Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 46 (v.1) - Jet lag and a newbie

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Submitted: June 02, 2011



....................... “You were supposed to let her rest” Lukas laughed as Chad and I walked out of the arrivals “Chris you look more tired now”
“Lukas we just hauled ass on a fourteen hour flight from Canada” I groaned “I couldn’t sleep and had no sleeping pills with me” I rubbed the back of my neck “Oh and we had a guy taking pictures of us for most of the flight I’m sure he was thinking we were going to start making out or joining the mile high club in the cabin” Chad put his hands on my shoulders and rubbed them
“So you’re not going to want to hear about having to go to the venue right away to sound check then”
“Seriously” Chad groaned
“Yep we have another problem venue” Lukas sighed as Danny and Corey flanked Chad and I. We got out and into the waiting car “The only one who isn’t here is Dan he’s flight got cancelled in Mexico because of the weather but Kerion can fill in for him”
“Then can we eat and go to bed” I groaned
“Yes” Lukas nodded “we have a lot of press to do down here as well and another award show I’ve got you both performing at doing a cover of Kid Rocks All summer long”
“Bob know?” Chad laughed
‘He’s going to be there and he’s going to be onstage with both of you” Lukas nodded “Oh and you’re also doing that with So Hott”
“You have to be kidding we’re getting away with doing that”
“Yep I think it helps you guys are doing it in English and it’s broadcasting in Spanish” Lukas shrugged
“Wow” I rubbed my hand over my face “It’s going to be interesting”
“So how was the break for you guys?”
“Good” Chad linked his fingers with mine “We did the Florida run and told Chris’s family and then we holed up at home and told my Mom”
“Yeah I know’ Lukas laughed “Mike told me”
“Yeah well the locks are changed now” I smiled as the car door opened and Corey and Danny got out first I stepped out Corey put his arm round me protectively and we walked into the concert venue that was actually a soccer stadium.
“Damn no wonder you’re having problems” I looked round at the open roof “Hell I hope to god it doesn’t rain or I’ll be on my ass in my boots”
“Well as long as you remember the underwear Baby” Chad laughed patting my ass
“Always do on stage” I rolled my eyes at him
“I like it when you don’t” he pulled me to him and kissed me
“Okay you two can get to your room in about an hour” Lukas groaned “Do you ever stop”
“Yes to eat” I laughed as I saw Alfie walking across the stage with Pete and Kerion. I put my fingers in my mouth and whistled. I missed those guys when I wasn’t with them.
“You know it’s not lady like to do that” Pete yelled across the stadium
“You know I’m not a lady” I grinned as I walked over “Okay shouldn’t there be two wonderful girls here?” I looked round
“They’re backstage going through y our clothes with the wardrobe woman and they have been for the past 4 hours and I saw Miranda with scissors” Alfie smiled pulling me in to a hug
“Oh hell yes I’m going to see them” Chad rubbed his hands together “I like being able to make then turn beet red at the drop of a hat”
“Drop your pants and see what they do” I smiled and the stage manager walked over and handed me my ear pieces. Chad looked at me and grinned and ran off “I was kidding” I groaned
“Okay we’re going to hear some shrieking in a minute if he does”
“Yeah but I’m doubting it’ll be from Heidi or Mir” I took my Mic “Lets get this done”
The sound check kicked all our ass what should have taken an hour took almost 4. I was sitting with my head in Miranda’s lap while Chad was onstage.
“How the hell can you be falling asleep with this noise” Heidi poked me with a pin as she sewed something “And you have that god of a man singing to you”
“Ow” I grumbled sitting up “I’m jet lagged and believe me when he dies it in bed or in the shower it’s hell of a lot sexier”
“So Xander and I broke up” Miranda blurted out, Okay I’m wide awake now
“I got offered a job” she chewed the inside of her cheek “and he didn’t want me to take it”
“What about school?” I looked at Heidi who just shrugged to let me know she knew “You and he were going to UF in Miami”
“The job is way better and my parents have agreed and I can still do the degree on line”
“Damn… When?”
“Two days before you and Chad came to Tampa”
‘Son of a bitch never said anything?” I got up and paced “He tore me a new one for not saying…”
“Yeah but you got married it’s a little different” Heidi butted in
“He’s my Cousin dating one of my best friends I had an interest in this working out” I held out my arms making both Miranda and Heidi smile “But what’s the job?”
“Miranda did you tell Chris you’re the new Wardrobe Girl” Lukas smiled as he walked over I looked at him wide eyed “:I’ll just go this way he turned quickly and walked away
“The job is working for you guys and being your stylist” Miranda swallowed hard “I thought it was an amazing chance” I smiled at her

“It’s awesome No more crappy hugs from the guys”
“Don’t let your husband hear you say that” Miranda laughed
“We’re way beyond the hugging stage” I laughed “What was the big problem with you coming with us?” I sat down
“He wanted to be able to see me everyday still and get a place” Her eyes brimmed with tears “I love him I really do but I have to think of my life” I see what you’ve done for yourself by just going for it” she sniffed “I know I’m no rock star because Chris I seriously don’t know how you do it every night in front of all of those people.. But I can get a job like this and get my stuff seen and show what I can do and then I can do anything” Heidi and I hugged her “You went even thought you had Dimitri” I nodded ‘Do you think if none of this had happened you and Dimi would still be together?”
“I don’t’ know” I sighed “Probably I wouldn’t have gone to Wisconsin and I wouldn’t’ Have seen Arron so the rape wouldn’t have happened, But everything happens for a reason… and I’m going to kick my cousin’s ass for letting you go” I hugged her tighter “And I’m sorry but he’s going to have to deal with you being one of my extremely hot bridesmaids when I get married… again”…………………..

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