Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 63 (v.1) - Hot in a Limo

Submitted: June 28, 2011

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Submitted: June 28, 2011



………… I walked into the Bar Chad was sitting talking to Lukas and Dan. Dan smiled and nudged Chad and nodded in my direction. Chad looked round.


“Hey Baby” he slid his arm round my waist  “You look awesome”



“You ready to go?”


“I’m ready” he sank the last of his drink


“You are taking Corey and Danny right?” Lukas asked


“No It’s just me and Chris tonight” Chad shook his head


“I don’t like that” Lukas pulled a face


“Well you’re going to have to deal with it because that’s what’s happening” Chad took my hand


“Call if you need” Dan shouted after us Chad raised his hand and waved. We got into the car out the front of the hotel. Chad’s hand rested on my thigh.


“So do we get to become all hot and sweaty tonight” he smirked at me


“Well that’s the idea” I nodded “and are you sure it’s okay without security?”


“No one’s going to do anything or they’ll have to get through me first” he nuzzled the side of my neck “Have I told you today that I’m in love with you” he murmured making me shiver.


“I think once or twice” I put my hand on the side of his face and kissed him. He put his hand on my hips and pulled me on to his lap my knees each side of his hips, his hands knotted in my hair, tongues dueling fingers exploring.


“Damn” he moaned into the kiss “Chris”


“Hmmm” My mouth worked on his neck


“You want t go back to the hotel” he tightened his grip on my hair tugging my head back a little “Because if this carries on” the look in his eyes screamed I want you here and now.


“Hmmm…. I think we still dance” I bit my bottom lip as I moved my hips making him catch his breath, “at least I know that I have your attention” I kissed the tip of his nose “Even if the girls are hotter and sexier in the club” I kissed the corner of his mouth “I have your full attention” I flicked my tongue over his lips.


“You have for months baby” the feral sounds growl made my insides flip as his hands gripped my hips tighter “No one is hotter than my wife” he caught my bottom lip in his teeth.


“Hey Dan claims his wife’s hot” I pulled back and  looked at Chad “I’m just making sure you’re eye doesn’t wander” I smiled at him


“No way” he shook his head “I have to deal with guys drooling over you don’t forget” he smiled “The Dan thing really bothers you doesn’t it” He leant back but kept his hands on my hips.


“Yes” I nodded “It scares me a little”


“I’m not looking for something like that sweetheart, and if anything you’ll be the one that’ll want the younger guy” his hands slipped under my shirt .


“Shall we just stop talking about this and have fun and go back to the hotel and have dessert” I bent my head and kissed him…………………..

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