Bound with Fear

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Punishment

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Submitted: November 16, 2011



……………….. Iagan pulled the covers over me as I lay back and looked at my hands he stepped back.

“Why did you thank me?” I looked at him his head still bowed

“For what you did mo bhean”

“Iagan” he looked up “Is she… I mean I know nothing of how people are with each other” I tipped my head “I mean I feel what people should do and is Anya yours”

“I guess you can say that” He nodded his face becoming dark and serious “But it’s not easy anymore” he walked over to the fireplace and threw on more wood.

“Because of me?” He looked round over his shoulder

“No… well yes and no” he rubbed his hand over the stubble on his face.

“Explain it to me”

“You have to rest” he stood back up “Your father will be displeased if I do not take care of you” he picked up the tray of food and brought it over to me “Eating is part of it”

“Talk while I eat” I suggested as the door knocked, Iagan’s hand went to the blade and he crossed to the door and opened it Anya was standing there.

“Are you okay?” Iagan’s hand moved from the blade to her arm she nodded.

“Anya” She looked round the side of Iagan to me I moved the untouched food away from me

“Mistress” he bowed her head as Iagan moved out of the way and closed the door behind her.

“Come here” she walked across the floor Iagan folded his arms over his chest and planted his feet “Did she say anything else to you?”

“No Mistress”

“Okay as I asked Iagan before I do not like Mistress” I sighed as I bent my head to try to look at her under the curtain of red hair

“Anya, it’s Mo bhean” Iagan said with confidence

“I’m still not sure on that one either but it is better until I know what my father has called me” They both looked at me “You do not listen to what Marla says do you understand me”

“Yes mo bhean” she nodded “But I’ll be… see looked to Iagan” who closed his eyes

“You’ll be what?” I demanded

“She will be punished for disobeying” The air in the room swirled as my Father appeared Iagan dropped to his knee and Anya did the same “As she will be punished for not listening along with a Guardian for not doing what he was instructed” he looked toward Iagan

“Forgive me my Lord” Iagan’s voice remained strong.

“They did nothing” I protested “I was curious Iagan has tried to get me to rest and then well Marla will no long come near me” My father turned to me putting his hands on his hips.

“Really she has been the head of my household for almost 200 years”

“Well time for a change” I cocked my head

“Spirited Mo iníon he walked over to me and stroked my cheek “As you wish about Marla with you but your Guardian will have one more chance to prove himself”

“Thank you mo Thiarna(my lord)” Iagan nodded still on his knee “But the women here are mine iníon to punish and use” he walked over to Anya and lifted her chin “You know the punishment for disobedience do you not”

Mo Thiarna(yes my lord)” her voice barely a whisper I saw Iagan flinch

“Go to my room” he lifted her by her chin till she was standing. She looked at me terror in her eyes before she hurried from the room. Iagan’s head lifting as she went by

“Father… please give her to my service” I begged

“Kendra you will rest mo laoch(my warrior) remember you are my daughter and I am your father not all you wishes will be granted”

“But Father…”

“Kendra enough If she pleases me I maybe will give her your favor… but you have a lot more to worry about than a mere female we have work to do when you are stronger” he bent his head and kissed my head. He walked by Iagan. “Remember you are her guardian and you are at her will and MINE”

Mo Thiarna(yes my lord)” Iagan nodded his eyes closed his head still bowed, my father swept from the room the door closing after him Beidh teacht bás lá amháin (death will come one day)” I shivered at his words but didn’t want to ask their meaning

“Iagan” he looked up at me his eyes filled with anger

“Eat Mistress and rest” he ordered


“I said eat” he shot me a look of loathing as he walked to the fire and sat in a chair

“Why do you speak to me like that?”

“Because I am your Guardian and therefore I have no other choice than to make you my priority” the hardness of his tone was like a whip to my skin. The silence was thick in the air as I silently ate each swallow was almost like I was being choked. I pushed the rest aside and lay back in the soft pillows “Are you finished?” Iagan got up and walked over to me I nodded he picked up the tray and put it outside the door and pilled a velvet rope that hung at the side of the doorway he came over to the bed and reached over turning off the lamps plunging the room in to semi darkness the glow from the fire the only light.

“Are you not eating”

“No” he walked back to the fire “I’m sick to my stomach right now”

“Have I caused that?” I asked turning on my side watching his silhouette framed against the fire.

“Rest Mo bhean” he rubbed his temples

“You love her don’t you”

“Yes” he sat on the chair his back to me

“You can be with her as soon as my father gives her to me”

“What?” He looked round at me

“What’s happening to her?”

“You know what’s happening” he snarled turning back to the fire

“If I knew I wouldn’t ask Guardian”

“Your father will have her in his bed” he got up and stalked over to me “he will use a horse whip on her and then take her”

“Take her where?’ I looked at him as he towered over the bed

“You have no idea do you” I shook my head “He’s going to force himself inside of her hurting her and I can’t do anything to stop it” fear rattled his voice “I’m all she has”

“I’m sorry” I put my hand on his arm he pulled it away, he turned back and walked to the fire slumping down in the chair

“I was her guardian once” he said after a while “I had that taken from me my the Master”

“But why?”

“My Father owed him a debt and he took Anya as a maid and me as a guardian as payment when I was fifteen and she was 8” he explained “I haven’t seen my parents or my home for manyn years… they would mourn if they knew I was no longer protecting my sister”…………………..

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