Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 68 (v.1) - all done

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Submitted: July 05, 2011



…………. “So what does the future hold for you and Never West?” Jen composed herself after the revelations.


“We carry on with the tour” I nodded relieved that I’d gotten out what I needed to get out “We have six months left with Nickelback”


“Then they will be back in the studio doing their second album” Chad smiled


“I have a slave driver as my boss” I looked at him and smiled


“There’s a rumor going around that you’ll be having a party?’ Jen relaxed more.


“Well we’re getting married again” Chad laughed “we got yelled at by a lot of people about them not being around to help us celebrate when we got married”


“Oooo and where and when is this going to happen?” Jen dug


“Well the where is in Canada” I nodded “and the when is when we have a break in the tour”


“So no details then?”


“Yes we’re going all out” Chad shrugged “it’s going to be a huge deal”


“Maybe we can film it?”


“We still want it private” I sighed “So sorry”


“Okay” Jen submitted “So will your Dad be walking you down the aisle?” I tensed up again


“No… I’m trying to work out who will be doing that” I shook my head “I don’t have a relationship with my parents because of things that have happened”


“The books?”




“You have a little sister right?”


“Yes Jess” I smiled “She’ll be there”


“I made a deal with her I could marry Chris again as long as she got to be a bridesmaid” Chad chuckled


“You get on with her?”


“She’s a cool kid” he nodded


“What about your in-laws?”


“I’ve never met them?”


“You never met them?”


“Nope Chris doesn’t need poisonous hateful people in her life anymore” He was defensive in his tone “If people want to try to hurt or upset my wife they are going to have to deal with me… and a whole bunch of guys that love her to death”


“Well Chris you certainly cleared up some issues” Jen smiled warmly at me “and hell you tamed one of rocks biggest bachelors”


“Believe me there is nothing tame about my husband” I snuggled against him


“See I didn’t get married before because I was waiting for the right girl” I tried not to laugh at the obvious dig at Mari he threw in there “And I’m more than happy to admit to anyone I’m in love with Chris even with everything that has happened and is happening we’re stronger together”


“Well thank you for giving us this candid inside look at you guys and for laying a lot of obviously painful details out” She put her hand over mine “And good luck for the second wedding and with the rest of the tour”………………




………….. Chad wrapped his arms round me as the elevator doors closed I leant back inot him.


“You okay after that?”


“Yeah” I nodded as his lips pressed his lips to my head “I just hope it was the right thing to do”


“Well you’ve told the truth about the baby deal” he turned me round to face him “Now people can make up their own minds” he hands moved to my ass “Now Mrs. Kroeger… we’re going to go to the bar get a drink and I know there is going to be a bunch of guys and Miranda waiting to find out how things have gone” the doors opened to the lobby  Miranda was pacing the floor with Alfie laughing at her, he said something and she stopped pacing and looked round.


“Oh Jeez thank god” she hurried over “Was it okay?, are you okay? Did you stick up for her?” she poked Chad before looking back at me “Do I need to go sort them out?”


“Damn” Chad let go of me and wrapped himself round Miranda and put his hand over her mouth “Mir you’re a fire cracker”


“Er… She’ll…” Alfie started to warn Chad


“Ew” Chad moved his hand from Miranda’s mouth “Did you just lick me?”


“She does that” I laughed


“Oh I just licked Chad Kroeger” she giggled


“Miranda I’m married to one of your best friends” he laughed “you are crazy”


“Damn you only just worked that out” Kerion sighed walking out of the bar “did it all go okay?”


“It went well” I nodded “But I think I need a drink and my friends” I linked his arm “Chad when you finish trying to embarrass my best friend I’ll meet you in the bar”


“Okay” he nodded, he still had his arms wrapped round Miranda her face was beet red. I walked in the bar with Kerion and Alfie. Chad let go of Miranda “We need to talk” he looked at her……………

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