Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 56 (v.1) - Wrench in the works

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Submitted: June 14, 2011



…………… Chad pulled me to him as we walked back into the hotel. There was a barrage of paparazzi outside of the hotel firing baby questions.
“You okay?” he asked as we stepped into the elevator
“I will be if you stop asking” I ran my hand through my hair “the sooner we do this interview the better then maybe we’ll be left alone for a while” I put my head on his shoulder “You could have stayed at the club you know” I looked back at him.
“I could have but we have a photo shoot somewhere in the rain forest at noon tomorrow and I had to play on stage tonight with you singing Bob’s ‘so hott’” he chuckled “You really think I want to stay with a bunch of guys when I get to come home and get into bed with you?”
“I guess that I’ll get crap about that performance” I sighed as we walked into our suite
‘Why you killed it” Chad pulled a face “I know I’m slightly bias to whatever you do” He poked his tongue into his cheek and smiled at me “But you really did an amazing job tonight”
“I was meaning the whole song and the costume” I sat on the arm of one of the couches “Doesn’t really go with a girl that claims she was raped does it”
“It’s the stage Chris not the Sweet beautiful awesome Chris that we all love” He held my face in his hands “Do you feel unstoppable when you’re on the stage because I know I do” I nodded “So why can’t you be both… would you want to go out on stage in jeans and a t-shirt every night, wearing sneakers… When you’re on your down time do you go round dressed in the sort of things you wear when you perform?”
‘No but…”
“No buts Chris” he smiled “Like I said there’s the wild fuck you and fuck the world on stage you and then there’s the normal married Mrs. Kroeger who looks stunning when she’s being my wife” he stroked my cheek.
“How the hell have you never been married before?” I giggled at him “You know just what to say” I stood up and put my arms round his neck and kissed him he pulled back
“Because no one else was as good as you” He took my hand and pulled me toward our room “and I still wonder how I was lucky enough for you to even look twice at me”……………..
………………. Lukas was in the lobby waiting for all of us to head out for a photo shoot in the jungle for some Brazilian magazine. I stepped off of the elevator talking to Alfie and Pete.
“Okay we need to go guys” Lukas looked at his watch “Corey I need you to stick to Chris there’s twice as many people out there today after the show last night and some of the foreign press are out for blood with the baby story” he looked at me with sympathy in his eyes “Sorry Chris?”
“Have we found out anything about who it was?” I asked chewing my lip nervously”
“No” he shook his head “I’ve made arrangements with MTV to do the interview with you and Chad but it’s not till next week” I looked at Chad he smiled at me and winked.
“Can’t the lawyers make the magazines that ran the story say who their source was” Mike sighed getting up “This isn’t right that Chris’s private stuff is splashed everywhere”
“Isn’t it part of the job” I looked at him He pushed his hands ion to his pockets “I’ll survive” I smiled weakly “I have you guys to fall back on”
“High five to that” Dan smiled at me walking by and holding up his hand “If nothing else Chris you’re certainly on top of the world right now”
“Yeah but I’m scared she’s going to get knocked off” Chad linked his fingers with mine
“I’m sure you’ll catch me if I fell” I chuckled
“Guys the cars here” Lukas called from the door.
We started to move to the door.
“Miss Somers” one of the Receptionists called out to me I groaned and looked at Chad “telephone for you”
“I’m going to start wearing a sign that Says “IT’S KROEGER NOW” I let go of his hand
“I’ll wait”
“Corey can wait with me” I kissed him “I’ll be okay” Chad nodded
“Hey look after my Wife for me” he laughed
‘You have this Marines word” Corey Chuckled I walked over to the desk.
“The phone over to the left Miss Sommers” the receptionist smiled at me
“Thank you” I walked to the side and lifted the receiver.
Me * hello
Arron * hey beautiful…………………….

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