Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 70 (v.1) - Dan's time

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Submitted: July 06, 2011



………………. I walked over to the bar and sat down and ordered two beers.


“Can we get two shots of tequila as well” Dan sat on the stool next to me I looked at him “What ?”


“Nothing” I shook my head


“You’re irritated with me aren’t you?”


“Does it show?”


“Hell yes you’ve hardly spoken to me since we did that photo shoot in Brazil” He handed me one of the shots. “So I spoke to Chad”


“You couldn’t come and talk to me?”


“No I wanted to know what the hell I’d done”


“I guess it’s just that…” I chewed my cheek


“You don’t get why I can get away with sleeping with girls when I’m married” He smiled at me


“Yeah” I nodded with a sigh “How does your wife deal with knowing you’re screwing around?”


“Because I don’t do it when I’m with her… When we’re at home I’m head over ass in love with her”


‘So what is it out of sight out of mind?” I cocked my head and sank the shot


“No… she doesn’t want to just be a wife that follows us round on tour” he looked at his bottle “I understand that when I met her she had a career and she’s too strong willed to give it up” He looked at me “in the six months we’ve been on the road have you seen Brittany here?” I picked up my beer and thought for a minute.


“No we saw here when we went to Canada”


“She has her career that she had when we met” He picked up his beer and took a drink “I chased her for weeks after I met her and she didn’t want to know” he smiled “She rocked my world after coming to a show I feel in love at first sight and I had to meet her and I had to get to know her” I leant on the bar and rested my cheek on my hand as he spoke “I wine her and dinned her and spilt her and she wasn’t impressed with all the flashiness, she was real and normal and not someone that just wanted me because I’m in a rock band… Hell I didn’t even get her into bed for three months”


‘Okay TMI” I nudged him with my arm


“Sorry this coming from the girl that has no problem with having sex in the bathroom of a plane when we’re all in  the cabin” I felt my cheeks burn scarlet. Dan put his arm round me and hugged me to him “Sorry honey” he chuckled


“Just tell me the rest of it before I die of embarrassment” he dropped his arm laughing and picked up his beer.


“Okay” he nodded “within six months I asked her to marry me I was ready to do it without a prenup she could have everything she still can” he shook his head “but she insisted that she was her own person and didn’t need someone to take care of her” I frowned a little “I know sounds hard but she literally had to fend for herself from being in high school” he looked at me “She’s worked hard to get where she’s is and she’s proud of it… makes me love her more”


“And yet you still screw around on her”


“Ouch” he squinted his eyes “don’t pull punches with friends do you”


“Hell no… I’ve had enough crap to know being the quite regressing one isn’t the way to go and I love my friends you know that”


“I do” he nodded “Okay so we got married just before  we began a tour  she took two weeks from work to tour with us and after five days she couldn’t handle it… hell you know it’s not all sunshine and roses… its tough mentally and physically” I nodded, anyone that thinks it’s a glamorous life then they need to try living out of suitcases and always having to have your game face on. “She’d seen the girls hanging around and…” he looked down “we sat and talked for ten hours about our marriage, Brittany wanted to know that I was happy when I was touring and she didn’t want to read about me screwing around with other girls either so she told me when and if I needed to release” I groaned “Then I had free reign to do that” my mouth fell open “Yep that was my reaction as well” he nodded with a smile “as long as I don’t give any girl my address or cell number Brittany’s okay with it”




“Chris” he turned on the stool to look face me “I swear to you what happened with Kaiah  was the first time I’d done it and I’ve been married for 3 years and this is the second tour we’ve done in the three years… I saw Kaiah and thought she was hot as hell” I smiled at him “I just… hell you know what a guy’s like you dated Kellan and believe me I know what Chad’s like” he chuckled


“I guess I was shocked because I’ve been cheated on more than once” I rubbed the back of my neck “I wanted to slap you for screwing around”


“I called Brit as soon as we got back to the hotel and she’s okay with it” he shrugged “I cried on the phone “I felt so bad for doing it… But don’t even think Chad would cheat on you” he held my hands “He wouldn’t do that damn I’ve seen people in love I’ve seen Chad with Marianne and he’s so different with you… he did everything for her and she threw it all back at him, you walked into his life… and never asked for anything… you never expected anything and you’ve stayed you. I swear to you up and down that we will have one hell of a wild bachelor party for him but the only girl he will be going anywhere with is you” I tipped my head


“Okay how did this go from talking about you getting a blow job in the jungle” he started to laugh “to Chad’s bachelor party?”


“Well I was pissed off with my friend being a bitch to me” he grinned “so while I hope she now gets it and understands and loves me again” he put his forehead against mine and pushed a little “I thought I’d reassure her that her husband loves her and his friends will do what’s right” he sat back upright “So we all good now and you don’t feel like killing me”


“We’re good” I smiled at him and thank you for explaining it to me you could have just blown me off”


“I know but you need your friends and well we’re all family at the end of the day” he sank the rest of his beer and pulled me to him and hugged me “And family have fights but we still love each other”…………….

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