Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 53 (v.1) - Here we go

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Submitted: June 08, 2011



…………. I walked off the stage laughing and joking with Kerion as he and Dan had just had a drum battle and Kerion had won because Dan had broken two of his drums. Lukas and Chad were literally head to head talking animatedly.
“Ow Chris that hurts” I looked at Kerion and realized I was gripping his arm for all I was worth.
“Hey Chris” Bob walked over to me “Awesome job girl. You want to go try ‘roll on’? I was thinking you guys have that photo shoot the day after the awards and I’m plying my first gig here” he smiled “and having you come out on stage for one would be awesome”
“Er… Sure… Can I just?” I pointed to Chad and Lukas
“Sure” he nodded I walked over to them.
“Hey you” Chad put his arm round me “We got this, this morning” Lukas handed me a magazine. I read the headline. ‘Does Chad Know she can’t have a baby?’ there was a picture of me and Chad walking out of the hotel in New York both of us not looking happy in the slightest… but then after what had happened in New York… I sat down on a packing case and rubbed the back of my head. I took a deep breath and looked at the smaller print. ‘Interview with two people that say Christine Sommers can’t have a baby…’
“And we also have this one” Lukas handed me a second magazine I started to laugh a little.
“MARRIAGE IN TROUBLE ALREADY???” I said out loud “Chris and Chad fighting about wanting a baby” I looked at Chad “Okay so when did we fight about it?”
“I have no idea” Chad pressed his lips to my temple “You okay?”
“Do we know who these people are?”
“No the magazine won’t reveal its source” Lukas shook his head.
“So few people know about it and I can’t believe either of the bands would do it” Chad paced a little “What about Kellan?” he looked pained to say it
“He doesn’t know” Chad raised his eye brows “He didn’t need to know”
“Maybe one of the crew?”
“They all have confidentiality contracts and other than Miranda they’ve been with us for years” Lukas shook his head
“We’ll find out sweetheart” Chad crouched down by me and you know I love you” I smiled at him and put my hand on the side of his face.
“I know” I looked at Lukas “We need to do an interview”
“For what?”
“My side of the story” I got up “If it’s going to be common knowledge then it’s going to be the truth”
“That’s going to be a rough one on your own” Lukas rubbed my arm
“She won’t do it alone I’ll be right next to here if people think our marriage is in trouble then they need to be put right on it” Chad wrapped his arms round me.
“I’ll get something arranged” Lukas nodded walking off.
“I knew it” I sighed “after hearing those two girls in the store that day” Chad turned me round to face him “they said something about me not having a baby”
“I’m sorry”
“It’s not your fault” I lent my head on his chest “But like I said if it’s going to come out then it’s going to be the truth”………….

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