Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 72 (v.1) - Letters

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Submitted: July 06, 2011



................  I sat down and curled up my legs as I tore open the cream colored envelope with no return address I pulled out the paper inside of it. A second piece fell out I picked it up and put it to the side as I opened the first sheet. And began to read




My Daughter Christine,


When you were born you were my everything and I knew what we had was a special mother daughter bond something I never really have felt with your sister….

What happened to us… you changed and became a version of my princess that I didn’t know and I didn’t like… always out with friends and with Arron and why did you need to lie about that sweet, sweet boy.

I didn’t raise you to lie and Arron would never do any of those things that you said he did. His own family have disowned him so I have take it on myself to be like a new Mother and lover to him to teach him the ways of the world and not all of the women in our family are mentally twisted…

You don’t deserve a guy as kind and gentle as Arron is, he’s a wonderful lover beyond his years and skilled a lot more than your father ever was, how could you give him up after he fathered your child you destroyed his heart when you terminated the baby, you broke him and left him shattered for what for you to return to him and seduce him like the tramp you’ve become in the parking lot of a restaurant… He loved you so much he just wanted to do everything to make you happy including making love with you because you demanded it, you got him on the line again and then threw him away and lied to the police about him raping you… you’re a sick evil girl Christine I tried to raise you a good girl I tried to be the best mother possible but you changed.

You’ve slept around so much you have a reputation that will stick with you… that Russian boy I heard after you left him was so distraught that he left to go back to Russia… You now bounce between the Actor and the Rock star. No doubt you have both of them warming your bed to keep you in the lifestyle you have become accustomed to… I never expected you to become the slut you’ve evolved into, your So called Husband will realize you’re nothing but trouble and a liar and you’ll be out in the cold and after the way you humiliated me in the meeting in Seattle Don’t think for one second I will ever want to have you as part of my life again, dragging up more lies in interviews on TV with him by your side made you look desperate and vulnerable when I know the real you… The lying manipulating child killing whore that used to be my sweet princess.

Consider this the end of our Mother daughter relationship Christine.





I swallowed as tears blurred my vision, I knew my Mother had a skewed view on the world since she started writing and started to drink and pop the Ambein like tic-tac’s but this was like a bad story, she was rubbing it in my face that she was now screwing Arron’s brains out as if I cared and she’d fallen hook line and sinker for his lies. I put the letter on the table and put my head in my hands the pain that radiated through me was like I was being run through with a knife… She really thought I’d aborted and killed the baby she’s formulated me into a character in her head that she loathed and hated to the extreme. I took several rattling breaths as I tried to clear my eye sight. I picked up the second letter not knowing to expect the hand writing giving it away.







Well, well married huh and I thought I’d have ruined you for any guy but now how can anyone pass up on that sweet ass of yours… god I dream about getting in between your legs every night when I’m in between your Mom’s making her beg me for it like I always wanted you to… all I ever wanted Chris was for you to beg me to take you and have you scream my name in lust . but no you had to put up a fuckin fight… but you were always good and hell you turned me on.

You should have stopped fighting me Chris and we could have been happy and we could have been together but you always thought you were better than I was when that’s bullshit. I’m going to make sure I screw your mom till she gets knocked up just so you feel it when your old mom can give a guy a kid and you can’t any more… How does your husband like that you got knocked up by me and now he can’t do that to you you’d have been a shit mother anyway so kickin you till it died was the best thing at the end of the day

Watch over your shoulder Chris the old man can’t watch you forever and I’ll be there to give you what a real man should I’ve made you scream before I can do it again Chad Kroeger’s just keeping you warm for me

I’ll see you in my dreams and in your Mothers face when I fuck her







I dropped the letter as I felt the vomit rise in me I threw open the door to the bathroom and hung my head over the toilet He’d threatened me he literally told me he was coming for me and Chad couldn’t do anything about it…….

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