Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 76 (v.1) - Courtroom

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Submitted: July 08, 2011



…………….. Chad’s head snapped up as Arron was lead in, in handcuffs and a bright orange DOC jumpsuit. I couldn’t help but start to shake, as I turned and looked at his sneering face. He wasn’t the good looking Jock I’d first dated, he had shadows under his eyes and looked like he hadn’t shaved in a months, his arms were now covered in tattoo’s. he looked at me and bit his lip before blowing me a Kiss and laughing as the cop pushed him into a seat.


“Breathe Baby” Chad whispered in my ear, this was the first time Chad had seen Arron “He can’t do anything in here?” I nodded slowly as Lukas came over.


“Chris you ready?” I looked at him and then at Chad and suddenly felt like a little girl waiting for the monster to come out of the closet in the middle of the night. Lukas put his arm round me and pulled me away from Chad who sat next to Danny and pulled out his phone and started to text the guys.


I gripped on to Lukas as we sat down my heart was in my mouth and I could hear the blood thundering through my ears, Lukas patted my hand I looked at him he gave me a warm smile. The judges walked in and sat down and flicked open a folder in front of him.


“Okay so in front of us yet again Mr. Hash” He looked over his glasses at Arron who just shrugged, the judged looked at me. “Mrs. Kroeger I understand that you’re in fear of your life”


“Yes sir” I tried to make my voice sound strong and confident and failed miserably


“And this letter arrived where?” he held up the letter


“It came to the hotel we were at in Buenos Aries” He raised his eye brows


“As in Argentina”


“Yes Sir my Band is touring with my husband’s” I nodded, He looked from me to Chad and then back to me


“You know that Mr. Hash had been released because of lack of evidence” I swallowed Lukas’s hand warmed over mine “I was presented with footage of you… on stage” I felt like I wanted to throw up “The image the public sees of Christine Kroeger is one of a young girl who is very confident and the outfits you wear really leave very little to the imagination” I felt like I was being chastised.


“That’s the Christine on the stage” one of our Lawyers said firmly “the Christine off the stage is a scared vulnerable woman that has had her life terrorized and put down by her family and she has had to live in fear of Mr. Hash’s threats… We’ve seen her at the edge of a breakdown because of his release… My Client suffered the humiliation of rape and the loss of a child at the hands of Mr. Hash… she’s had any chance of having a child brutally taken from her and at nineteen years of age she may not be thinking of having children but there will come appoint where she and her husband may want to start a family” I looked down the tears began to roll down my cheeks.  “Mr. Hash’s consent threats and taunts are effecting My Client… she’s had to go and confront a lot of her fears and her deeply personal issues in the public eye”


“I object” Arron’s Lawyer stood up and mopped his brow “Mr. Hash was lead astray by this girl in front of us he fell in love with her and he would do anything and he still would do anything for her she is the love of his life and she cruelly and harshly threw him away and twisted things to get him in trouble”


“I’ll stop you right there Mr. Curtis” The Judge butted in “You have got a copy of the letter that Mrs. Kroeger received half a world away?”


“I have and my Client didn’t know what he was doing he was so distraught with love for…” he looked at me with utter distain “Mrs. Kroeger he wrote blindly”


“For once he told the truth” I jumped up and slammed my hands on the table “For once in his miserable life he told the truth about what he did to me” Lukas Got up and put his arms round me


“Sit down Mrs. Kroeger” The Judge demanded


“Chris” Lukas pulled me back down I was trying to stop the shaking and the tears but I couldn’t


“Sir… you have seen what being in the same room and you can see how this is affecting her” our Lawyer stood up “This man needs to be locked away for what he has done and is doing to Mrs. Kroeger… it’s not right that one person should live in fear even when she’s traveling round the world.” The Judge leant back in his seat and looked at me My head buried in Lukas’s shoulder trying to cover the wracked sobs coming from me.


“We need to recess for an hour” The judge pushed back in his chair “I need to review these notes and I have to take in to account what I have seen here this morning… Mr. Hash you we be returned to the cells… Mrs. Kroeger go and calm down” He walked to the door to his chambers as the Sheriff pulled Arron back to his feet.


“See you in a while babe” Arron Laughed “Dude thanks for keeping her warm for me” Chad got to his feet and had to be held back by Danny as the steel door banged closed behind him. Lukas stood me up and walked with me over to Chad.


“Come here” Chad pulled me to him and kissed the top of my head. I inhaled his scent and felt the firmness of his body holding me and I felt safe again. “Lets go and get a drink”………..

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