Bound with Fear

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Chapter 34 (v.1)

Submitted: December 19, 2011

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Submitted: December 19, 2011



***** Sorry it's so short but you all know what's going on lOL**** I will be back soon i promise****




……………. I walked over to my dresser and picked up the brush for my hair and looked at my Father in the mirror trying to work out if he could do what he had to Anya and Iagan’s family.


“Seth Senses something” My Father paced the floor not looking at me ‘You need to strike before he knows too much… I never thought for a minute he’d leave her long enough to come home” he seemed to be talking to himself  I put down the brush and turned round to look at him.




“He’s grown stronger being with her” he looked at me his eyes a little wild he crossed the room and gripped my arms “We must have a child and they all must die” his grip increased


“You’re hurting me” I grimaced


“Kendra you need to have everything about you and you need not to be distracted by whatever thoughts you have for your Guardian” I stopped struggling and looked at him “He’s nothing do you hear me you are an Immortal he’s beneath you  he is not good enough to lay with you” he lent in to my face “Do you hear me… I know you think you have feelings for him and it will detract from what you were made to do”


“Father you’re mistaken” I swallowed hard and felt the color rise in my cheeks


“You’re a liar, you are my daughter and as so you will do what I tell you or I will take away your Guardian and his sister and destroy them both” I felt my eyes grow wide “If you need to feel loss then I will happily help you feel the pain I have felt for the loss of your brothers” he backed me against the dresser “DO YOUR TASK KENDRA OR THE NEXT THING YOU FEEL WILL BE MY WRATH” I felt the room tremble and anger flash behind his eyes


“Your Wrath is one thing but do not threaten me” I fought back “I know how it feels to lose my brothers you’ve given me the memories of their deaths I felt your pain Father”  He let go of me “Why must you lose another son why can you not try to get back with Seth and maybe even embrace his Immortal as another daughter” My Fathers hand went to my throat and squeezed


“Her family tried to destroy ours, they went back and a deal long struck and she turned Seth against his own blood” I struggled to breathe “You are the missing part the one that will avenge the Vandes name luring the Remus boy into your bed” I felt my eyes roll back with the lack of oxygen “He killed your brothers when they were trying to defend themselves, they were attacked for no good reason” he murmured into my ear as I began to lose consciousness. “He will kill you before he will touch you without a second thought” the voice kept playing in my head as images of Brae Cutting off Coles head flooded my mind the look on his face of sheer death and menace ran over and over along with images of Seth setting his body alight. The anger began to rise in my body as I blinked open my eyes My Father standing over me as I was slumped in a chair “You see you need to remember all of that Daughter and do your duty to your family” I nodded and closed my eyes  at the pain in my chest at the loss of my Brothers that I’d never known “You are made of them Kendra they are part of you… you are part of them” he sat me up “Do not get distracted by mere mortals my dear” I looked at him and nodded “Good Girl… go do what you need to do”


“Yes Father” He smiled and kissed my forehead another image oof Star using her gift’s to raise Cole into the air and slam his body into the floor hit me.  I looked up at him


“They must all pay Mo Inion” the air swirled round him and he disappeared from the room I rubbed my hand over my neck and felt heart from his grip as the door to the room opened and Iagan was standing framed in the light




“Send in your sister to help me get ready for this evening” I got off the bed and walked to the closet


“Are you?”


“I asked you to do something for me” I looked at him “I have a job to do”




“Address me as my lady” I corrected “You are my guardian not my lover… remember that” I heard the intake of air from him and the door slam as he left the room Tonight was going to be interesting to say the least……………….


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