Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 73 (v.1) - Dumb ass

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Submitted: July 07, 2011



…………… I put my head on my knees and tried to control my breathing, the tears seemed to be burning my cheeks, fear and anger were fighting inside of me churning my stomach. I couldn’t breath my chest began tighten.


“Chris, Hey Chris” the sound of Miranda’s voice filtered through the door.


“She in there” Alfie’s voice joined Miranda’s


“Nope… I thought she was coming back to the stage to you guys”


“She didn’t”


“You guys found Chris yet?” Chad’s voice made the pain in me hurt more.


“Maybe she went back to the hotel go see if the cars there?”Alfie suggested.


“I’ll call her cell phone” I felt my phone start to vibrate in my pocket. “It’s gone to voice mail”


“Well her purse is still here” Chad sighed “I’ll go back to the stage in case I missed her” I heard the three of them leave the room the door clicking closed. I got to my feet shakily my legs felt like Jello, I was feeling like I did in New York, I felt like my world was falling in on me and burying me. I picked up the letters and as the door opened again.


“Found her” Lukas called out “Ready to sound…” he trailed off “Damn you look like hell”


“Yeah well” I tried to sound strong but my voice gave out on me and my knees went from under me


“Crap” Lukas moved forward and pulled me to him “Chris…” I held on to him because I felt if I didn’t I’d lose it altogether


“Hey can you get your ass…” Dan’s laughed in the door way  “What’s happening?”


“I don’t’ know go get Chad NOW” Lukas Shouted at him He tipped my face up to his. “Chris”


“The bad’s happening again” I murmured “The bad’s back”


“Chris you’re not making sense” Lukas shook his head as the sound of running came from the hall


“I had too much good and now the bad’s back” I started to laugh “I’m not supposed to be happy” the laughter turned almost hysterical “I’m just one of those people that is paying for my mistakes”


“What the” Chad dropped to his knees next to me and took me into his arms away from Lukas “Baby” he stroked my face as I looked at him the laughter vanishing and the tears starting. I wrapped my arms round him tight and sobbed into his shirt. “Mir what the hell did you say to her” he snapped


“Hey don’t yell at me we were talking about wedding dresses and she was fine” Miranda snapped back


“Guys” Mike was crouched down next to us “He held up the letters that I’d dropped “Maybe this has something to do with it” Chad lifted me on to the couch and Miranda covered me with a blanket he took the letters from Mike.


“What is it?” Lukas asked as he watched Chad’s expression become darker.


“I thought you said that the woman that says’ she’s Chris’s Mom can’t give her shit?’ He rounded on Lukas and thrust the letter at him.


“She can’t” Lukas shook his head and took the letter


“Er… I think you need to see this” Miranda was reading Arron’s letter over Mikes shoulder “he needs fucking shooting” her eyes filled with tears Ryan put his arm round her and hugged her to him. “Son of a bitch” Chad took the letter from Mike Who got up and put his hand on Chad shoulder as he read the letter.


Chad closed his eyes as he finished reading the letter Lukas took it from him Chad moved next to me and wrapped me in his arms.


“Guys can you leave us alone” Chad looked at the others


“Sure” Mike nodded and moved the others out of the room.


“Sweetheart” He stroked my cheek  “Baby look at me” I blinked a couple of times “you can’t let those letters get to you” he soothed


“He’s not going to stop is he” I shook my head “He’s not going to stop till he’s got at me again… I didn’t want him to touch me Chad I swear I don’t want him to and I didn’t have an abortion”  My teeth were chattering and the words were slightly frenzied


“Shhh” he put my head on his chest and  stroked my hair “they’re trying to hurt you for being successful and having a good life”


“I’m scared Chad he’s going to come and get me”


“He won’t baby you have me and you have the others and hell you have two Marines as your security” he made me look at him “I will not let him get to you” the door knocked “What?” he barked making me shudder, Lukas opened the door.


“We have him”


“What?” I literally climbed onto Chad.


“No honey” Lukas smiled weakly “It’s okay” he came over “I mean we have him admitting to almost everything in the letter” Chad looked up from me to Lukas “We can get him arrested for intimidation and they also have to reopen the rape case… Chris we have to go back to the States and get this to the police as soon as we can”


“Does she have to go?” Chad shook his head


“We need to get this done fast so you guys can move on with your lives”


“We have a show to do” I stammered


“I know we can have a plane ready to take us back to the US after the gig” Lukas walked over “Chris your Mom is going to be sued till she has nothing and Arron will be locked up and the key thrown away, I promise you Honey we need to get him before he has the chance to do anything and with the letter it shows how dumb he is openly admitting what he’s done”


“Lukas is right Sweetheart” Chad pressed his lips to my temple “Lets put him down once and for all”……………

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