Bound with Fear

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Brae's touch

Submitted: November 29, 2011

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Submitted: November 29, 2011



……………… “Robbie take Anya across the hall to the room and you will guard over her” I looked at him He nodded and bowed his head to me “Anya please rest I’ll be in to help you heal some more later”


“I am fine Mistress” She protested


“You are not’ I smiled at her “I need you well I need my maids help” her face lit up and she smiled at me. Robbie Put a secure arm round her, Iagan shot his a warning look. “Iagan she will be safe with Robbie guarding her”


Hmmph” Iagan folded his arms over his chest his eyes not leaving Robbie as he walked slowly out with a still weak Anya.


“Guardian” my tone was hard catching his attention


“You collapsed again in front of your father” he paced the floor without letting me say anything “You had to be carried here by…” he flailed his arm after Robbie “him… He isn’t worthy of you”


“And that’s for you to decide HOW?” I sat up the dull ache throbbing at the back of my head made me rub my neck


“Are you okay?” Iagan stopped pacing


“No I’m not alright” I took a deep breath “My Father was the one that made me collapse with another vision” I touched my head where my father had touched me it felt like something had stung me there “What  happened when Robbie brought me here”


“Nothing” Iagan walked over to the couch and sat down


“Don’t walk away from me… What happened?”


“You have a long day ahead of you Sleep” he pulled the covers over himself and blew out the candle leaving the only light in the room as the flame from the fire. I closed my eyes and imagined the heat through my body to my fingers tips I opened my eyes a flame danced on the tip of my index finger I flicked it toward the candle reigniting it


“Why will you not answer me?”


“Because the question doesn’t require and answer. I am to do my duty and that is to train you for what is to come”


“What will happen if I’m to have a child with Brae?”


“Who?” he sat up quickly


“Star’s Brother” there was a look of shock and horror on his face


“I… I wasn’t… Nothing has been” he rubbed his hand over his face “Just go to sleep Kendra” he used m y name again and the way he said it made my stomach clench.


 I lay back and turned on my side and closed my eyes, so many things were running through my head as sleep finally claimed me blurry images of Brae holding himself over me his arms covered in intricate markings. His chest was bare I reached up with my fingers and touched the hard chest. He smiled at me as it flexed I traced the stars with my fingers on his shoulder.


“Anyone ever tell you that your beautiful Kendra” he licked his lips. I felt myself shake my head “well you are even if you’re so different to all the other girls”


“How so?” I marveled at the contours of his body


“You remind me of someone and it’s a little freaky” he chuckled as he lowered his head. His lips made contact with my jaw “the way you talk” he kissed me again his lips barely making contact “the mannerisms you have” the next kiss was on the corner of my mouth


“Who?’ The word came out more like a  moan than anything else


“Doesn’t matter” his voice was low “all I know is I want you”


“Want me how?”


“So many Questions Kendra” he smiled looking at me “And if this innocent thing is an act hell it’s one hell of a turn on” his mouth claimed mine again his tongue pushed in to my mouth his hands touched what I realized was my naked body.


“BRAE” the door opened flooding the bed with light




“Sorry” Seth was framed by light “But I need you right now”


“I’m a little busy” Seth stalled and tilted his head as I pulled the covers over  my body


“Hmmm… do I know you?” he asked


“SETH” Brae groaned “My Naked ass is getting cold her bro”


“Oh right sorry…” he was still looking at me


“DUDE not to put too finer point on it I’m not up for a threesome right now and I think my sister would take off your head” Brae flopped down next to me. I felt something tug in me as Seth watched me.


“I should go” I looked at brae before sliding off the bed and gathering up the green long gown off the floor and pulling it over my head.


“What…? No…. Kendra wait…” I stopped in front of Seth our eyes locking for a moment, He inhaled sharply as if something in him clicked “Kendra”


“I have to leave” I looked at Brae and ran for the door I heard foot falls after me I was caught I had to get out….



………….. I sat up my breathing coming hard and heavy the heat between my legs was like I was on fire, at the memory of Braes touch… I looked at Iagan who was sleeping soundly on the couch. Why did I dream that about him? How could it happen when I hadn’t met him… yet, Was I supposed to have a child with him to please my Father? Why would I need to fight if I was going to have a child, nothing made sense to me nothing at all…………

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