Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 49 (v.1) - Making plans

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Submitted: June 06, 2011



................ There were already people waiting outside of the stadium to get into when we pulled back up.
“Looks like it’s a sellout” Corey looked at me
‘So Lukas said” I nodded as the car stopped backstage and the driver got out and opened the door “You can go eat now I know you were hungry” Corey nodded and smiled at me
“And no more solo trips to the bar Chris” He laughed as he walked off
“Solo bar trips?” Xander asked as we walked through the trucks and the people bustling around
“It’s nothing”
“You’re cutting it fine” the stage manager tapped one of the two watches he wore
“I have an hour to get changed I’m not my husband” I grinned
“Hey I heard that” Chad walked out from their dressing room “Good flight” he shook Xander’s hand
“It was long and then I get slapped by Chris in the middle of the airport” Xander smiled
“Yeah well if you weren’t such and as then I wouldn’t have had to do it to you” I held out my hands “and hello what am I chopped liver” I looked at Chad.
“I was getting to you” he pulled me to him and kissed me “We have Bob coming to the show tonight”
“Okay” I nodded “when do we have to rehearse for the awards thing?”
“It’s going to be interesting?”
Oh I know I’ve seen what the awesome Miranda has pulled together for a stage costume for it” he bit on his bottom lip “all I’m going to say is thank god you’re my wife or Bob would be all over you”
“Oh God I dread to think” I mumbled ‘Hey can you keep Xander for a while or dump him in with my guys till I’m dressed”
“I don’t need babysitting Chris” Xander pouted
“No you need a lesson in how to treat a woman” I poked him in the chest “Talk to Alfie, Hell talk to Chad for that matter so you don’t fuck it up again with anyone… and believe me the last thing I need is to have Mir know you’re here when she has pins and tit tape in her hands” I kissed his cheek “And you Mr. Kroeger” I trailed my finger down his arm making him smile “need your ring size” I tugged the old ring on his wedding finger “I got in touch with a designer today and she’s e-mailed me some awesome designs for you” I watched the smile spread across his face.
“Does that mean we have to start planning a wedding?’
“You guys need to have at least a 3 week break to do that” Lukas laughed as he ran by us with a phone to each ear
“Okay so it looks like we’ll have our first anniversary before we get married for a second time” Chad moaned.
“Get someone else to plan it for you” Xander shrugged “You guys pick a venue and then let the have at it… and doing that none of the press will know when you’ll be getting married… again” Chad and I looked at each other and then to Xander
“You know I like your Cousin” Chad smiled with a nodded
“Okay so that Gibbs slap must have shook things up a little” I laughed
“What coming it’s not rocket science put someone you trust in charge of it and they double check with you on things… Heidi would be good at it she scares me when she starts organizing thing” He rubbed his hand over his face.
“Mike’s wife rocks at putting together a kick assed party as well” Chad mused “hmm something to think about Mrs. Kroeger” we all jumped at the sound of Miranda’s voice as threw door opened to my dressing room
“Alfie suck it up or I’ll put you in pink”
“Shit” Chad grabbed Xander and literally threw him through Nickelbacks dressing room door
“Oh and where have you Been Mrs. Kroeger” she laughed “you need to haul butt girl Lukas yelled at me for not having you dressed”
“I had to do some stuff and seriously you came to work dressed in jeans and a hoodie”
“Chris I’m still jet lagged and I had a brain fart in the middle of the night” she grabbed my hand waving a hi to Chad and the Fashion talk poured out of her.
“Love you baby” Chad laughed after us
“Love you too” I tried to keep a straight face as Miranda helped me dress for the show taping me into the dress.

Okay so what are you grinning at” She sighed leaning back as I pulled the flat iron through my hair “I know you haven’t just had bunny sex because you haven’t been here”
“It’s nothing” I shrugged walking over to a rack of my things and pulling out a short red dress and walking back over to her.
“What are you doing that’s for the interview tomorrow” she pulled a face as I held it up to her
‘We’re all going out after the show you’re not going in jeans and hoodie you have the same sized feet as me don’t you?” I asked turning my attention to the shoes “A-HA perfect” I stood back u and held out the strappy sandals with six inch heels and two inch platforms I reached for my bag and pulled out my dream bracelet and put it with the dress
“Are you trying to kill me?” She laughed
“No trying to get you ready to party like a rock star” I smiled “Now get changed” the door knocked
“Chris stage” the Stage manager put his head round the door
“I love you trust me and get your ass changed now OKAY?”
“Yes Ma’am” Miranda laughed as I headed for the door.
“Dude she’s got the boots on” Mike laughed Chad put his head round the door.
“You going to bring those home soon?” Chad smiled “With the outfit and the coat from new York”
“I might”
“Okay I have to get my wife some of those” Mike Sighed
“Hey If she helps me out I’ll give her some” I smiled pushing in my ear pieces “Keep Xander with you till we’re done” I walked over to Chad and kissed him
“Ryan’s talking to him and giving him a few tips on not screwing up” Mike smiled “I think he’ll manage to be good now”
“Good” I took my microphone “First night” I heard the sound of the crowd as Kerion grabbed my hand as we began walking to the stage.
“It feels like coming Home” Alfie smiled at me
“Ooooo LOOK” Pete pointed to where a limo had just pulled up “Kid Rock”
“Chad said he was coming… and we get to rehearse tomorrow” Pete and Alfie took the guitars that were handed to them
“We really are rocking the world aren’t’ we” Kerion scratched his head with his drum sticks “Damn”
“Dude you only just realized that” Pete laughed.
“No but hell we know rock stars”
“That’s because we’re rock stars” I smiled linking his arm as we walked up the stairs behind the drummer riser……………..

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