Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 64 (v.1) - Wedding and friends

Submitted: June 30, 2011

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Submitted: June 30, 2011



…………………………  I woke up and stretched moving my hand across the bed searching for a wake up call as good as the night cap was the night before. The bed was empty and cold, I sat up and heard voices from the other room I slipped out of bed and pulled on the robe and walked out.


“Hey” I looked at Chad huddled with Lukas and Mike as Miranda typed away on her laptop while they looked over her shoulder


“Did we wake you?” Chad broke out into a huge smile and walked over to me and pulled me to him


“No, but I wondered where you were” I pushed up on my toes and kissed him “What’s going on?”


“We’re making arrangements” Miranda glanced up before turning round the computer and I had Mikes wife and Heidi waving at me on the screen.


“Yeah Chris you should see the place that Chad suggested for your wedding” Heidi grinned “It’s amazing and stunning and incredible and perfect and…”


“H I think she gets the picture” Miranda put her head over the top of the screen


“Okay I haven’t had coffee” I rubbed my hand over my face “I was left without a morning…” I stopped as they all looked at me and Chad started to laugh “Well you shouldn’t get me used to things I’m blaming you” I poked him in the ribs


“Okay enough with the bunny humping” Mike threw a pillow at both of us “I haven’t eaten yet”


“Chris ignore him he’s jealous” Angela laughed “Baby I’ll be back with you in a few weeks”


“I know” Mike nodded


“I really need coffee” I sat on the couch next to Mike “and am I going to get to do anything for this wedding?”


“Yes you get to do the approving” Heidi butted in “Oh and the Dress… oh and the bridesmaids dresses… Hint, hint there”


“Oh Jeez you already know there’s going to be you Mir and Jess with me” I rolled my eyes and took the coffee that Chad held out to me.


“If you don’t like anything Chris just say” Angela smiled at me but from what I’ve seen and gathered from Heidi she knows you pretty well”


‘Oh she does and as long as pink isn’t going to be featured then I’m all good” I sipped the coffee as Chad’s phone rang


“Nope now pink” Heidi smiled “Hey Chad mentioned you’re trying to work out who will walk you down the aisle?” I looked at him as he talked on his phone.


“Yeah I’m to scared to walk it on my own”


“Chris you perform on stage in front of thousands of people there’s going to be 300 at the wedding” Lukas shook his head


“I know” I shrugged “but I keep getting the image of me tripping over my dress or in my heels and falling on my face”


“Oooo I had the same before Mike and I got married” Angela laughed “Thank god my Dad was holding me up”


“And there you have the advantage, my Dad…” I trailed off as Mir squeezed my shoulder


“I know honey Mike told me about it”


“I say ask Kellan” Mike laughed “Let’s see how the press deal with that”


“And that’s why you’re and idiot” Angela shook her head.


“Hey I agree with him” Chad called out


“Yes and it shows that you two are related” She smiled


“How about Xander or your Uncle?” Miranda suggested “Or hell I know Alfie or the others would do it in a heartbeat”


“I’ll do it” Mike nudged me with his knee


“Hey dork your next to me you can’t do both” Chad sat back down


“I’ll have to think about it” I sighed “Don’t we have a sound check or something?”


“Nope we’re leaving here today” Lukas looked at me “You and Chad have the interview with MTV tomorrow from Argentina” I stopped with my cup half way to my mouth “I can cancel it if you want”


“Chris the press is having a field day here and in the US with some of the stories about you” Heidi became serious and her expression told me all I needed “Chris I’m scared with some of the things that are being said”


“Like what” I put the cup on the table and slid to the front of the seat


“Chris” Chad moved to sit with me


“No what’s being said”


“Your Mom and Arron have been seen together and someone’s told the press you’ve had more than one abortion and it’s left you scared to the point that you can’t have kids” Heidi’s eyes brimmed with tears “We’re trying to defend you girl but it’s hard as hell”


“I know” I took a deep breath “I love you for it you know that right?”


“We know” Heidi nodded, I looked at Chad he smiled at me


“I’m going to be with you tomorrow” he murmured


“Lukas we’re going to do it?” I looked at Lukas “It’s not fair on my friends”


“Screw us we can handle it” Miranda snapped a little “we’re backing you all the way” I smiled at her I knew I had more people that had my back no than ever before………………

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