Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Interview

Submitted: May 18, 2011

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Submitted: May 18, 2011



....... “Well you guys are 4 months in to a world tour you have hit records in so many different countries… can you all get your heads round how fast it all happened?” the woman interviewing us smiled
“Hell no” Pete shook his head “It’s like being in a washing machine on spin I don’t think our feet have touched the ground since we first played in front of Nickelback”
“Oh and I thought it was when I first met you guys” I elbowed him
“That’s right you didn’t grow up with the guys did you?” She looked at me
“No she’s from the wasteland of cold in Wisconsin” Alfie laughed.
“Okay so for the people in Australia that don’t know….”
“I grew up roughly fifteen hundred miles north of these guys and we only started playing together what…” I looked at the guys
“Almost six months ago” Alfie nodded
‘Wow so you’ve gone from truly nothing to one of the fastest selling bands of the year?”
“Yep pretty much” Kerion nodded “We we’re lucky enough to play a charity show and Nickelback were due to be in the arena the following night and they were actually sitting on stage as we played”
“And what was that like”
“I needed new Pants” Pete put his hand up
“I think I suffered a mild stroke” Kerion nodded “and Alfie was like crazy fish with his mouth open”
‘How about you Chris?” She turned to me “What did you think when you saw Chad Kroeger watching you”
“Oh Shit I just killed two of their songs” I laughed making everyone in the room fall about “and then I got a serious case of cotton mouth”
“She also said she was never going to wash her hand again after Chad shook it” Pete chuckled
“So you had a thing for him then?” She pushed her tongue into her cheek
“He’s a rock star and I was a girl for the mid west I was star struck” I nodded choosing my words very carefully
“We were all star struck” Alfie added a little defensively
“Of course” She seemed to narrow her eyes at us “So with all the changes that’s happened how are your families dealing with everything” I felt Kerion squeeze my leg.
“They get sick of people knocking on the front door” Alfie sighed
“My Dad thought it was great he got a new trick for his birthday” Pete nodded “But they think it’s amazing we have this chance”
“Mine are still pissed because I’m not going to college and do the whole four years of school” Kerion shrugged “But hey I’m sitting in Australia with three of my best friends and we get to rock the world for a living”
“Chirs we all know your Mom is the Famous Author of the Rock Baby books” I fidgeted in the seat she has to be so proud of you” I heard Lukas snort
“I don’t have anything to say on my parents… it’s not good it hasn’t been good and I’m not Stephanie Sanders”
“So they whole Meeting some hot Russian guy hasn’t happened” She beamed a thousand watt smile at me
“I’m not a character in a cheap badly written book”
“Sorry I touched a raw nerve there”
‘More open flesh wound” I smiled trying to stop the raging nerves in my stomach from making me puke all over her.
“Okay lets move on” She seemed to look at me a little more sympathetically “So do any of you hold down relationships and can you do that with the constant travelling?”
“It’s hard” I nodded “If you don’t have the right person with the right amount of backbone then you might as well forget it…”
“I’m still good with my girlfriend” Alfie nodded “but she has to trust me being on the road”
“And she knows I’d kick your ass if you cheated on her” I laughed at him
“So you get on with his girlfriend”
“She’s one of my best friends” I nodded
“Pete any love for you?”
“Nope I was a band geek in high school and was passed over” He pretended to pout
“Oh you poor baby” Kerion hugged him making the four of us laugh “I’ve been talking to someone for a couple of months and we’re taking things slowly” he started to blush we all stopped and looked at him
‘Oh looks like your band mates didn’t know” She laughed
“No we didn’t” I shook my head “You sneak”
“Yup” He winked “and I’m not saying anything else on the matter” he folded his arms over his chest. I shook my head and looked away from him
“Chris you’ve been the bane of all Kellan Lutz fans for a while” She giggled “How did you actually meet him”
“He put his number in to my cell phone” I laughed “We were in Spain at an award show and it was at an after party. He’s a good friend”
“Friend” She held up a picture from when we were in Italy And we were dancing in the rain I leant forward and took the picture
“Nice” I nodded “I think I ruined those boots in the rain”
“Well you weren’t wearing them when he brought you home the next morning” Alfie looked over my shoulder
“So he kept you out dancing all night”
“Yep” I laughed he actually did
“Yeah she was like a zombie at sound check” Lukas added “And fluffed the song when he walked in”
