Bound with Fear

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Chapter 42 (v.1) - Distracted

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Submitted: January 04, 2012



……………. “So you and Anya’s brother have something going on?” Brae asked as we crossed the street to walk by the river.


“No Nothing he’s nothing” I shook my head as the ache in my chest threatened to make me crack “He I suppose sees himself like a big brother “ I put my arm through Brae’s as we walked “How could he mean anything after I kissed you in front of him” I stopped walking and turned to face Brae “Last night I ran because I… well”


“You were embarrassed” Brae cocked his head.


“Yes… being naked and being walked in on was a shock” I looked down


“So it wasn’t me that you ran from?” he smiled a little I shook my head feeling the pain still in my arm from the burn inflicted by my father


“I can send Iagan and Anya out” I bit my lip and ran my fingers up Brae’s chest “We can try to resume where we left off” I moved closer to him. I heard a moan from deep within him as our bodies seemed to spark off each other


“I don’t think that Ape of a man would leave you alone with me for a single minute” he brushed his lips against mine “But my Sister and her soon to be husband have left town” I jolted away from him a little “Seth had some family business that needed taking care of so they left early and I have the apartment to myself” he nuzzled the side of my neck “I want a chance to finish what I started last night and more” he murmured his hands sliding round my waist and pulling me closer to him. I nodded He stepped back and hailed a cab pulling open the door for me I got in and looked out of the back window and saw Iagan on the street as Brae got in and gave the address to the driver. Brae looked along my .line of sight and shook his head “Are you sure there’s nothing between the two of you?”


‘I’m sure” I looked away and shivered a little


“You cold?”


“No just… nervous” it wasn’t a lie I was scared what was going to happen after I lay with Brae how would I know if I was to have his child, I was scared my Brother had returned home to kill out father.


“Kendra” Brae waved his hand in front of my face


“I’m sorry I… my mind was on my family” I tried to force a smile, Brae took a deep breath and moved closer to me


“How about I take your mind off your Family” his hand slipped under the hem of the dress and up my thigh “Last thing I need you thinking about is your Dad” his mouth crushed mine in a hungry eager kiss as his fingers slipped inside of me making me gasp against his mouth as my back arched against the seat. “See your minds off it already” he chuckled as he removed his fingers bringing them to his lips before putting them in his mouth. I felt my jaw go slack as I watched him tasting me, I wanted to see Iagan doing that I wanted to feel his fingers inside of me, I fought back the image of Iagan pushing himself into me on the couch in my room when the pain had tore through me.


The cab stopped and Brae paid and pulled me out of the car and into the building taking me to the cage elevators and pushing me into the corner as his hands worked on my body and his lips on mine as we rose through the building my mind struggling to stay where it needed to be. The elevator stopped Brae pulled back from me and opened it leading me to the apartment I’d fled from the night before. He closed the door after us his hands catching me pulling me back into his arms as he kissed me his mouth on my neck nipping and sucking.


“Oh please” I moaned as I felt his hand slid down my arms “I need you in me” Brea’s mouth left my body as I felt a hand in my hair gripping it and pulling it back as my hands became restrained.


“You need to try to keep your head Sister dearest” My eyes snapped open as Seth voice was in my ear Brae was across the room standing side on next to Star both of them looking at me……………..

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