Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 67 (v.1) - Interview Pt 2

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Submitted: July 01, 2011



…………………. “The only thing that the rock baby books have in common with me is that my middle name is Stephanie” I felt Chad’s thumb rub the back of my neck “My Mom wrote the first one when I was a Sophomore in high school back in Wisconsin” I took a breath and tried to stop the butterflies from killing me “I’ve always been a singer ever since I was little and she took that love I had for performing and ran with it”


“So before you met Nickelback?” Jen Smiled warmly at me


“Well before she met us” Chad nodded


“Before I even met Pete Kerion and Alfie” I shrugged


“So she couldn’t have known you’d have become the rock star that you are” I shook my head “But there has been talk that the Abel Character was based on a real person… the boyfriend of Stephanie Sanders”


“Yeah My Mom’s Characters are based on people”


“So Is the relationship between Stephanie and Abel anything like you’ve experienced?” I looked at Chad, He smiled at me reassuring me. “Because Abel is one mean piece of work… There has been some press about a guy that claims you lied to get him locked up in jail” I felt the fear inside of me.


“My Ex boyfriend” I nodded “I found out that he had been released from jail the night of the VMA’s “ I looked at her “I dated him when we were in Sophomore and Junior year in school” Chad’s hand linked with mine “He was the all American guy that most girl want to be with” I smiled a little tall good looking and built… but he liked being a bully and he liked things his way”


“Did he abuse you?” Jen lost the happy go lucky tone and fear replaced everything else in her eyes


“That doesn’t come close” Chad’s voice was more like a growl.


“He wanted more than I was willing to give when I was 15 so he took it he hurt me mentally and physically” I fought back the tears


“Did you have an abortion?” Jen was blunt and to the point


“No… Never” I shook my head “Yes I got pregnant when I was 16… I told Arron the day that rock baby was released and he lost it” I caught sight of Chad out of the corner of my eye, he closed his eyes and dropped his head a little  “I was beaten, and  kicked and pushed through a window” my voice began to break, I took a few breaths “Then I was cut with a knife on my arms as I was told I was nothing but a bitch whose mother had made him a laughing stock” Chad’s lips pressed to my temple


“It’s okay” he murmured


“Then I was kicked for one last time hard enough to make me miscarry” I looked back at Jen “Hard enough that When the doctors took me into surgery they took away any chance of me ever having a baby” The room was deathly silent “I had a hard time a while ago in Canada I overheard some people talking about all of this… this is something I never wanted people to know about… this is personal and this isn’t anyone’s business but someone that did know about it betrayed me and that’s what hurts more than anything”


“Did you know about this before the reports came out in the press?” Jen looked at Chad


“I knew… I knew a lot about Chris’s past and believe me no one should have to go through what she’s gone through in an entire lifetime let alone in a few years… Yes it sucks we can’t have a baby… and yes we’ve talked about it and neither of us are ready for something like that anyway” Chad was emotional ‘When we do think it’s the right time there are ways but right now were us were together and happy”


“I’m lost for what to say” Jen struggled a little


“I had to put the lies to bed and if the only way I could do it was by doing this then this is what I had to do” I wiped my eyes “If I can help one girl out there that’s getting pushed around by her boyfriend to stand up and not take it then I’ll be happy…”…………….

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