Bound with Fear

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Still confused

Submitted: November 21, 2011

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Submitted: November 21, 2011



…………….  I don’t know why I wanted to find him something drew me to the room. Robbie stopped outside a double door.


“Leave me” I looked at Robbie


“Yes mo bhean” he bowed his head and walked away from me slower than when we’d walked down to here.


 I put my hand on the handle sounds from inside the room were muffled. I turned the handle and pushed the door open and stepped inside. The walls were floor to ceiling with books a large desk and couch were in there, a fire blazed in the stone fireplace as candles burnt in the low hanging chandeliers.


“It Hurts” a voice gasped my head whipped round to the side where a second desk was


“Shut up” Iagan growled His body poised over Mia “I saw you look at me with the lust in your eyes”


“Iagan Please” she cried her dress was pushed up over her hips


“You said Please so I’ll oblige” He bent his head and  bit  her on the shoulder as his body slammed into hers, her legs Spread his pants around his feet as he pulled back and pushed hard against her again the scream became a moan her eyes closed and she licked her lips


“Iagan” the moan made me want to slam her with fire


He was rough with her his hand fisted in her hair as he repeatedly thrust himself into her I caught sight of what he had a few times. Anger rode his expression like he was taking out everything on her body. The words I’d over heard from the kitchen came back to me as they spoke about how my Father had hurt Anya.


My Heart rate seemed to increase as I watched. Iagan suddenly looked up, the loathing look back in his eyes. I turned and walked out leaving the door open wide behind me Robbie was waiting at the end of the hallway


“Mo Bhean…  I should have stopped you” he offered me his arm


“Why?” I looked at him


“Your guardian and Mia”


“I saw what I needed to” I took a deep breath as pain seared through my head and I fell to the floor.  I forced my eyes to remain open as flashes of memories came to me. I didn’t want more I wasn’t ready for more. I was not going to take another memory right now.


“Get Iagan” Robbie held me in his arms “NOW” the sound of running feet pulled away from where we were’ as others gathered round, Pain throbbed hard as flashes of a bed covered in blood kept spinning in to the forefront, the body of a girl curled in the corner blood stains’ on her legs and thighs and welts and tears in the flesh of her back.


“Argggggh” I gripped my head as the girl in my mind looked up her flame red hair told me it was Anya. Her mouth was moving but I forced my eyes open, my mouth was open gasping for air.


Mo Bhean” the sound of Iagan’s voice cut into my mind “Robbie what happened?” his voice taught and angry


“She came from the Library and she collapsed” Robbie moved me in his arms.


“Give her to me”He instructed


“No” I moaned


“What?” Robbie and Iagan both looked at me together


“I said no” My voice sounded weak as I fought with the beaten images in my head of Anya “Robbie take me to my room please”


“No I’m your Guardian” Iagan snapped He picked me up in his arms as I sucked in a gasp Mia’s image came to mind Lying under Iagan’s heavy set body, a smile on her lips as he handled her roughly, Driving himself into her.


“Go to your woman and finish what you started” my voice found bite “Go take out your frustration like my Father did on your Sister” Iagan grimaced as he strode to the stairs


“You may be my lady but you mind your tongue” he ground his teeth together


“Why will you do to me the same a s Mia” He kicked open my bedroom door


“Rest” he Put me down on the bed and moved away


“Leave me” I snapped


“No” he rounded on me




“Rest he walked to the bathroom “I need to bathe”


“You can’t wash off what you were doing Iagan” I sat up


“IT’s none of your business” he stopped at the doorway “Mia is here for the males in this house she lives to please”


“You hurt her” I shook my head


“Don’t comment on what you don’t understand” he walked back over to me his hands pinned the sheets either side of me “Males need release when things get too much”


“So you hurt Mia” He closed his eyes “What we’re you doing to her” he opened his eyes and looked at me and then started to laugh


“Rest Mo Bhean these pains you keep getting are weakening you” he touched my head I slapped his hand away


“You smell of her” the words tumbled from my mouth before I had time to think


“What?” he frowned and backed off a little


“Nothing” I looked down “Go” I turned my head away from him he backed off as if I’d hit him with the fire my Father had showed me to lignite. I closed my eyes not understanding anything of his actions. I heard the water running in the tub. I felt warmth wash all over me as if I’d gotten under the water,


It felt as if someone was touching me touching my body under my dress, it felt as if nips were at my neck, my back arched and I moaned, hands seemed to wander my body and between my thighs, I gasped I got sensations I’d never experienced before flooded me.


Pain stopped the pleasure my head pounded, I rolled to the side as the pain moved to my chest.


“We have a sister to avenge us Cole” Marco’s voice came from the darkness “She has seen the pain she’s felt the loneliness” his face came into view over me “Kendra” he smiled “Don’t’ let our Deaths go in punished” it felt as if he stroked my cheek


“I won’t” I murmured Marco looked round to where two figures stood One being Cole the other my Father “How are you here?”


“We have the same blood dear sister our memories are shared as is the pain and the hate” he bent forward and kissed my forehead “Be wary of others trust no one but our father and you protector for he is the only other bound to you with blood” everything went black again and I jolted awake Iagan watching over me a towel draped round him the arrogance and hate gone, worry and warmth taking it’s place in his expression


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