pisses you off tell me and I’ll Gibbs slap him for you” She winked at me before leaning back in her chair. “And Chad you and Micheal can stop hiding round the corner like you used to when you were kids eavesdropping” she looked over her shoulder “Come on” Chad and Mike walked round from behind the wall she looked back at me “they grow older but they never change”…………………

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