Bound with Fear

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Chapter 49 (v.1) - She should get and Oscar

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Submitted: January 06, 2012



…………………  the hall was empty apart from the sounds coming from the fight room, I looked round as I heard footsteps and I flattened myself back into the shadow of the tapestry lined wall.


“The master is not happy he’s Killed Mia” Robbie’s voice hit me like a sledge hammer  “He bled her while her raped her with that thing”


“I thought things would be different when the Mistress came along but things are worse” the voice of another warrior came into the mix as the both hurried by me “It feels like we’re getting ready for war”


“I know” Robbie stopped


“Everything alright”


“Yes you … you go ahead I need to get something” Robbie nodded the man with him turned on his heel and carried on down the hall


“You sensed me didn’t you?” I stepped forward; he bowed his head and dropped to his knee


“Yes Mo Bhean” I took his arm and pulled him to his feet and pushed him into a room across the hall


“Where is my Father?”


“He’s in his rooms” Robbie eyed me nervously “He’s angry… he’s out to kill you”


“I know” I nodded


“You know and you still come back here” he shook his head “We’re to kill you on sight if you did come back”


“and yet here we stand” I looked at him over my shoulder.


“I can’t kill you without reason my Lady” he watched me “where is Iagan?”


“Safe” I unclipped my cloak and tossed it over the chair “Can I trust you?”


“I’m in your father’s service”


“So that must be a no but as I said before if he instructed you to kill me why am I still breathing?”


“Because...” He stalled “Because you look like you’ve come to kill”


“I have” I nodded “But not you or any other warrior in here I’m here to make right my father’s wrongs” I walked to the door “Please for me do not tell anyone I am here and you I hope will gain your freedom” I turned the handle


“My Lady” he moved forward and pressed and other dagger into my hand “I will help if I can” I leant into him and kissed his cheek before walking out of the room. Robbie took a deep breath and felt the air in the room whip round him he spun in time to see Iagan and Star. “Iagan!”


“Robbie thank god have you seen Kendra?”


“She was here a moment ago she…” He looked at Star and swallowed “Is that?”


“Don’t’ worry about who she is she’s here to help where did the mistress go”


“She went to find the master” Iagan looked at Star


“Okay Guardian boy lets haul ass” she smiled “About time Gregor Vandes gets his head handed to him”


“We need weapons?”


“Like hell you have yours you I’ll keep him busy” she spun her finger making a mini tornado in the corner of the room


“SHE’S IMMORTAL” Robbie stammered


“Oooo you’re the smart one aren’t you, now which way did Kendra go” The air became heavy in the room and Seth and Brae appeared Robbie looked like he was about to lay an egg as he looked at Seth


“This way” Iagan nudged Star


“Where are you going?” Seth called after them as Star ran out into the hall


“Your Fathers rooms” Iagan stopped at the door and looked at Robbie “we can be free of him”


“He will kill all of you”


“Dude four immortals against his sorry ass” Brae hurried by them “I don’t’ think so where the hell did Star go”


“To the left” Iagan and Seth said at the same time “Robbie grabbed Iagan’s arm


“He wants us ti kill you and Kendra on sight my friend all the warriors have the same instruction, I don’t know what you did but he killed Mia earlier” Iagan sucked in air “He raped her and bled her with that thing he used on Anya… be warned he’s dangerous”


“Thank you” Iagan nodded unsheathing his blade and following Seth and Brae down the dimly lit hall…..



……. The irony smell of blood assaulted my nostrils as I moved in the shadow of the hallway there were two guards outside of my Fathers doors I felt the cold chill of the steel on the blade in my hand. I closed my eyes and thought of Iagan and Seth side by side and how much they needed to be free of this to live and love like they should. I stepped out of the shadow. Only to be grabbed round the waist and pulled back a hand over my mouth.


“SHHH” Brae hissed “You didn’t think you could do this without us did you” he chuckled in a low voice as I Saw Star step out her clothes covered by a cloak her hair piled up in a bun like the maids of the house. I started to shake my head


“Let her do it” Seth was next to me I looked at him as Brae let go of my Mouth “We need the distraction you have a price on yor head sister dear”


“You must go” I whispered “You will be killed”


“We won’t My Lady” I froze at the sound of Iagan’s voice He looked at me. “We won’t”


“Okay ladies shush” Star rolled her eyes at them “You’d better watch my ass by the way”


“Always do my love” Seth chuckled as she walked down the hallway


“Seriously are we trying to just piss off Brae by making out he’s the only one not getting some” Brae moaned


“I don’t think this is the time or the place to worry about your failings” Iagan had to dig at him “but an Immortal with no game is like a snow storm in a desert” Seth snorted a little. Brae opened his mouth to say something and Seth just looked at him and shook his head.


“Who art you?” the tone from one of the Warriors pushed the four of us deeper in the shadow as they confronted Star


“The Master sent for me” star bowed her head and looked at them through her lashes at them


“Fresh meat for the monster” one muttered under his breath, I felt Seth’s urge to kill them both well in me I glanced at him. “Are you a virgin?”


“Yes” star mumbled as if embarrassed


“Bullshit” I felt Brea’s warm breath from the words and a small smile played on my brothers lips Iagan’s hand was resting on my hip sending chills over my entire body.


“I think we should check that fact” One of the warriors stepped forward and reached for the  pin holding up Stars hair “we’re all a little wound up” she backed away from them shaking her head


“Just a kiss” he roughly grabbed her I went to move the three of them held me in place


‘My sister should get an Oscar for her acting” Brae whispered.


“Not in the hall” she looked round and moved to a door opposite and beckoned them both


“They’ll kill her” I gasped


“No they won’t” Seth shook his head.


“I’m up” Brae winked at me as both the warriors disappeared into the room with Star he sprinted from his place next to me to the closing door and stole inside behind them


“Our turn” Seth looked at me he offered me his hand “They will join us in a moment… Iagan I asked for my sisters sake that you keep the hall free for us… I cannot protect you in there when it begins


“I understand” Iagan nodded not taking his eyes from me As Seth started to walk my hand in his “Kendra” I looked over my shoulder at him “Come back to me Mo Bhean please” I smiled at him and dropped Seth’s hand taking the half dozen steps back to Iagan crushing my mouth to his.


“I will” I ran back to Seth slipping y hand in with my Brothers… I hoped at least to come back to my Warrior………….

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