Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Kerions Secret

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Submitted: May 20, 2011



................We walked back stage and into one of the dressing rooms. Lukas lent on the edge of the counter that lined the wall.
“Okay before you guys sound check. Chris we have some new stuff for you for the stage and don’t forget guys we get a week back at home the week after next” Lukas said as he was going through paperwork “Chad you have a vocal appointment to get you checked to make sure everything still looks good” He looked at me “You have to make sure he goes”
“I will” I nodded
“We are doing a bit of doubling round and traveling in crazy ways because Never West are opening the VMA’s in New York in two weeks time”
Oh hell Yes” Pete High fived Kerion.
“Are you serious?’ I looked at him wide eyed
“Yup I got the call just before dinner for conformation” Lukas Smiled
“You guys have explode” Dan smiled “And to get the opening spot means something other than you’re sleeping with him” He laughed
“So we get to do what we want for the rest of the time?’ Pete asked
“Within reason” Lukas groaned “We don’t need bad press or I don’t want to be bailing any ones ass out of jail” he looked at Kerion
“What I’m going to be going away in secret” He tapped the side of his nose
“Oh yeah” I looked at him “This girl who is she?”
“Girl” Ryan looked up
“Yeah Sneaky ass here has been talking and e-mailing a girl for a while and didn’t tell us” Alfie laughed
“You guys don’t know her” Kerion was turning red
“So when do we meet her?” Chad butted in
“Oh hell no she’s a normal girl you think I want her round you guys?” He got up as one of the roadies walked in
“Hey what does that mean?” Mike called after him as we all walked to the stage
“She thinks I’m some guy” Kerion turned to face us “Just a guy that works traveling” He pulled at the collar on his shirt. The girl from wardrobe smacked his hands as she walked by us “Ow….”
“She doesn’t know who you really are?” Kerion shook his head
“Dude you don’t exactly have common name” Lukas shook his head.
“I know I used Jody”
“Who’s Jody?’ Dan nudged me
“It’s his middle name” I said shaking my head
“Seriously this girl needs to know who you are” Pete shook his head
“I know” Kerion swallowed hard “It’s getting harder to cover it up”
“Wait how the hell does she not know who you are when you have your face everywhere” I tipped my head
“She’s a Marine” I sat down on a packing case.
“DUUUUUUDDE she can kick your ass in more ways than I know how to have sex” Chad pulled as face we all looked at him. Then the guys looked to me
“Sorry I’m pretending I didn’t hear that” I shook my head “The Marines know who we are we played for them”
“She’s a nurse and didn’t get to the concerts we did for them…”
“Guys sound check” Got yelled from the foot of the stage
“Shhhh” Ryan hissed waving his hand at Mark one of the sound tech’s
“A nurse, a Marine Corps Nurse?” Alfie was still wide eyed
“Yeah after we got back I looked up e-mailing or writing to a Marine You know just a little something after everything we saw”
“Good Idea Chris could of given you e-mail addresses and number” Chad Ducked as I swung at him
“GUYS” Mark Moaned
“Minute” I looked at him “I promise” He sighed and shook his head as I looked back at Kerion. Who was looking like a naughty kid in front of the principal “So go on” I urged.
“So I put my details into the website I found and sent an e-mail out and She replied”
“Dude nice work” Mike laughed
“So is she deployed? Lukas was grinning
“She gets home tomorrow” he nodded “I have her cell number to call her”
Bring her out here” I clapped my hands
“Chris don’t you think she’s going to be shocked enough meeting him” Chad put his arm round my shoulders “Without throwing all of us in to the mix as well”
“Okay you have a point” I nodded
“Hey If you two were having a proper wedding you could meet her then” Kerion laughed putting in the ear pieces that Mark had basically thrown at the back of his head.
“We’re not doing that too meet your girl” Chad rolled his eyes
“Hey you told Mom yet?” Mike nudged him
“No we only told you guys this morning”
“So when are you going to see her?” I ignored the brotherly squabble that was ensuing behind me
“Well now we have a few days off I was thinking of heading to see her and then if she has some down time seeing if you guys would be okay with her visiting us for a while?
“Oh hell yeas a girl for company to tone down some of the testosterone” I punched the air
“You don’t moan about it” Chad laughed
“Oh she does” Pete took the guitar he was handed “You guys need to know airplane toilets aren’t sound proof” I Hung my head.
“Chris we have a gift for you” Mark walked into the middle of us
‘For what” I pushed in the ear pieces
“For being a blast… We got a new Mic for you” He held out a box and walked away
‘Cool” I smiled flipping it open “Oh you are kidding me”
“What” Ryan looked over my Shoulder I lifted it out of the box
“It’s all Pink” I moaned “I don’t do pink”……………..

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