Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 71 (v.1) - Hot and a surprise for Mir

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Submitted: July 06, 2011



.................... I opened the door to my room, I heard the shower running I kicked off my shoes and took off my shorts and shirt and walked in to the bathroom. I smiled as I could hear Chad humming. I slipped out of my underwear and slid open the door to the shower.


“Need me to wash your back” I pressed myself to Chad’s back


“I don’t know” he turned round to face me “I’d rather…” he bent his head and trailed kisses along my jaw as the water rained down over the two of us. My arms going round his neck as he caught my bottom lip in his teeth before consuming my mouth in a kiss that made my knees go weak. I felt the chill of the tile against my back as Chad’s mouth left mine and he left a line of kisses down my body till he was on his knees and my hands we knotted in his hair. The sound of Chad’s name seemed to bounce off the walls as my body responded to everything he did, I slid down the wall spent and still trembling from the after effects of a mind blowing… Chad pulled me onto his lap and smiled at me as I shook my head at him.


“That was unfair” I sighed my voice shaking a little as I looked at him


“What was” he chuckled “you had fun right? And I wanted to make sure I’m not getting old” I raised one eyebrow at him.


“Yeah right you’re just one walking har…” he kissed me shutting me up I pulled back from him “Can we go to bed”


Hell yeah” he grinned as I got up I stepped out of the shower and slipped on a robe He took the one I held out to him as well “thanks… So how did the chat go with Dan?”


“Good he explained about the deal and his marriage” I nodded looking at him through the mirror in the bathroom “I still think it’s wired but if it works for the two of them then…” I shrugged


“It’s not for us” he put his hands on my shoulders and rubbed them “Hell I never thought I’d say this but your all the woman I can handle”


“Okay that  sounded so cheesy” I laughed


“What?” he feigned a pained expression “Have you ever had Sex with someone as hot as you” I pushed my tongue in my cheek “Okay bad choice of words you’ve had Kellan”


“Okay you want to earn a Gibbs slap then keep going” I turned to face him “Kellan was hot yes… but you’re hotter… don’t forget Mr. Kroeger I had the pole put into our room and I still have the $1000 you gave me that night” I laughed as I walked by him to our room


“Yeah well the G-string you were wearing screamed for those $50 bills” he called after me.


“Will you just get your ass into bed I’m ready for the next go round”………………..





………………. We all were sitting on the stage Chad and Alfie working on a new song as the rest of us played poker. We were having to wait to sound check because something had blown the night before and they were trying to get it fixed.


“Hey Chris” Miranda walked over with a bridal magazine in her hand “We seriously need to think about wedding dresses and if these guys are going to be in the full monkey suits or…” all the guys looked at her “What?”


“We have that covered” Chad looked at her “You need to think about Chris because I know you’ll dress us in something…” he gestured with his hands while searching for words


“Hot” She put her hands on her hips


“I was thinking crazy” Chad laughed


“Chris I’m about to go all Tampa on your husband’s ass” I looked at her


“Okay just make sure you use plenty of KY” I looked back at my cards as Mike burst out laughing


“And thank you Wifey” Chad looked at me and shook his head.


“Sorry couldn’t resist” I got up and threw my cards in “Okay what do you want?” I walked over to Miranda and linked her arm and we headed off the stage toward the dressing rooms.


“We need to start thinking about your dress” she pushed open the door to the wardrobe room “You need to find a designer and it has to be a WOW dress” She sat down


“I know.. the dress you guys picked out was amazing the first time round” I sat opposite her “But this one has to fit the venue as well and I have a designer in mind”


“Cool I can make calls and get you appointments”


“Really It’s you dumb ass you know what I like and you are amazing all we need to do is get someone to make it because no way do you have the time to do that” Miranda looked at me with her mouth hanging open


“I can’t” she choked




“Because this dress will be on magazines everywhere and you have to look at the pictures of it forever and ever” she gasped


“Mir come on I’ve seen your designs I love what you make for me and I trust you more than anyone with my clothes…”


“I wouldn’t know where to start”


“Well how about we head to New York or somewhere for a weekend and try on some dresses and then you can have free reign and I get to say yes or no” Miranda was out of the seat and she jumped on me hugging me


“I have the best, best friend ever” she yelled


“Okay Mir you’re strangling me” I laughed


“Sorry” she let go of me “I need to go… I need to call… I need”


‘Okay you need to breath” I smiled getting up “and don’t forget my bridesmaids need to be sexy as hell”


“I’m doing them as well”


“If you can handle it” I nodded “and don’t forget cute for Jess” I walked to the door of the room “Love ya girl” I called out as I walked next door to the Never West dressing room I needed gum. I picked up my purse the envelope from the night before fell out. I bent to pick it up I’d forgotten about that letter………………

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