Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 74 (v.1) - Lukas is an Ass

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Submitted: July 07, 2011



................. “I settled down into the seat on the plane next to Chad, he put his arm round me.


“Chris you need to try to get some sleep” Lukas said sitting opposite me “and you did good on stage tonight considering”


“I just want it to stop” I sighed


“It will” Chad rested his head  against mine “It might get rough for a short while and get all dragged up into the press but think about what we have to look forward to” he stroked my hair “You have to find that dress to knock me off my feet, we have to go and check out the venue to make sure you like it as much as I do” he kissed my head “Hell Miranda and Heidi are cooking something up for your bachelorette party and Mir keeps looking at me and giggling when it’s mentioned… then we can show the world nothing is going to come between the two of us”


“She’s asleep” Lukas whispered leaning over and pulling a blanket over me


“I’m worried about her Lukas” Chad looked at him “How much more can she take?”


“I think she can handle way more than you think” Lukas sat back “You guys have become the family she needed you and her are amazing together the reports we’ve heard back for the press and from the fans after the interview was shown are almost all good” Chad ran his hand over his face “You’re not wanting out are you?”


“Lukas I swear to god if you keep questioning me with Chris I’ll knock your ass out… I’m not about to leave her… I married her for a reason and that reason is all I need” He leant back in the seat


“Hey I was checking and I’m going to keep checking” Lukas shrugged “You’re my friend as well as a client Chad”


“Yeah and Chris is my Wife and you blowing hot and damn cold over her is really pissing me the hell off”


“I hate everything that’s happened to Chris I really do no one deserves what she’s had to deal with from her Parents to Arron and then the damn Russians but I hope for your sake she’s not just leaning in you”


“Lukas keep it up and I’ll open the door and throw you out at twenty thousand feet” Chad shot him a look ‘You don’t know half of what make Chris and I work. Hell I was scared to death to admit I was in love with a girl eighteen years younger than me, nothing with us is forced, and we can be ourselves with each other. Not two rock stars hooking up, Not like with Marianne I was giving her everything and she was just taking Chris has never once asked me for anything not even to be taken on a date, she’s given me back with her hard work and her being able to have the two sides you know as well as the rest of us” Lukas nodded “We all love the feisty kick ass no one can knock me down Chris that goes out there every time and gives everything and then more and then the moment she steps off the stage is the still grounded vulnerable Chris that everyone warms to” Chad looked down at me sleeping and ran his hand over my ring “Get used to the fact she’s not just anyone Lukas she’s my wife if you can’t handle it or deal with it then we can go our separate ways”


“Okay” Lukas held up his hands “I get it I’ll back off I swear… we need to get all of this court stuff done between Arron her mother and Marianne we’re going to be busy” he opened his lap top


“Lukas” He looked up at Chad “You think this will finally give her some closure?”


“Dude I hope so” He nodded “I’m sorry again for doubting”


“Yeah well you’ve always been an untrusting son of a bitch” Chad closed his eyes


“I’m a manager I have to be ruthless” Lukas smiled to himself as he went back to work………………

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