Bound with Blood

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Star Remus... passed from foster home to foster home no one wanting to adopted her when they heard her name... no matter what she does she cant' find out about her past or the family she lost as a baby.... Star has become resorceful working her name and her charms to get by in the world finding one person to look after her and give her a roof after she turned 18 but even he won't tell her about the past and she knows by pestering him and asking him all it gets her is a slap... How will she find her true identity will anyone help her how bad could it really be?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Bound with Blood

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Submitted: July 08, 2011



...... I never knew my parents… I grew up bouncing from foster home to foster home. Most people hearing my name ended up backing away from adopting me… Every time I asked about my past the subject would get changed or I was told I was just an orphan. As I got older I tried to find out things for myself and came up against brick walls everywhere I turned when I typed in my surname of Remus…

Sorry that’s me Star Remus Orphan in the city now as I like to introduce myself to people, I just turned twenty two and I’m out on my own trying to make it when people don’t want to give me a chance like I said something about my name makes people shy away and get a look of total fear. It’s opened a few doors should I say to places that a simple orphan shouldn’t be getting into…

I walked across the wide open rooftop of the pent house to one of the richest men in the city, I’d heard there was a party happening so I crashed it, hearing the name certainly got me on the guest list quickly even if the big oaf on the door looked like he wanted to throw up when I told him who I was. I picked up a glass of champagne from the nearest waiter and sipped it watching the party unfolding in front of me. The rich bimbo’s dressed like ten dollar hookers grinding against their arrogant right out of the catalogue of Ralph Loren guys that thought they were god’s gift. And heading it all was, The Middle Aged Gregor Vandes.

His office was the darkened Glass tower that seemed to dominate the city skyline… I knew he had something to do with media and there was the banking he did with oil rich countries… I’d done my research so I could work these parties without seeming like I was out of place… He was a good looking man even touching 50 he still commanded a second look his hair still dark with a few wisps of grey, his dark eyes intense enough that he could shut anyone up just by looking at them. His wife or should I say his 5th wife was some model that hung off him possessively glaring at anyone coming even close to Gregor. I took another drink and walked over to the rail and closed my eyes as the breeze lifted my hair. The sounds of the city 40 stories below drifted up in the darkness. I’d have to get home before dawn or Peter would get pissy about me staying out all night yet again.

Peter was a guy that I’d got talking to years ago and he’d offered me a place to stay above the tattoo parlor he owned he’d got to be sixty but he was a kind and gentle guy that treated me like I was his own granddaughter, well till I asked way to many questions about my past and he’d gotten mad… I learned not to push that issue with him. I rubbed the back of my neck.

“I saw your Glass was empty and I hate to see a beautiful woman drinking alone” A glass of champagne was held out in front of me

“Who said I was alone” I took the glass

“I know you’re alone I’ve been watching you for the past hour” I could feel the heat from a body behind me “Well I’ve seen three of the most eligible bachelors in the city try to get you to dance with them and you’ve smiled sweetly and blown them off” I chuckled lightly “Now why would a woman look as good as you not have a guy or not be picking up a guy like most of the women here”

“Wow you have been watching me haven’t you” I shook my head still not looking round

“I have” his breath was warm on my bare shoulder making me shiver a little “Now none of those guys got your name can I get it?”

“What makes you think I’d give it to you?”

“Because you took the drink I offered and I made these appear” he stroked his fingers over the goose bumps on my arm I swallowed “And because I know you crashed the party” he mouth was next to my ear.

“It’s Star” I gasped at the sheer intensity I felt right now just by this man talking to me “Star Remus” There was a slight intake of breath

‘Well Star Remus It’s a pleasure to meet you finally” the heat from the body was gone as I took a drink shakily and moved to turn round to face whoever it was that had come up to me there were people moving round but no one looking my way… Crap I was unnerved right now I scanned the space I hadn’t got a clue who it was. I looked toward the Couch where Gregor was sitting his wife standing behind him talking to someone three guys were sitting with him all talking to him he looked at me and smiled and raised his glass and nodded. I tried to smile I stepped away from the rail and sank the champagne and walked as quickly as I could toward the elevator………….

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