Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 66 (v.1) - Interview pt 1

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Submitted: June 30, 2011



……….. I looked int the mirror as the bedroom door opened and Chad walked in.


“You look cute baby he smiled resting on the post at the foot of the bed


“Thanks But Mir is the one that does all this”


“Yeah well you carry it off” She kissed my cheek “Love ya and good luck” I nodded at her she looked at Chad “I’ll kick your ass if they attack her”


“They won’t” he smiled hugging her making her giggle “Seriously can you get over the star struck thing girl” he groaned


“No” she pulled away from him “You were on my to do list at one point” she put her hand on the door “Now you’re on my damn my best friend has a hot husband and I’ll kill anyone that’ll hurt them list” she winked and pulled open the door laughing.


“You do know she’ll still be giggling about who you are in years to come” I fastened my earrings


“They’re the earrings  you wore when we got married” He touched the black pearl earrings I nodded “God you looked so pretty that night” he held my face in his hands “I love you Mrs. Kroeger, I love you with all of my heart” I swallowed hard as he bent his head and kissed me.


“I know” I murmured “Thank you. I love you too” I wrapped my arms round him and hugged him, the door knocked.


Yep” I felt the vibration of the word through Chad’s chest


“We’re ready for you” a guy put his head round the door “We need to get mic’s on both of you”


“Okay” Chad nodded I looked at him “You ready?”


“Yeah” I took a deep breath and linked my fingers with  his and he lead me from our room. We both stood and had the microphones put on us Lukas was talking to one of the producers.


“Okay we’re going to have the two of you sitting on the couch” the director said walking over to us “Jen will be in the chair next to you” he pointed to where the girl who I’d seen a million times on MTV was sitting going over something written on the cards she held in her hands. “You’ve both done a ton of interviews I know that so it’s easy right”


“Never together” I chewed my lip nervously


“No and I have to say we were so happy to get the nod to come here and do this with the two of you” he smiled I felt Chad’s hand in the small of my back “Jen are you ready to go” she looked up and smiled


“I’m ready” she got up and hugged me and Chad. We all sat down. Chad put his arm over the back of the couch I rested my hand on his thigh my ring on full display. The camera’s started to record “Chris I have to say this you’re amazing and any chance of getting me a date with Alfie?” she smiled


“Sorry he’s head over heels in love with his high school sweetheart” I laughed feeling a little more relaxed


“Oh so not fair he’s hotter than Hades “ she pouted “And Chad my Brother wants me to” she held up her hand to high five him making him laugh “for being the guy that actually gets to be with Chris”


“Yeah well I still want to high five myself for that as well” he smiled looking at me.


“So when did you guys actually get married because there is a holy slew of different reports on it?”


“We all took a few days off in Bali” I smiled  “The guys were doing crazy stuff like trekking in the jungle and we had a beach side villa”


“Just the two of you?”


“Yeah well if you  knew the other six guys on tour with us you wouldn’t want to share a villa with them either” Chad grinned.


“So you both had it planned that you were getting married?”


“Nope” I shook my head “as far as I knew we were just getting 4 days together without anyone else around”


“I knew I was going to ask her to marry me” Chad butted in “But the wedding was sort of” he looked at me


“Fast” I laughed


“We got married within an hour of me asking her” he shrugged “It was just the right time and the right place”


“Yeah sunset in paradise” I  squeezed his legs he bit his lip and winked at me.


“So Chad you’re fine with these pictures of your wife wearing Kellan Lutz then” Jen tipped her head with a wry smile “I mean Chris you’ve admitted in more than one interview that you and Kellan had a thing”


“We dated” I nodded “but we’re now really good friends”


“I’m proud as hell that Chris of everything she does” Chad shrugged “and I’ve said it more than once Kellan has a way better body than I do and who would people rather see on a 25 foot bill board in times square me and Chris or Kellan and Chris” he chuckled


“So the fact that they work tighter half naked doesn’t faze you?”


“Not at all… What people don’t know is I’ve been there when the shoots were done apart from the last one, and Kellan is a good friend of the band… In fact it was Kellan that kicked my ass into gear with Chris so…” He looked at the Camera “Kellan you rock dude and thank you” I groaned and shook my head.


“So all good with the ex and the husband then Chris” Jen smiled at me


“Oh yeah” I nodded


“So what do you think to the court issued order from Chad’s Ex”


“On that we’re not allowed to talk because it’s still all in the courts” I smiled “But it sucks when someone becomes bitter because they got used to having it all and not doing anything to get it” I shrugged


“Do you guys have a pre-nup?”


“Nope I shook my head and I have no claim on Chad’s money, and the only Money of mine that he has is the royalties from some  of the songs that he’s written or co written with Alfie” I looked at Jen “Anyway I get a better car than he does”


“Yeah dream on Baby” he groaned.


“You have a McLaren from what I’ve heard Chris and Chad you have a Lamborghini?”


“Yes we do” Chad nodded both snuggled up at home in the garage waiting for us to take them to the track and race each other”


“Mac’s going to blow away mutton” I poked him


“We’ll see he shook” his head..


“So Chris… there’s been some pretty serious stories in the Press in the US and Canada about your past” I felt my stomach knot and my grip on Chad’s leg tightened  “Some not so nice things” I nodded “And your Mom is saying that everything in the Rock baby books is all about you”…………………..



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