Bound with Fear

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Feeling something

Submitted: November 21, 2011

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Submitted: November 21, 2011



…………….  “Do you need anything?” He asked his face flushed a little I shook my head and curled in a ball hugging my arms round me, Iagan retreated to the bathroom and changed coming out he went and sat down running his hands through his hair.


What little I understood of life right now was more about people being hurt and punished for stepping out of line. Males we’re the ones to hand out the punishment and the females had to take what was given to them. What was it a male wanted in a female.


“Not always” Iagan sighed


“What?” I turned over and looked at him


“It’s not always about hurting them” he leant back and didn’t look at me “IT’s a way to show love and how to release tension” was it good to feel a male inside of you


“As you said Guardian it’s nothing I know about and none of my business if you take a woman” I turned away from him “I have no idea what is right and wrong in that sense… Although I do know my Father did wrong in doing things to Anya that may…” I didn’t know the right word to use


“She isn’t dead so for that I can be thankful and I have to thank you Mo Bhean for wanting to take her as your maid” I sensed him turn to look at me


“I like her” I tossed back the covers and got out of bed Iagan was on his feet


“Where are you going?”


“To bathe and get out of this” I looked down at the dress.


“Let me call a maid for you” he reached for the rope by the door I held up my hand


“I told you to go finish what you began with Mia” I looked over my shoulder at him “But I will not have you doing whatever it was to her in her” I felt the red vision begin to could my eyesight “Do you understand me Guardian?” I felt the warmth spread in my finger tips and saw his eyes get wide He dropped to one knee and bowed his head


“I understand Mo bhean” he choked out “I’m truly sorry” the door knocked


“Go fill the tub” I walked by him trying to control my breathing I could still smell the scent of the library and his feeling for her.


“I’ll get the door” he reached for the handle


“For once do as I ask” I let it out as a sigh he bowed his head and I waited till he’d walked into the bathroom before I opened the door.


“Mo Bhean” Robbie looked a little shocked as I stood there “Forgive me I was looking for Iagan” I signaled for him to move into my room


‘He is doing something for me” I cocked my head and looked at him “Why were you not my Guardian?” He took a step back


“Excuse me?”


“Do you know why Iagan was made my guardian?”


“That is between you and him Mo bhean” he looked to the floor I walked round him


“You knew what he was doing in the library didn’t you?” Robbie remained quiet “Have you taken a woman like he did” the color rose in Robbie’s neck and face right to his ears


Mo Behan I have to speak to Iagan” he all but begged


“Robbie please look at me” he slowly lifted his eyes to mine “Am I a woman?” he frowned a little


“Yes  Mo bhean”  he nodded slowly


 “Do I not look like the other women” I walked around him


“I do not understand?’ he shook his head


“Why are some women more desirable to you males” he flushed again “I don’t’ know these things and no one looks in my direction unless told”


“You are the mistress of the house and you have a guardian that has to protect you no man should look upon you without you asking them to” his heart beat seemed to increase as he spoke


“So no man can touch me?’ I scowled trying to understand Robbie dropped his eyes and shook his head


“We swear our lives to do what is willed Mo bhean” I put my hand on his face


“What if your Mistress did this?” I moved closer to him and pressed my lips to his neck as I’d felt mine kissed in my dream His body seemed to freeze I ran my hand down the front of his loose white shirt, his breath caught as I pressed my lips to the underside of his Jaw


Mo bhean” his voice was rough


“Do I not please you warrior” I murmured in his ear


“Yes” his voice was a whisper “But” My lips found his the soft warmth of his lips against mine felt good as I held one hand to the side of his face while the other drew small circles on his stomach.


“NO” I felt something grip me and tug me away Iagan was against Robbie his blade at Robbie’s throat “Tá sí mianach ... mo chuid fola ina ... Ná dteagmháil léi mo chara (She is mine... my blood in her... Do not touch her my friend” Iagan was full of menace as a line of blood trickled down Robbie’s neck. I closed my eyes and felt the heat run to my finger tips, I thought about the handle of the blade becoming red hot. Iagan looked at me before he dropped the blade to the floor.


“Robbie leave us” I instructed He nodded at me and pushed Iagan from In front of him before leaving my room

 Iagan rubbed the reddened palm of his hand


“He is not to touch you unless he pays with blood” Iagan was breathing heavily


“And what happens if I was to one touching Guardian… Why should you get to touch a female that you choose… I wanted the touch of a Male” His eyes grew wide as he looked at me “You will not touch Robbie and nor will anyone else our I will have your sister cast out to whoever and you will no longer me my Guardian” I moved passed him toward the bathroom. He grabbed my wrist


“You do not have a choice Kendra I am your guardian till I die”


“Do not wish for things Guardian” I yanked my wrist free of him and walked away……………..

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