Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 51 (v.1) - Curious friends

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Submitted: June 07, 2011



……………….. We all went to a club after the guys had finished on stage. The music was loud and Latin I stood with Mike watching people dance.
“Okay how the hell do you move like that and not get turned on” he pointed to the dance floor with his beer bottle.
“We I think the idea is that you dance with the one you want to get turned on with” I laughed “but if not you just let the music take you like it does for all of us on stage”
“Yea my wife would divorce my ass if I danced with another girl like that and don’t tell me you wouldn’t get pissed at my brother if he did it” he turned with his back to the dance floor.
“Okay you remember the night we met you in the club in Vancouver when I’d gone to stay with Chad before we recorded the album?”
“Vaguely I think I had a few drinks that night” he laughed
“Yeah well we never did get round to thanking you” I took a drink of my drink and looked at him
“Thanked me for what?”

“Interrupting Chad and I because if we’d been there any longer we’d have been making out in front of everyone, but because you interrupted us we waited till we got home”
“Ew… thank you for that mental image” Mike shook his head.
“Hey I could be way more graphic about the shower”
“Oh my god hell no” he pulled a face and walked over to where Chad was sitting talking to Alfie and Bob Chad looked at me and shook his head smiling. I shrugged and did the come here with my finger to him biting my lip. He gave me his half smile and got up he walked over and put his hands either side of the rail and pressed himself to me.
“You wanted me Mrs. Kroeger”
“Hell yeah” I nodded “and do you like saying that?”
“Oh yes” he bent his head and kissed me “We need to go to bed soon if we have to get to a rehearsal with Bob tomorrow”
“I’m good with that as long as we dance first”
“I really need to thank Kellan don’t I, for one he gave me the push to go for it with you and for two he took you dancing to a Latin club didn’t he?”
“Yes he did” I smiled at him
“Fuck he should be my best man”
“Yeah and Mike would love that wouldn’t he” I poked him in the chest “Come on are you going to dance with me or are you going to watch me dance alone?”
“Hmmm it’s sexy when you dance” he laughed “And we never really tried out that pole in our room at home did we” he breathed in my ear.
“No we didn’t and we don’t have one here and that baby is for you not the world to see” I kissed him
“Let’s dance and then we’ll go to the hotel because I want to show you something”
“Show me I can feel in against my stomach” He groaned and hung his head a little
“I’m a red blooded man that gets to be with you I can’t help it” He backed up and took my hand and pulled me to him to dance………
“I still can’t get over the fact he got married” Bob looked at Mike
“You were shocked how do you think we felt” Mike nodded
“You think he’s in it for the right reasons?”
“My brother is one driven guy” Mike nodded “I was sure Mari and he would be married with a kid by how he loved her or he thought he loved her”
“She was one funny bitch” Bob wrinkled his nose
“I thought you liked her?”
“I did for his sake but she was needy as all hell and didn’t like him talking to people when we were all out”
“You noticed it as well?” Ryan sat down
“How’s Chris with all that?”
“She backs away and lets him do the Rock star thing with fans” Mike nodded “I don’t think she really likes it but then what person wants to see their significant other pawed, kissed and sometimes felt up”
“True” Bob Laughed
“But then he also has to deal with it the opposite way as well and that is whole knew learning curve for him” Ryan smiled “That one is hard the only person other than us he doesn’t bat and eyelid at is Kellan”
‘But that dude was banging her and he get half naked in ads with her”
“I know we’ve talked about it but he’s fine with it” Ryan shrugged “I wouldn’t be but hey she’s not my girl?”
“So is it for real or for publicity we’ve all done dumb shit for publicity” Bob finished his drink
“It’s real” Mike was a little defensive in his answer “Look at the two of them they’re on a dance floor packed with people and for them they’re the only two out there… He’s so protective of her it’s crazy he’d give all this up if she ever asked him to”
“Damn well I’m backing then all the way and hell the wedding’s going to be one hell of a good time”………….

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