Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 57 (v.1) - Nerves

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Submitted: June 15, 2011




…………….. I gripped onto the table where the phone was, the feeling of fear radiated through me.
Arron * so you’re a big rock star baby
Me * how… how did you get this number?
Arron * it’s a hotel in Brazil the numbers on the net… I’m out of jail by the way
Me * I know
Arron * you don’t sound happy about it
Me * why the hell would I be happy about it?
Arron * come on Chris you and me are perfect together
Me * got to hell… In fact I’m going to make sure you get locked up again for what you did to me
Arron * you wanted it and you liked it rough you always did
Me * fuck you Arron
Arron * see no Canadian can do to you what I can
Me * no he doesn’t beat me and put me in hospital and he doesn’t rape me, he gives me everything a real man can, not what some jumped up farm boy with less brains that the cows in the field gave me
Arron * you loved me once
Me * and I was stupid and you ruined my life Arron. You ruined everything
Arron * bullshit you’re coining it in your famous and you’ve got that guy and seriously he’s fucking old he can’t be good in bed.
Me * he’s better than good and he’s better than you’ll ever be and I know size isn’t everything but damn he’s got way more than you.
Arron * you’re Mom doesn’t complain
I felt my legs start to buckle
Arron * you’re Mom loves when I give it to her like I used to make you scream my name
Me * you… your seeing my mom?
Arron * shes right here on her knees and she gives better head than you ever did. I’d like to have both of you
Me * go to hell Arron
He laughter filled my ears as I hung up the phone. I felt something solid behind me hands under my elbows supporting me as I struggled to breathe, images of him beating me and raping me flashed indiscriminately in my mind.
“Chris” Corey’s voice was calm as he supported me “Are you okay?”
“No” I shook my head
“You want me to get you back up to your room” I shook my head again “Chris you look like you’ve seen a ghost” I Looked at him
“Let’s just get to the car” I murmured. He nodded keeping a firm arm round me as we walked out of the hotel to a ton of camera flashes and shouts from fans.
 Danny opened the door for me I got in the noise and laughter from the guys made me feel safe. I sat down and put my head on my knees.
“Chris” I felt Chad’s hand on mine
“Who was on the phone?” Lukas’s voice was quick with the question
“Jess is okay isn’t she?” Alfie chimmed in
“Yeah she’s fine” I gulped at the air and slowly raised my head.
“So why do you look like crap?” Mike Looked at me and tipped his head
“It was Arron”
“He called you at the hotel!” Ryan gasped
“You need a hug?” Chad tried to smile at me and failed the pain and anger all too obvious in his eyes and voice.
“Hell yeah” I nodded snuggling into his arms and closing my eyes, inhaling his scent.
“Okay he’s got a restraining order on him he can’t have contact with you” Lukas had already got his phone out “I’ll come back to the hotel and get thigs going to have him arrested”
“He’s with my Mother?”
“What?” Kerion pulled a face
“He’s screwing my mother”
“Jesus that’s wrong” Dan shook his head
“He can’t leave the country I do know that “Lukas said looking at me “Chris we’ll get this sorted okay”
I knew he meant it but I still didn’t think Arron would ever be out of my life……………..

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