“Hey” I shot him a look
“You and he have a real chemistry…”
‘Who me and Lukas” I teased “I know it’s always been a love hate relationship” Lukas gave me the finger
“No… you and Kellan… they Underwear Campaign you are both doing” I nodded “Those pictures are hot”
“Well the first one needed to be we were in Russia in the winter” I shrugged ‘And I think the pictures wouldn’t have turned out as good if we didn’t have something”
“Oh Loaded answer” Kerion nudged me
“We’re good friends and of story”
“Says the girl with the $10,000 earring she got for a gift from him” Alfie poked his tongue out at me
“Yeah but she also got over $20,000 in diamonds from someone else” Kerion leant back and looked at Alfie
“Er… guys” I held up my hands
“Oh so Chris is swamped with diamonds” the reporter laughed
“They make it sound so much more then it is” I groaned “I’ll kill them all later”
“So the relationship with Kellan is”
“A friendship” I pulled my phone from my pocket “I can call him if you want”
“You have his number” the reporter got flustered
“Speed dial” Kerion laughed
“No it’s not I have you guys and Nickelback on speed dial” I grumbled
“Call him” the report egged me on I scrolled through and hit call, anything to keep the conversation away from Chad and My Family.
Kellan * hey sexy I was just thinking about you
Okay maybe not the best idea
Me * nice you just told a room full of people including a reporter
Kellan * oops… so how was Bali?
Me * good I’ll tell you more when I see you
Alfie * dude so much to tell you including I don’t think she has tan lines.
Kellan * well someone will appreciate that
Me * okay stop can you do something for me
Kellan * baby I rock your world so anything
Lukas * Kellan not helping
Kellan * I didn’t think it would
Me * Oh god will you listen
The guys were all laughing and the reporter and grinning like the cat that got the cream
Kellan * sorry Chris
Reporter * Hi Kellan this is Jacqui from NewSW  Mag we’re obviously here with Never West and the subject got turned to you and the chemistry you have with Christine…
Kellan * yep… hot isn’t it
The guys snorted
Jacqui * We were saying the same thing how do you and Chris keep thinks going over the distance
I looked at Alfie who winked at me
Kellan * it’s easy keeping friends over distance friends don’t expect anything… that’s why we decided to be friends
Me * I told her but these guys twist stuff
Kellan * Nice guys, come on it’s not the screen door in the hurricane any more that door banged shut… talking of that Alfie how’s Heidi?
Lukas * oh you so didn’t say that.
Me * Oh I love you
Kellan * Friends only… Chris Friends
Me * dork
Jacqui * so you and…
Kellan * we’re friends that had something but friendship is better but we do make those ad’s look smokin’
Jacqui * So you’re not together
Kellan * nope… I love her to death and I’ll be there at the drop of a hat if she asked but as a friend
Jacqui * well thanks for clearing that up
Kellan * you’re welcome
Me * I’ll call you later
Kellan * okay… Oh I’ll see you in a week I got the conformation of the shoot this morning
Lukas * I hadn’t told her yet
Me * we only got in five hours ago and we haven’t stopped yet
Kellan * busy life Chris
Me * tell me about it… Love ya
Kellan * love ya too say hi to the guys for me
Kerion * Oh she will
I swatted him as I hung up
“Well so if it’s not Kellan then is there a guy? Because there was rumors of you and Chad Kroeger” Oh hell here we go I shifted so my hand was folded under me.
“There will always be rumors… I go out for dinner with someone and I’m automatically in bed with them” I shrugged “I guess it’s just part of the job”
“Chad’s the wild one in Nickelback right?”
‘Oh hell no you should see Dan with a bottle of Jack” Pete grinned “Mind you Mikes pretty wild as well”
“You guys aren’t going to give anything away are you?”
“Nothing to give away?” Lukas smiled getting up “We have to go guys we have dinner set up”
“Oh food” Kerion Jumped up and grabbed my hands and hauled me to my feet
“Well thank you for an entertaining afternoon” Jacqui smiled as she hugged all of us. I ran my hand through my hair and her eyes went right to my ring “Nice rock” CRAP
“She has some amazing stuff” Lukas put his hand in the middle of my back and steered em to the door, we all piled back in the limo
“Thank you” I sighed leaning my head back
“For what?”
“Covering for me but really all the Kellan shit?”
“She was side tracked for a while” Lukas pointed out and at least he played along
“It’s going to be interesting what she comes up with in the article” Alfie yawned “Tomorrow’s the first gig isn’t it?”
Yes it is so dinner and Bed” Lukas wagged his finger at all of us
“Hey I’ll forgo dinner and move right to bed” I giggled turning it into a squeal as things got thrown at me…………….

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