Any Accent (# Chris #2)

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Not trusted

Submitted: May 20, 2011

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Submitted: May 20, 2011



……………. Even with the pink sparkly Microphone in my hand it felt amazing to be back on the stage, just because the arena was empty of everyone but the crew being under that spotlight felt so good. I walked off stage with a grin like a Cheshire Cat.
“Feels like coming home doesn’t it’ Chad smiled kissing me as I came off the stage
“Hell Yeah”
“Chris” Lukas called me over as Nickelback took tothe stage.
“Will you be okay only going to Carins with security?”
“Yeah why? And do I need the security?”
“Well yes you saw the people outside of the hotel today” I nodded “and it’ll just be you and Kellan” I hesitated
“What are you saying?”
“Nothing” he held up his hands “I mean Chad’s busy, I’m busy”
“And you think because no one is watching me that I’ll jump on him or vice versa” I Stood square in front of Lukas “You seriously think that will happen” I demanded
“Well… I don…”
“You  know what Lukas… You can go screw yourself” I walked away
“Chris can you try on so…” the wardrobe girl started to say holding out an arm full of costumes.
“Not now” I walked into the dressing room and slammed the door
“Having a diva moment” Pete grinned at me
“Having a get away from fucking idiots before I say something I can’t take back Moment” I paced the floor as the door opened
“I hadn’t finished talking” Lukas snapped
“Well I’d damn well finished listening to the shit from you” the guys all looked at each other “You son of a bitch has anyone ever told you you’re a damn snake in the grass” I carried on pacing
“I’m trying to cover everyone’s ass last thing we need is something to happen to screw things up”
“And you seriously think I’m going to be the one to screw it up… Got to hell”
“What the hell is going on” Ryan walked in “We can hear you two from the stage”
“Keep that arrogant fuck the hell away from me” I snapped.
“Okay we went on stage and everything was okay” Chad held up his hands
“Yeah well you want to ask our dear tour manager why I want to rip his head off”
“You didn’t give me chance to finish what I was saying but again like a brat, you go off”
“Hey” Chad looked at him “What happened, one of you tell me?”
“I was just asked if I was okay doing the shoot with Kellan alone” I stopped pacing and put my hands on my hips
“So” Mike shook his head “You are right?”
“Yes” I nodded “But Lukas seems to think I’m about to fuck everything up”
“You’re not making sense” Alfie butted in
“He thinks either I’m going to jump into bed with Kellan or he’s going to try to get me inot bed” Chad’s stance changed in a flash.
“Dude you have to be kidding me?”
“I didn’t mean I didn’t trust Chris” Lukas held up his hands “I don’t trust him one hundred percent”
“You don’t have to” Ryan moaned “Don’t you think Chris and Chad especially are the ones that are supposed to trust him”
“Thank you” Chad Nodded to Ryan
“Okay what if He kisses her?”
‘What if the Photographer asks him to?’ Chad shook his head
“What if he tries it on?” Lukas was the one pacing “She’s going to either melt to him or get pissed either way you or her or god help us both of you are going to implode”
“Nice to know you trust my WIFE” Chad bit hard on the word I sat on the arm of the chair by Pete who automatically rubbed my back “But it’s also nice to know you have little respect for the people who I trust”
“Kellan’s not going to try anything the same way Chris isn’t going to either” Kerion got up “Talk about out of line dude, I wouldn’t worry about her being half naked with a guy and screwing things you… you opening your mouth without thinking will do that for her”
“Lukas you need to apologize” Chad sighed “And dude you ever upset her like that again and I’ll personally kick your ass… You’re the manager not the dictator”
“Screw this I’m going to bed” I got up I walked over to Lukas “You might pick up some groupie every chance you get but I stick with one guy at a time, to many people have hurt me emotionally and physically for me to trust everyone they people I do let in and trust mean everything to me” I felt Chad’s hands on my arms “I didn’t become his wife because I wanted his name or to get one up on someone I did it because I trust him with everything and he trusts me… personally I don’t give a flying monkey if you trust me or not I trust myself” Lukas didn’t say anything just looked at me I walked out of the dressing room
“You know she’s fragile as hell with everything that’s happened” Chad looked at him “Has she ever done anything slightly wrong even with all the Drama with her family, Dimitri and hell Mari”
“Lukas we’re supposed to be the ones looking out for her and then you say that” Dan shook his head ‘Chad go find your wife”…………..

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