Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Biting my ass

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Submitted: May 19, 2011



…………………. “Hey Chris did you tell Chad about the call?” Alfie said with a mouthful of food I Looked up. With everything else that had been happening with the interview and the shoot and the rampant rabbit of a husband I had I’d pushed the thoughts of the call from Dimitri to the back of my mind.
“Yeah I heard about Kellan”  He nodded the guys all looked at me
“They’re not talking about that call” I sighed
“So what call?” He lent on the table and looked at me
“Dimitri called” Ryan dropped his silver wear on the table making everyone jump. Chad pushed his tongue into his cheek
“You are kidding me right now” He lent back
“Well He didn’t call” Kerion looked at Chad “Niko called”
“Hell he’s as fucked up as the rest of his god damn family” Chad had a snap to his tone “So what did he want this time”
“I’m not doing this here now” I shook my head “you want to get pissy that’s fine but I’m not doing it here” I shook my head as people started to look round.
“She’s right” Lukas’s calm voice hushed across the table “It’s one thing we don’t need out there because Elena would have a field day if we were bad mouthing her boys and it got out”
I thought you’d told him” Alfie said as we all got up from the table Chad and Lukas were already by the bar.
“No I was telling him about the shoot and the interview and then I’m sorry but I ended up sleeping with my husband” I didn’t mean to take it out on Alfie but fighting with Chad was the last thing I wanted to do right now. “I forgot all about it”
“Really” Pete raised his eye brows at me
‘Yes really Damn Dimitri Carpov means nothing to me anymore” I raised my voice as I face off with Alfie and Pete “You guys make more of a deal of it than I do” I shook my head at them “Get over him… I did” I walked away from all of them I was tired and felt like I’d been put through a wringer. I Stepped into the lobby of the hotel and took a deep breath.
“How much do you want to be back in Bali” Chad was right behind me
“So much” I nodded without turning round.
“You want to go talk?”
“As long as you don’t throw a fit” I turned round to face him. He tipped his head a little and smiled
“You want to talk to just me or can the others fill the guys in on it” He put his arm round my waist as we walked toward the front of the hotel.
“You mean Lukas didn’t just fill you in at the bar”
“No he calmed me down” We walked out to the waiting car signing a few autographs and having pictures taken with fans that were waiting outside of the hotel The driver opened the door and Chad got in and slid over to the far side and waited for me. I got in and the driver closed the door. “So what was the call about?” His voice remand calm and steady but the blue eyes were watching me intently.
“He’d got Niko to call to tell me that Dimitri was leaving Reba and going to Russia after all”
‘She hasn’t had the kid yet has she?”
“No but according to Niko they got into a down and out fight and she took a knife and slashed him with it”

“Fuck” Chad’s eyes got wide
“Yep then he came on the phone and blamed me for it all” I shrugged Chad reached over and tugged absently on my ring as he watched me. “So I stood up to him and blasted him out and then I blasted out Niko for running his mouth to…” I pulled a face “Her” I literally spat the word “I was going to tell you I swear to god I was but with the interview and the shoot and how damn tired I am right now I forgot” I looked at him “end of story. I simply forgot he’d called till Alfie said about it”
“He doesn’t get to you now” I shook my head
“After when we saw him in Russia and he was so dumb I pity him” I shrugged “I’m not going to take the blame for his mistakes, but I still think it’s going to bite my ass at some point… but then what the hell would my life be with out the crap” He pulled me onto his lap
“Jeez thanks Baby”
“YOU know what I mean” I rested my forehead against his “you forgive me?”
“Well I think I might have to…” he moved his mouth next to my ear “take you in hand tonight Mrs. Kroeger”
“I’ll bring the handcuffs and the oil” I giggled.
“Oh now you know talking like that will only…” The door to the Limo opened and the others piled in
“Okay these bars on the other side of town where we can see people we don’t love to death in that position” Mike groaned looking at me straddling Chad’s Lap. “When it’s you brother no matter how hot you are Chris it’s ICKY” I got off his lap.
“Dude the kids are put of school next week you’ll be getting laid as soon as you’re wife gets here don’t blame me that mine happens to be here twenty four seven” Chad got a smug look on his face as we drove to the venue……………

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