Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 75 (v.1) - She's a mess

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Submitted: July 07, 2011



........... We touched down at the familiar home town airport I grew up close to. I closed my eyes and took in the smell of the fields and the heat of an approaching summer storm.


“You okay?” Chad asked putting his hand in the small of my back


“I’m fine I forgot how Wisconsin smells in the summer” I took a deep breath and stepped off the steps onto the tarmac


“Smells like home” He put his arm round my shoulders as we walked toward the waiting car with Corey and Danny close behind.


“No Canada smells different” I looked at him this reminds me how good things used to be when I was little playing on the farm and hanging with friends” The driver opened the door for us.


“Damn how small is this town” Lukas whistled as he watched out of the window


“Hey this is my home town” I smiled “Not everything bad happened here”


“Damn I though Hanna was small” Chad teased


‘Hey we both grew up in butt fuck nowhere” I smiled linking my fingers with his “we have that in common”


“True” he smiled at me “Sleep did you good” he murmured leaning in to kiss me


“I know and the stream of texts I’ve had from the guys this morning has helped as well” I handed him my phone He started to laugh as he read


“I truly didn’t know there was so many ways that you could insert objects into a guy” he grinned


“Well Miranda and Heidi can be creative” I sighed as we pulled into the lot at the court house.


“Chris” Lukas put his hand over mine “The police were going to pull him in he could be here” I felt the color drain from my face


“But I thought we had to file and then they had to find him”


“Sweetheart its okay” Chad hugged em tighter “I’m here and look at Danny and Corey nothing is going to get through either of them”


“Yeah Chris no farm boy is going to get through the marines” Corey winked at me and got out


“For once no press” Lukas smiled as he followed the guys out


“I love you” Chad turned me to face him “If he’s there hold your head up baby you’ve done nothing wrong apart from get on with your life” I nodded


“Thank you”


‘For what?”


“Being there and being mine”


“You got me for a long time to come as well” he kissed me again “Come on lets get this over with” He got out and offered me his hand linking our fingers as the five of us walked into the cool courthouse.


“Christine Sommers” I looked round


“Mr Haughton” I smiled as a guy walked over in his early 60’s


“Well young lady I never thought someone famous would come from our little town”


“I know sir” I nodded Chad coughed “Sorry”


“Patrick Haughton this is my husband Chad Kroeger” I smiled “Chad this is one of the Judges her in town I grew up a couple of blocks from his house”


“Nice to meet you” Chad smiled shaking his hand


‘I’d heard something about you getting married my grandkids were talking about it”


“You wouldn’t happen to be the judge on the case would you?” Lukas asked


“No I’m not and from what I’ve heard it’s going to be okay Chris” Mr. Haughton looked at me “He was never a good kid”


“No sir” I shook my head as Chad rubbed my shoulders


“Well I need to get into court… nice to see you again honey” He shook Chad’s hand again “Look after her”


“I will” Chad put his arm back round me


“Shame he’s not on our case” Lukas sighed ‘This way” we walked toward a bench outside of a room the guys all sat down while I paced the floor.


“Well, well, well more lies from your little runaway mouth” I froze at the sound of my mother’s voice “You’re trying to destroy me and Arron because you’re a jealous little tramp” she literally screamed at me. Corey and Danny immediately moving to shield me from her “AHHH more guys that you let into your panties at night” I thought Chad was going to blow his stack “I raised a whore”


“I think you need to step back Ma’am” Corey said firmly


“Oh shut up you testosterone filled jack ass” She tried to shove Corey he didn’t even move


“You really want to get thrown in jail” I stepped out from behind them Chad instantly at my side


“Me it should be your lying ass” she hissed/ I hadn’t seen her for months and she was looking rough as hell make up caked on her face and her hair wild


“Carry on and I’ll make sure you get done for assault” her words on paper hurt  like hell but seeing her this close made me see how messed up she was… it was almost laughable “You touch me or any of my friends and you’re head will spin with how fast I’ll have your ass hauled away”


“Chris” Chad pulled me back a little


“You” she rounded on him now “you’re sticking your dick in to a girl”


‘Well if I didn’t I’d be gay” Chad pushed his tongue into his cheek as Danny tried not to laugh


“It’s sick you’re bedding my 19 year old daughter you’re old enough to” I blocked her attack on Chad


“And your fucking the brains out of a guy 25 years younger than you that thinks you’re a joke” Oh I was going to use the pain from the letters and trounce her with it “Arron’s bedding you to get you to scream his name because he never got me to do that… He’s fucking you every day and thinking of me” I smiled at the look of horror “He thinks you are nothing other than a cash cow that he gets to screw” she raised her hand “Do it I dare you?” I goaded her


“Hey In the damn courthouse” Mom dropped her hand as she was cuffed by two cops “You don’t do stuff like that where there is a ton of cops and judges lady” The one cops sighed shaking his head he looked at me and his mouth fell open “You’re Christine Kroeger” the door to the court room opened and the court official walked out and nodded to Lukas.


“Chris” he put his hand in the small of my back moving me in front of him into the courtroom


“Er she also pushed Corey here while verbally abusing my wife” Chad smiled


“Do you want to press charges?’ the cop looked at Corey


“Oh hell yes” Corey smiled.


“Come with us then” Corey walked away with the cops Chad looked at Danny


“Wow and we thought this was a quiet small town” Danny groaned


“Yeah they’re normally the worst” Chad turned and walked into the courtroom Lukas was talking with the two lawyers that had flown in that they always used Chad reached for my hands “Nice way to tell my M


“Damn fine ass and I’ve had it more than once” I gripped Chad tighter as Arron’s voice hit me like a sledge hammer…………

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