Bound with Fear

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Chapter 35 (v.1) - Time to begin

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Submitted: December 20, 2011



……………… Anya came into my room and helped me get ready for the night that lay in front of me. Iagan stayed in the other room…

“You’re quiet?” I looked at Anya through the mirror as she loosely curled my hair

“it’s been a strange day that’s all Mo Bhean” she didn’t meet my look in the reflection

“Was Iagan displeased with the way to told me things this morning” She nodded

“He told me I was foolish to tell you things that didn’t concern you” she carried on with my hair

“You are my concern, both of you are, no matter what his pigheaded ego would rather believe” I folded my arms over my chest and huffed

“I know Mo Bhean and I’m thankful for everything you’ve done for me and for my brother but for him it’s hard” I raised and eyebrow as she did look at me this time “He wants what he can’t have and he has to stand by and watch it being taken from him… he’s lost everything apart from me” she looked down again and stepped away from me to slip the dress from the hanger

“He’ll never lose anything again as long as the two of you are under my charge” I got up and shed the robe I was wearing and stepped into the soft green dress still shocked at the material as it skimmed my thighs.

“Mo Bhean he cannot love who he truly wants” She put the cuff on my wrist her voice lowered “He’s a mortal even if time has been slowed for him and he does not age he will die” I felt and pang of pain as she said those words “He is not what he needs to be” I sucked in a breath

“If you are trying to tell me he is not right for an immortal then that decision should be up to the immortal” My voice was coming out harder and more abrupt then Anya deserved, but I needed to get this out and I was hoping that with the bond we shared Iagan got it as well “But sometimes we have to do things that we do not like and others will not like also” I put on my shoes and slipped the ring onto my finger that bore my family crest “It doesn’t mean the heart is not somewhere else” Anya swallowed hard as the sound of the buzzer for the door sounded “Would you please get the door and tell my guardian he must hide”

“Yes Mo Bhean” Anya bowed her head and walked from the room, I heard hurried talking as she spoke to Iagan and then crossed the floor to the door.

Iagan walked into my bedroom and looked me up and down and muttered something.

“I’ll be close tonight but unseen MY LADY” he used the words like venom “I will not interrupt your task” he sneered

“Do not talk to me like that” I walked over to him my finger tips burning “I have no choice” it ended more like a plea

“You shouldn’t keep him waiting” He walked away from me to the couch and sat down leaning forward his elbows on his knees

“You say you have a duty to your sister… I’m doing my duty to my brothers, men I never knew, memories of ghosts” he looked at me “My Own father threatened my life and choked me to blackness, I can not help what I have to do Guardian remember that” I crossed the room and walked out closing to door behind me.

“I know” Iagan groaned “and I don’t care my lady, I can not allow it” he said to the closed door “I’d rather see you alive each day with another man then not see you at all”……………

…………… Anya opened the door to the apartment as I stepped into the living room Brae walked in smirking from ear to ear.

“Well good evening” he looked at Anya and swallowed hard

“Hello” she smiled at him nervously

“I see you’ve met my friend” I interjected before Anya could call me my lady or the mistress “Anya this is Brae… I’m sorry I never caught your surname” I smiled sweetly my insides churning from the words I’d spoken to Iagan

“Remus... Brae Remus” Brea looked at me and his eyes seemed to get wider “Damn you look hot” Anya pulled a face at me

“I’m fine” I shrugged making Brae laugh

“Well shall we go? I managed to kick my sister and her fiancé out for the evening and have dinner waiting for us in my apartment”

“Sounds good” I nodded picking up my purse “Good night Anya”

“Good night” she bowed her head to me Brae raised and eyebrow as he opened the door waiting for me to step out.

“I have to say” he took my hand as we got into the car and he told the driver the address “I’m going to have a hard time concentrating on polite dinner conversation with you tonight” he stroked his fingers down my cheek and inhaled deeply.

“You don’t find conversation with me pleasing?” I frowned making him laugh again

“Oh it does” he nodded “But girls that look like you are distracting” my father’s words about getting the task done before Brae found out who I was rang through my head, I felt sick to my stomach for a minute

“Then maybe we should fore go dinner” I trailed my hand up his chest. Brae’s breathing seemed to skip a beat “If you’d rather have me naked in your bed then I think that’s’ how it should be” I hated saying the words, I liked Brae a lot but not in the way I wanted someone else……………

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