Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 69 (v.1) - WHY???

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Submitted: July 05, 2011



.............. We walked into the hotel after the show.


“Mrs. Kroeger” the girl behind the reception desk called across to me Chad let go of my hand as he talked to Lukas and I went over to the desk, she handed me an envelope “It was delivered earlier today when you were out” I smiled at her and walked over to the elevator and hit the button as my phone rang.


Me * hey you

Kellan * okay what do I say?

Me * say to what?

Kellan * I just got home and saw the interview with MTV

Me * oh that

Kellan * wow Chris I knew there was something but that is…

Me * I’m sorry I didn’t tell you all of it but Chad had to literally drag it out of me

Kellan * I’m so glad you have got Chad

Me * so am I

Kellan * are you okay… I mean… oh hell I don’t know Chris.

Me * Kellan is this a call for a reason

Kellan * yeah I just wanted you to know I’m always a friend if you need girl you and Chad

Me * we know

Kellan * I’m blown away girl I really am

Me * I’m okay and Chad’s okay with it but I know you’d seen the reports about the abortions and stuff

Kellan * and I didn’t believe them girl all I can say is I have your back and my brother told me to tell you the marines have it as well


I started to laugh


Me * tell him thank you

Kellan * I will, call if you need anything

Me * you make room in your schedule for the wedding

Kellan * as soon as I know when and where… Love ya girl

Me * love you too


I hung up the phone and smiled, my friends were my everything well them and Chad they had replaced the hurt in my life and they were now my family. The elevator doors opened Chad was in the hall with Mike and Dan


“Finally” Dan smiled “Chris where can we take this guy for his Bachelor party?”


“Anywhere you want” I shrugged “But remember he’s not a bachelor” Chad started to laugh as I walked to the door to the suite and slid my card in the slot “And Dan we don’t have the same kind of marriage that you have” I bit that one out a little sharper than I intended to .


“Ouch” Dan smiled “you want to talk it out?” He turned to face me I stopped with the  door half open “I can explain something’s to you if you need me too”


“It’s nothing to do with me” I shrugged


“I know but…” he looked at Chad “Come on I’ll buy you a beer”


“Dan” Chad groaned


“Okay” I nodded handing Chad the letter that I’d picked up from the front desk “Wamr the bed for me” I kissed him


“Okay baby” he smiled “What’s this? He held up the letter


“Something that arrived earlier” I shrugged “I have no idea oh and Kellan called he’s seen the Interview” Chad chewed his lip


“He shocked”


“Yeah give him a call”


“I will” he looked at Dan “Don’t’ get my wife drunk”


“Would I?” Dan grinned


“Hell yes” Mike added with a laugh


“I have an early morning call to make” I said walking over to the elevator and pressed the call button


“To who” Chad looked puzzled


“Something about a wedding present” I laughed as Dan walked over to me


“As long as it’s…”


“I’m not going to touch Mutton” I shook my head “But there might be another pole in the studio” I winked as the doors closed.


“You’re going to do something to his car aren’t you?” Dan chuckled as he hit the lobby button


“Hell no that’s the fastest way to end this marriage” I smiled I looked at Dan


“You okay?”


“No I’m confused how you…” I held out my hands as the door opened and someone else got in


“Lets do this in the bar” he nudged me with his elbow. I nodded  this was going to be an interesting conversation…………

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