Bound with Fear

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Life came from the darkness... out of nothing but heat and darkness... a stunning woman from the first blink of her eyes bred to take down those her creator and life giver feared and loathed for his failings... Is there something in her something that can see she is more than a means to an end.

Kendra Vandes life is set before her she is there do what she is willed to but will the tie be stronger than anything else to help her see the truth and help her find her way from the darkness... Will a Mortal be strong enough to change the path shes is set upon

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Bound with Fear

Submitted: November 14, 2011

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Submitted: November 14, 2011



……………… Darkness was my all round me the feeling of heat and total darkness hung round me, the only sound was a steady beat along with the air rushing through my mouth as I inhaled and exhaled clammy and steadily. I flexed my fingers stretching them feeling with them there was nothing round me nothing but the hardness on which I was curled upon. My skin bare of anything for cover as a cold blast rolled over me making me curl tighter into myself, I felt no fear only a need, a need to be far from here a need to listen to the voice I had heard each time this icy blast struck

“Almost time my iníon (daughter) time for you to do what is needed”

The heat returned as soon as fast as the cold air had chilled me, there was a muffled sound almost like a drone as the heat seemed to increase and the pitch blackness that enveloped me began to lighten slightly, oh so slightly at first shapes became visible movement I tracked easily as figures moved in the dimness a glow flickered off to the sides. My breathing became harder as the air seemed to become less dense I felt like I was suffocating. I felt something pulling on my arms and legs stretching me out pulling me from the curled state I’d always been in, heat and cold speared through me all at once and I screamed I let out the first sound I’d ever made, the drone had become words repeated by whatever was holding me done as a bright light flashed over me searing pain radiated from my chest as my eyes shot open a cloaked figure was over me hands wrapped round the twisted silver handle of a blade that was in my chest

“Powers of light, powers of Darkness breathe life into my flesh” the voice came from behind me “Mo iníon, Mo laoch” (my daughter, my warrior) a grey mist swirled over me the hands wrapped round the blade in my chest seemed to shake but hold firm as the mist blocked the rest of the hooded figure from me. “Take the blade from her” I felt a tug as the cold metal slipped from y chest the weight if the figure over em still bearing down on my hips as whoever it was, was straddling me, “Fill her with life, Bring her to life, Give her Strength” the pain in my chest eased as the mist seemed to hover over before heading for the wound, heat poured into my chest as coldness burned my skin my back arching and a second scream filled my ears along with the rush and pumping feeling of something flowing through my body.

“My Lord it’s done” the figure over me said in a hushed voice and I blinked as my stomach contracted.

“Turn her” the voice at my head said swiftly my hand and legs were released and the figure over me gripped my body flipping it on to its side. I wretched a grey ashy slime pooled on the floor as I felt something stroking my hair. “Do not touch her” there was a warning tone in the voice now “You all bow to your new mistress”

“Yes My lord” It was the voice from over me hand still gripped my naked flesh

“Bring me a cloak and water” there was scurrying movements away from me as I started to shake the coldness of the room sticking to my skin wrapping round my bones “Drink Inion” a cup was pressed to my lips and icy cold water ran into my mouth and down my throat I gripped the hands round the cup and sucked down the water till the cup was dry “You must rest and then we shall talk” I felt a hand lift my chin “Truly you are beautiful Mo Laoch”

Athair (Father)” I gasped he let go of my face and pulled back his hood

“Yes” he nodded “You are My flesh you are my child…” he looked at the figure that was still over me “Take her to her room allow her to rest and stand guard over her”

“Yes My Lord” the figure bowed and moved off me taking the cloak that was held out by a smaller figure her long golden hair spilling out from under the hood. A hand reached up and pulled back the figures hood His sharp features catching in the light as he turned and wrapped the Cloak round me lifting me in his arms

“Iagan” the man who held me like I was made of glass stopped walking “You are her guardian… your life is hers to own”

“I understand My lord and thank you” I saw my Father nodded and turn away. He adjusted me in his arms and carried on as if I was noting to hold.

He climbed up stone steps and through a great oak door into a hallway with a staircase sweeping off to the left. He took the stairs two at a time.

“Iagan… Iagan” a light tinkling voice carried up the stairs after us. ‘Wait” he stalled

“I can’t” his voice vibrated through his chest “I have to get the Mistress to her room”

“It worked then?”

“Aye it worked… No go back and prepare the dinner Anya”

“But Iagan”

“Anya go before we both get in trouble” I looked over his shoulder as a girl ran back down the stairs her deep red hair flying out behind her. He looked at me and blinked a few times before dropping his eyes “Forgive me Mistress she’s just a child” he carried on walking

“Bring her here Guardian then you may wait in the hall while she is clothed” and older woman dressed in emerald green called to him as she stood by an open doorway

“I am her guardian I am not to leave her”

“What am I going to do to her” She scoffed “I will dress her then you can resume your post”

“I have seen her naked already in the awakening”

“I do not care Guardian what you have seen I will dress as I dressed the Masters sons over one hundred years ago… I will not harm her”

“Yes Marla” He nodded lowering his head in respect to her before he entered the room with me and lay me on the soft bed. “I will be outside Mistress” he bowed to me his eyes not making contact with mine. He turned the black cloaked swirling round him as he walked out closing the door behind him.

“No child…” the woman named Marla walked over “Lets get you into some clothing”………………

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