Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 77 (v.1) - Decisions

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Submitted: July 08, 2011



Okay I'm burning out as you know even though I know what is going to happen and the drama that is in store I needed to close the Arron Chapter in Chris's life... Chris and the others will be back for a fourth installment with more fun and a little less dramam but there are still a few people thatwill try to throw a wrench in to her life

Love you all for reading and bearing with me don't be to mad ?





................. We walked out of the courtroom Chad with  his arms wound tightly round me Corey was waiting for us in the hallway outside Danny went over to him to fill him in


“I’ll go get some coffee’s Lukas said quietly” Chad nodded as he sat me on the bench and sat with me. “Chris” he cupped my face in his hands


“He’s going to walk out of here isn’t he” I swallowed


‘No he’s not” Chad shook his head “the judge would have to be insane to even think that you made it up and that letter is damn strong evidence against him and with the comment he threw out” Chad ground his teeth I touched the side of his face making his eyes soften “We have to go through all this to get  out and free the other side baby” he bent his head his lips meeting mine in a comforting kiss.


“Okay get a bloody room I don’t need this after hopping the next fight after you guys” Miranda’s voice filled the air “and Damn Chris this really is bum fuck nowhere” I looked at Chad and she shrugged before we both turned round to see both bands and Miranda walking towards us.


“You really think we could stay there?” Dan smiled Chad lent back and shook his head “Hell shit’s going down with family” I got up and hugged Miranda


“Yeah Bro come on” Mike looked at Chad


“Thank you” Chad nodded


“So yu want to fill us in”


I sat between Chad and Mike as we started to tell the others what had happened, Lukas groaned as he came round the corner


“Do you guys ever do what you’re told?” He handed me a coffee


“Nope and we’re blaming Mir” Kerion put his arm round Miranda “She was getting annoying”


“Hey I’ll take the blame” She swatted him


I Looked round at the jet lagged faces of the people I loved and had to smile.


“That’s better” Ryan chuckled “Nice to get a smile Chris”


“I love you guys you know that right?”


“You do keep telling us” Pete smiled at me


“We’re family” Miranda nudged my knee “Hell I’m claiming you guys as my family because how cool is it to say that Nickelback are part of my extended family”


“Hey what about us?” Kerion pouted


“You don’t count I’ve known you and Alfie since pre-K” she waved her hand at him


“You’re a dork” Chad poked Miranda


“Duh you just worked that out Hell I thought Canadians were slow”


“Oh you so don’t want to go there” Ryan poked her


“So we have 72 hours after this before we have to be back in Japan” Lukas butted in are we all going to stay here


“Hell now we’re going to go to Canada” Chad shook his head “I think Chris and I need to do something together”


‘EW I think I just threw up in my mouth” Alfie groaned


“No as in we’ve tossed round the idea of us doing a duet” Chad smiled at me “you guys are good with it so lets have some fun in Canada do a demo of the song and mess round in the pool”


‘Oh I’m so up for that” Alfie rubbed his hands together


“Hell yeah” Mike Nodded “You guys can go check out the wedding location as well”


Whoa you have 3 days guys” Lukas interrupted


“So Lukas chill out before you pop an artery” Kerion draped his arm round Lukas’s shoulder. The door to the courtroom opened


“The Judge is ready for you” the girl smiled at me then her face became shell shocked as she looked at the people standing round.


“See we kept your mind off things” Mike smiled Kissing my cheek as I nervously got up again my fingers linked with Chad’s We walked back into the courtroom even Arron looked shocked as the others all sat in the rows of seat Chad turned me to face him and kissed me


“I love you Sweetheart” he gave me a wink and handed me over again to Lukas I sat between Lukas and the Lawyer I looked round at the guys and got the extra strength I needed to handle what was about to happen.


The judge walked in and sat down. He took a deep breath and looked at me and then at Arron


“I’ve reviewed what I have and I reviewed the medical records from the hospital and had a few of the terms clarified to me” He took off his glasses “Mrs. Kroeger I’m siding with your fears that Mr. Hash is a danger to you” there was a murmuring from behind me I was literally digging my nails into Lukas’s arm “I see the letter as almost a confession of his previous actions and the goading nature is there to intimidate you and maybe damage your marriage” He took a deep breath I must apologize for my being led and releasing him out into society to carry on and do this to you” I nodded He turned and looked at Arron. ‘Arron Hash You had already been found guilty in the rape and beating of Mrs. Kroeger and had the judgment over turned but from of this moment you will be serving out the full sentence that was given to you  of fifteen years with another five years for the harassment threatening behavior you have since being released sent and directed to Mrs. Kroeger And I’ve also attached a recommendation that there be no parole”


I felt a wave of relief wash over me as Arron started to yell things about me and my ‘family’ were clapping and hugging each other I looked round at Chad who had tears in his eyes and I knew that all the pain was over all the stuff Arron had done to me was ended


“I love you” he mouthed at me before I hurled myself into his waiting arms he held me secure as the others crowded in on the hug.


The one person that scared me was done he couldn’t hurt me anymore. I was safe in the arms of the man that meant everything to me and I loved him as much as he loved me and I had had a family that was everything I could have ever wanted… My Mom and Dad and Even Marianne could try to destroy me but I wasn’t going to let it happen anymore I wasn’t going to be the victim.


So looking forward we have a wedding to plan I wonder what other things were to come in the bizarre life that had become mine…………………………..



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