Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 65 (v.1) - Clam before the STORM

Submitted: June 30, 2011

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Submitted: June 30, 2011



.............. I paced the stage while we waited for Alfie to get done in the bathroom.


“Come here” Kerion looked at me and put his drumsticks down I walked over to him he turned me round and started to rub my shoulders “Damn Chris you’re tight as hell”


“I’m nervous that I’m going to get chewed up and spat out”


“Chad won’t let that happen”


“I know but with all the…”


“Chris tell them the truth that’s all you can do” Pete looked round from where he was messing with his guitar


“You’re right” I nodded taking a deep breath


“think of marrying Chad all over again… think of being out here on the stage… think of anything that make you happy” Alfie walked over


“I love you guys”


“We know” Alfie smiled “Let’s get this sound check done and out of the way”


The music took me to one of my happy places nothing mattered but hitting the notes and performing even if it was just a sound check. I looked round as I realized none of the guys was playing.


“Shame you’re not writing” Alfie laughed “with the emotions in you right now you could do something awesome”


“I’ve tried remember?” I handed the stage hand my microphone “I suck at it”


“Guys we need to steal Chris” Lukas walked onto the stage, the nerves returned with a vengeance.


“Sure” the guys surrounded me and hugged me “We love you and you rock Chris” Kerion kissed the top of my head


“Yeah Chris, you rock the world” Pete chuckled


“Make sure they’re okay” Alfie looked at Lukas


“I look after my own you know that” Lukas nodded as I walked toward him.


“Where’s Chad?”


“He’s at the hotel” Lukas walked out with me to the car. “He had some stuff to get done for your wedding” Lukas smiled at me “and she had some legal stuff to handle to do with Mari” I groaned at the mention of her name she pissed me off as much as Arron did, only Arron I was terrified of Marianne I wanted to beat to a pulp. I rubbed my temples. “all this happened because of how far and how fast you guys became on top of the world” Lukas said quietly as the car drove back to the hotel.


“Someone wanting to find out all the juicy details” I looked at him “Only mine are like a nightmare”


“I know and today you get to put out the truth, you don’t have to answer any of the questions if you don’t want to” He rubbed my arm “I know we don’t have the best relationship”


“Yeah well if you trusted me” I looked out of the window


“As long as Chad trusts you Chris I trust you” he admitted “But at the end of the day I’m not going to let people try to hurt you or any of you guys no matter what” I sighed and looked back at him as the car stopped under the awning of the hotel where fans were lined up each side screaming and shouting.


“Thanks” I smiled as Danny walked over to the car and the driver opened the door. I got out and the noise level seemed to increase Danny ushered me inside and into the opulence of the hotel lobby. Miranda was waiting for me.


“I got you some thing simple and cute” She slipped her arm through mine as we got in the elevator “I already sorted out Chad”


“Is he okay?”


“He nervous” She sighed as Lukas followed us “But he’s fine” she squeezed my arm “You look white as a sheet”


“Make up will solve that” I rested my head against hers “I’m glad you’re here and it’s not just the guys”


“Yeah well every girl needs her girls and Heidi wants to talk to you later” I nodded as the doors opened and we went to Chad and my suite. There was a film crew setting up in the living room Chad was sitting at the piano looking out of the window absently. I Looked at Mir. “I’ll be in your room” She smiled I walked over to him and put my hand on his shoulder.


“Hey you” He jumped a little and looked round at me.


“How was sound check?” He smiled pulling me down onto his knees like no one was in the room


“It was good for some reason the guys stopped playing” I shrugged “How’s it been here I heard you’ve had to deal with some Marianne shit” I ground my teeth saying her name.


“We can talk about it later” he touched my cheek “it’s nothing to worry about” I raised my eye brows making me laugh “I promise”


“You want to come in while I get ready?” I nodded to the bedroom door.


“No I need to talk to Lukas and I don’t think Mir will love me if I keep trying to stop her from getting you dressed” he chuckled I nodded and got off his lap “I love you”


“Love you too” I walked into the bedroom and closed the door and let Miranda work her magic………

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