Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Craziness starts again

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Submitted: May 19, 2011



……………… We walked into the hotel. “Dinner is at seven guys we have a few things to go over with all of you” Lukas called out as we all got off the elevator.

I walked to my room and slid the key in the door and turned the handle.

“So how was it?” Chad was sitting on the couch watching T.V.

“Interesting” I put down my purse “Pictures look good but the interview was… interesting” I kicked off my shoes. He put down the remote and pulled me onto his lap.


“Well it was good” I shrugged “we were all relaxed and laughing and joking and then she asked about families” He pulled a face and rubbed the back of my neck “and then she asked about my Mom”

“Oooo how did you handle that?”

“I told I wasn’t going to discuss my parents things weren’t good” I looked at him then it turned to relationships” he smiled “Hey do you know how hard it is to not have this on display” I held out my left hand “It’s not small”

“I’m sorry I can down size it” he laughed wrapping his arms round me “So did you spill the beans”

“Nope” I shook my head “She was more interested in Kellan… I think she has a huge crush on him” Chad started to laugh “Oh it’s not funny when the guys think it’s good to wind her up about it”

“What happened?”

“I called him and got him in on the interview to tell people we were friends” Chad picked up his beer from the table and took a drink

“Did it help”

“Not when he answered the phone with Hey Sexy” Chad snorted beer “But he did tell her over and over that we were friends” I took the beer from him and took a drink “and once the call was done it turned to You” I poked him in the stomach

“So you didn’t break and tell them you were madly in love with me” He chuckled flicking open the buttons on the shirt I was wearing and trailing his fingers down my throat.

“No I dodged the question”I smiled closing my eyes as he moved his head and kissed the side of my neck “So how was the shower” I murmured

“Lonely” He breathed in my ear. “But we do have two hours before we have to be ready to grab dinner” he slid my shirt down my arms.

“I did tell Lukas I would skip dinner and go right to bed” I turned and kissed him “But I didn’t promise him I’d be sleeping”

“Screw going to bed” He moved so I was lay back on the couch……………..

………………. We walked down the hall and went into the restaurant of the hotel already busy with business men and over dressed people” and here was two rock bands walking in. I let go of Chad’s hand as people looked round. Half of them wouldn’tknow who we were just people in jeans that really should have dressed better to eat in a five star restaurant.

We were shown to a booth that took up half of one of the back corners of the place. I slid in Mike and Pete sitting each side of me we were all chatting and talking about anything and nothing we were all playing the next day and the nerves were beginning to come to the surface for all of us.

“You know when my wife sees that she’s going to want and upgrade!” He chuckled pointing to the ring

“Hey I’ve seen her ring and the ruby in the center of it dwarf’s this” I smiled. “You are okay with what we did… I mean he’s you’re brother” I lowered myvoice so it was just for Mike to hear

“Honey I’m good… Look we tend to go against the grain and do dumb shit” I raised my eyebrow at him “Hell My Mom’s not fazed by anything either of us do and she’s going to be a little shocked by the fact you’re…” he sighed

“19” He nodded

“But it doesn’t matter what any of us think… Chris there is no way in hell you’re a normal 19 year old… No way” He put his hand over mine “Are you happy?” I nodded “Do you trust him?” He jerked his head back toward where Chad was sitting with Alfie looking over Alfie’s lyric book.

“Yes” I nodded

“Then stop worrying we have your back girl and have from the start” He kissed my forehead “You looking forward to getting back to singing?”

“Yeah I haven’t done any while we were away”

“Doesn’t hurt to rest the voice” Ryan looked at me “You might need to take more time to sound check in the morning”

“Tonight” Lukas butted in

“What?” We all looked at him

“We need to sound check tonight if we can they’re having problems and struggling a little getting it done” Lukas nodded “so they want a check tonight and then again tomorrow”

“Do we get to sleep at any point?” Kerion groaned looking up from his phone as he was texting

“Yeah when you’re dead” Chad laughed

“Het we already know you don’t sleep I’m calling it right now I don’t get the suite next to you guys again” He looked at me “Damn it’s like listening to my sister” he shuddered

“Kerion you’re next to Lukas not us” Chad smiled as Lukas turned beet red and we all looked at him

“Right next item” he looked at his phone “Chris you and Kellan next week as you know have the third of the shoots” I nodded “It’s supposed to be the last one but the company would like to talk in to doing at least two more sales have gone through the roof since the ads ran”

“High five Chris” Chad looked at me a cross the table and held up his beer to me

“Yay good job talking off your clothes girl” Dan nodded “So Lukas are we going to meet the screaming banshee?”

“Right the same day that Chris is doing the shoot, Chad and Ryan you have an Interview with one of the TV stations. Dan you and Mike are going with Pete, Kerion and Alfie to the Children’s hospital”

“Damn where are you going to be with all of us scattered like that?” Ryan looked at him

“I have no idea” Lukas sighed rubbing his temples Because Chris is going to be up in Cairns for the shoot, and the rest of you are going to be in Sydney”

“Why couldn’t the shoot be here as well?” I frowned

“Well the guy that owns the company has a house in Cairns that he wasn’t to use for it” Lukas shrugged “You’ll be there and back the same day the flights only just over two hours” wellit looked like I was going to be telling Kellan on my own about getting married, and the craziness was about to begin all over again…………..

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