Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 59 (v.1) - Bj Jungle style

Submitted: June 20, 2011

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Submitted: June 20, 2011



…………….. “Okay we need to have Miss Sommers on her own first” the director of the shoot called out waving his hands at a bug.
“Kroeger” all though guys laughed
“Excuse me?” the Director scrunched up his nose
“I think they’re referring to the fact my names Christine Kroeger now” I smiled
“Oh Right” he seemed to roll his eyes slightly. “and another one bites the dust” he looked to his assistant
“We can leave!” Chad said flatly
“And then you wouldn’t get paid” The director looked at him
“And neither would you” Chad seemed to square up to him “Dude I think you need to respect the people you’re working with”
“Respect is earned”
“Really well right now I’m ready to walk on this and pull both of my bands” Lukas got in between Chad and the other guy “What has anyone done other than point out that Chris’s name is now Kroeger and not Sommers… Do you understand anything about professionalism?”
“I’m sorry to keep you all waiting” a familiar voice called over the noises of the forest and the water fall behind us. “Chris Sweetheart” I looked round to see Micheal with his camera’s on round his neck and one in each hand.
“Hi” I kissed both his cheeks in his usual greeting
“More clothes than usual” he joked “and No Kellan”
“No just me and my band and my husband and a few other strange Canadians” I laughed
“I heard about the marriage” he looked at Chad “Congratulations… are you going to let her and Kellan extend their contract’s for the underwear campaigns?”
“Hey I’m good with seeing my wife in her underwear” Chad laughed shaking his hand “And come on we all know she makes Kellan look better”
“True very true” Micheal smiled calling out in a stream of Portuguese to his assistants “So how do you like Brazil?”
“It’s hot” I laughed
“It’s steamy” Mike shouted over “But awesome”
“Yes it’s all of those” Micheal smiled “But I love my home country… Now Christine can you get to the rocks by the water’s edge and then we can get some of the guys in there with you” Micheal directed much the to distaste of the shoot director.
I felt totally comfortable and at ease having Micheal take the pictures for the shoot we all had a blast spending more time laughing and trying not to fall in the water.
“Okay we’re missing Dan” Chad looked round as Mike and Ryan were trying to push me off the rock
“I’ll go find him” I laughed “I need to go get a drink, If that’s okay?” I looked at Micheal
“You can all take a five minute break” he nodded “let me review what I have and then we can go from there” Kerion and Chad offered me their hands to get down and we all headed back to the cool tents for a while
“I feel like I’ve lost 50 pounds” Pete grumbled “swear I don’t sweat this much on stage”
“Tell me about it” Mike flopped down in to a chair “And where the hell’s Dan?”
“I’m going to go see Kaiah about my face” I kissed Chad and walked to where I’d got ready earlier. I put my hand on the flap of the tent and stopped at the sound of moans and groans coming from inside. 
“Hey Chris” Alfie jogged over to me “can I…” I put my finger to my lips and beckoned him over. “What?” He whispered, I pointed to the tent as another moan filled the air. “Who is it” he laughed
“I have no idea but Nickelback are one member light right now” I was biting my lip and hanging on to Alfie’s arm trying not to laugh out loud.
“DAN” Alfie Gasped in a loud whisper
“Shhh” I swatted him and both of us started to laugh
“I can hear someone” Dan’s voice carried from inside the tent
“It’s rude to talk with a full mouth” he laughed I looked at Alfie and put my hand to my mouth. He bit his lip and grabbed my hand and we both ran back to the others before we let loose with the near hysterical giggling fit
“Okay what happened” Chad looked at the two of us.
“Tent” I gasped between laughter
“Wow... I’m too innocent for this” Alfie gasped
“What?” Pete wrinkled his nose
“Okay will one of you spit it out!” I looked at Alfie
“Spits or swallows” He grinned I fell about laughing again
“Okay Dude that’s my wife” Chad smirked “and we’re not telling”
“No dumb ass” I wiped my eyes
“We think we just caught Dan getting a blow job” All the guys looked at Alfie
“How do you think you caught him?” Ryan cocked his head
‘Well I know the sounds” I looked at Ryan “and well apparently someone had their mouthful” I was gluping at the air “Ow my sides hurt”
“Okay whose going to kill him first” Chad looked at the others
“We all will” Mike nodded
“Did you two walk in”
“Hell No” I shook my head “It was bad enough embarrassment wise when my mother –in-law caught us naked I’m not going to go where I can hear people having sex”
“Hey guys” we all looked us as Dan walked in, Alfie creased into a fit of giggles again
“Called Brittany recently” Ryan said looking at Dan, who turned beet red
“This morning” Dan mumbled.
“Dude don’t throw it away” Chad shook his head.
“I’m not it was a release and we’ve all done it” Dan sighed “Rock and Roll right”
“Okay” Micheal walked in “I think we have every shot the magazine wanted” he beamed “You’re all free to go… and you” He took my hand “you looked stunning and I can’t wait to work with you again” he swiftly kissed my hand
“Thank you Michael” I smiled at him as Ryan and Dan walked outside Michael walked out “I didn’t think about Dan’s wife” I looked at Chad
“It’s okay the have this insane if you have to screw a groupie then do it but don’t bring it home and use a condom deal” Chad ran his hand through his hair
“You’re kidding” Kerion looked at Chad “You think my Marine would…” he trailed off when he caught Danny and Corey looking at him
“No she wouldn’t” Corey was sharp “You want to date a Marine son then you’d better work out if you’re tough enough to handle one”
“Okay before everyone starts slapping each other with purses” I held up my hands “can we all just cool off”
“Are you serious about him and his wife?” I looked form Mike to Chad and back again
“Oh yeah My wife would kill me” Mike nodded
“Yeah so would mine” Chad smiled at me……………………….

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